rhi shut up

Trey and Matt had said they are going back to the old format this upcoming season and future seasons. The story arc had derailed in season 20 that I can tell that they were started to get bored with the idea , but I’ll give them credit for spreading their creative wings to try something new.

There is also rumors that we could be getting our longer seasons back as well.

I’d seen this across my feed from SP scriptorium

Drunk me:

-sings e v e r y t h i n g
-magically becomes an alto bc it’s easier to belt out (I’m a soprano sober)
-tries to harmonise with the music
-no coordination
-sassy as fuck
-wants to FIGHT YOU
-doesn’t matter what you say I WILL argue with you on it
-even if you agree with me I’ll yell at you for having weak personal convictions and allowing yourself to be beaten by an argumentative drunk
-takes Green Day more seriously than sober me ever would
-can still rap Hamilton at the speed of sound
-still sounds extremely white doing so
-can still identify a parallel 5th but can’t walk in a straight line
-1000x funnier than sober me
-drinking vodka from one hand and Earl Grey tea from the other
-swears in a language I didn’t even know I knew
-meme references
-knows exactly how drunk she is and drinks more anyway