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One of the biggest kept secrets in the “white” world of medical science is the “other” blood group; a group that is exclusively European. That group is called the RH-FACTOR. The RH stands for RHESUS, and rhesus is short for RHESUS “MONKEY”. The RH-factor is a plasmic agglutinogen anti-body first found in the blood stream of Rhesus monkeys whose origin may be in North Africa and Asia, but whose species foundational root is equatorial central Africa. According to white geneticist and bio-chemist, that agglutinogen anti-body was found to be of hybridic structure, which supposedly classifies the RHESUS-Monkey as a “macaque-mullata”, which means mixed origin or mixed breed or produced by genders of a different species. Mix breeding among any animal species NEVER happens, and is scientifically UN-NATURAL! 🐖🏃🏻💨HIS story that reads, “we evolved from apes” holds true but ONLY for the pale face. Approx 90% of the European Caucasoid race, as indicated in any physiology-medical book you pick up, is in fact RH-FACTOR-POSITIVE, possessing the identical agglutinogen anti-body (anti-RH serum) as the Rhesus Monkey. It is that genetic similarity that explains the true genealogy of the white race. Just like the Rhesus monkey, who is NOT the by-product of mix breeding, but rather the environmental result of the evolution monkey trail that began geographically in central Africa, the white European is also the environmental by-product of the evolution human family that is rooted in central equatorial Africa. 🌀 “Eye did not come from the caves, Eye come from the stars.” 🌀


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