In case there are still males out there who don't understand what's so bad about periods:

The average amount of blood a female bleeds each day of her period is about 10 tablespoons. The amount of days a period lasts is between 5 and 7, so let’s use 6 as an average, as it is in between them. 10 tablespoons x 6 days= 60 tablespoons of blood in one girl’s monthly period. According to a census taken in July 2013, there are about 3,523,843,881 (that’s about 3 and a half billion) women in the world. Now, keep in mind not all of these women are old enough or young enough to have their period. The average age that a girl will start her period is about 12.5 years old. The average age that a woman will have her last period is 51 years old. So, how many women between 12.5 years old and 51 years old (women of reproductive age) are there in the world? Around 66.5 million. 66.5 million women x 60 tablespoons of blood = 3.99 trillion tablespoons of blood total. The equivalent of 15,585,937,500 U.S. gallons or 58,999,191,477.1875 liters. Every. Month. Think about that the next time you wonder what’s so bad about periods. Buy your girlfriend some damn ice cream.


Today’s episode made me laugh so darn hard, and I felt like this moment needed to be captured forever and used as wallpaper. I’m using them as wallpapers~

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