rhett wilkins

The Puffy Chair [2oo5]

I’ll start this one off by saying that I have loved every Duplass Brothers creation I have seen.  The Puffy Chair is no exception.  Josh [Mark Duplass] and long time girlfriend Emily [Katie Aselton] embark on a roadtrip to pick up a red chair for Josh’s father’s birthday.  Along the way they accidentally pick up Josh’s brother, Rhett [Rhett Wilkins]. Hilarity and heartache ensues.

When I read reviews for The Puffy Chair, I was a tiny bit skeptical.  I finally decided to bite the bullet and watch it, and next thing I knew I was crying at 2AM because of this god damn beautiful low budget indie flick.  The acting is phenomenal, the camera work makes the production feel even more intimate, and the plot itself is endearing in the least.

Favorite part had to be Rhett and Amber in the movie theatre and the night that follows.  That and the fact that the ending was exactly what I did NOT expect.  Broke my heart a little.

Four and a Half Out of Five Stars.