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Ear Biscuits: Uncut

So Ear Biscuits got released at midnight eastern time last night, and my trusty podcast app, Overcast (not a sponsor, but seriously, best podcast app ever), immediately downloaded it for me and gave me a notification for it as I got in bed. I caved and listened to the first few seconds just to see if it really was the episode or if it was I don’t know, a blank file? This is what I heard.

The episode that was released about 20 minutes AFTER this one does not start like this. I recorded all the way to the actual episode opener, though my version doesn’t have the intro music playing over it.

Sorry about the audio quality, I tried to reduce the noise as much as possible. What you’re listening to is a recording of my phone playing a recording, so there was only so much I could do. But it’s worth a listen just to hear an innuendo-laden exchange between Rhett and Link involving soft and hard sticks.

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Rhett and link / good mythical morning

Drew a Future!Rhett and Link based on today’s GMM (and GMMore), except for Link, I used the outfit he aspires to wear in today’s Ear Biscuits  (Something about… Willie Nelson braids, coveralls, a see-through shirt, and big ‘ol boots; I hope I got all of that right. xD) 

Anyway, I hope everybody’s having a great day, mythical beast or otherwise <3  


“except in the case you’re a whale”

so, i just got my second rhett and link tattoo and i couldn’t be more in love with something. 


we adopted him from a shelter, actually. i mean yeah i guess he’s a little weird. and too big for the crate we got him. but he’s got a really great disposition and so much personality. his previous owners had to give him up because he was too big for their apartment.