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17th October : “Peanut Butter and Jelly

Sorry for not being active lately;; I’ve been sick and very busy  >.> I know I’ve missed about…4 days of Costume October, I’M SORRYYYYYY

I promise to draw those days in one to make up for it ^^ so in the meantime, please have PB & J Rhett and Link as requested by : @twiningunicorns !!

Also a little reference from Dipper and Mabel costume from Gravity Falls ^^ 
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YouTube Creators Rhett and Link Discuss Their First Book While Swinging on a Swingset
The pair’s also on their first live tour.

The article title says it all — In this interview with Adweek, Rhett and Link swing on a swingset while answering questions about how they met, the Book of Mythicality, and the Tour of Mythicality! 

Watch through to the very end of the video for an outtake, and the end of the write-up contains photos from the interview. :)