Hey y'all, I need to say a thing.
I keep seeing posts in the allenbert tag like “Barry and Iris broke up!! Now allenbert can be real!!”
Look. Barry and Iris are one of the healthiest canon relationships I’ve seen in a while.
Please, you can respect their relationship while still shipping allenbert. Talking about how Julian should have kissed Barry in the musical ep instead of Iris? That’s not respectful of Barry and Iris.
I just need us to remember that we can still have fun with this ship without being anti west@llen.


absolutely stunning footage of the Patagonian orcas as we are not used to seeing them; out in the deep waters! 

I spot Maga’s group in the underwater sequence in the beginning (and probably at least one other group), and noticed individuals from both Jazmin’s and Llen’s group during other parts of the video, and would guess this was filmed on March 24 last year (2014) when all of these groups were seen around Gulf Nuevo