Visual development for the alternate ending of Robin Hood (1973)

In this ending, Robin Hood is wounded after escaping the burning castle and Little John carries him back to the church for safety. Seeing this and enraged at being outwitted by Robin Hood once again, Prince John goes to the church, determined to kill Robin Hood once and for all. He sees Maid Marian tending to Robin’s injuries, and when she defies him, Prince John attempts to kill both her and Robin. Yet King Richard arrives just in time and accuses a cowering John of abusing his power and oppressing the people. King Richard takes back the crown and informs his brother that he and Sir Hiss are to be punished for their crimes, and that were it not for the sake of their mother, he would have banished him from England forever. There is joy and celebration in Nottingham, and King Richard knights Robin Hood and makes Little John a duke as gratitude for their heroism, and asks Friar Tuck to marry Robin and Marian.


ultimate shipper meme ☆ five all-time favourite couples

“My dearest Marian, I fear we may not meet again in this life. For the things I did wrong, for the things I am about to do, but mostly for the life, for the love we could not have, I am truly sorry. […] Go to the woods to fight again. I will see you in heaven. Goodbye, my love.