How to easily watermark your images:

Requested by: rhea46

Hey, so the easiest way that you could watermark your images would have to be either paint (pc) or paintbrush (Mac). All you would have to do is just open the image in either of those, select the text tool and type in your url or blog name and place it. Its really simple! =)

Placement of watermarking: I would have to suggest to put the watermark not over your nail design but make sure that it is close cause there are some wacky people out there in the world that might crop the image to get the watermark out of the picture. Hate to think that you always have to prepare yourself for bad things like that but i think its just good to have that precaution and with sites like weheartit and pinterest (love them to death but) your name can get lost within the transition so personally I think it is important to watermark your images just so credit is given where credit is due!

Personally I use photoshop, but you can use any type of editing software that allows you to use a text tool. (photoshop, illustrator, gimp, corel paintshop, ect) These are just as easy to use but, they just have more functions. If you were to want to make a logo/symbol I would probably suggest using a more advance software than paint/paintbrush.