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Every single day, every night before we go on stage, I get on my fucking knees and I pray to god and I pray to uplift the people that have come to see us play and to love them and give the best that I can to them. That’s my life’s mission. But mostly, more than anything, the burning intense desire that is inside of me to play music, it has not diminished in the slightest. That has only deepened as time has gone on. When we are hitting it, when we are really inside the groove, when we’re on, I’m lost, man. And in that moment, I am truly free of everything and I am truly one with everything.” — Flea, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame speech, 2012.

  • The Red Hot Chili Peppers video backstage in Portugal. -  13rd July, 2017

Red Hot Chili Peppers live @ Dam Square, Amsterdam, 26th August 1989.