great comet on broadway

i saw great comet on december 28 and my life has never been the same, this is a summary of my experience 

buckle up this is gonna be a long post

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Tonight in #AGardenofWar , our heroes faced their greatest challenge thus far, navigating a parlay with an ancient, powerful, and temperamental magma dragon named Rhazilarian, the Scourge of Riker’s Narrow. Using Sarien’s black-blade to translate the Olde Tongue, our party engaged in flattery, wit, long-winded allegory, and emotional appeal, literally pouring chest of gold and magical items at the great wrym’s feet. Some approaches failed, like presuming to explain history to one who lived it, or presenting the dangerous artifact you cary without first explaining your intent. Rhazilarian mocked and baited, but the heroes didn’t bite; wisely choosing to hold their tongues and spells when things got heated. In the end, the fellowship received what it came for, the translation of the ‘activation phrase’ used to unlock the cube, and though Old Rhaz was nearly stoked to an explosive anger, his hunger was sated long enough for our heroes to swiftly vacate the lair, feeling lucky to have made it out in one piece.
DM @inglewoodarmory got creative and mashed 'Skill challenges’ from 4e/SWSE with the new #UltimateIntrigue verbal duel rules to create a narrative, structured, social-combat simulating the twists and turns of argument and debate! #DnD #DungeonsandDragons #Pathfinder #PathfinderRPG #PFRPG #d20 #Roleplaying #RoleplayingGames #TabletopRoleplaying #RPG #TRPG #CooperativeStorytelling #DwarvenForge #GameMatz #ReaperMiniatures #McFarlanesDragons #WizKids #NerdNight #GameNight

I’ve been meaning to do something like this for awhile!!

All of my past online personas- (only the major changes, there’s a few others that stuck around briefly when I changed my hair color, etc) together on one page! 

God, I used to be such wannabe punk with my shitty dark eyeliner and hot topic garb. I wore that damn bullet necklace every day. From 2005-2013 I went by my online name “Rhaz”