Challenge INCOMING!!!!

Hey, you. Yes you!

YeDG and I made up our minds….. and guess what…..
We thought about something good. Something very good.

We will challenge each other, to do, what the other one already achieved.
But don’t turn away now!
Because, while we are challenging each other, we also challenge YOU!

Yes YOU! All of you!

While YeDG posted a video, where she tried to do, what a friend of mine and I already achieved (,but failing horribly the first time xD), we talked about making a challenge series in Overwatch.

If you have enough courage, feel free to join us, show us, what you got!
We want to see, what you can do!


Here is my first challenge for you (and everyone, who wants to do it).

Rules are simple.
No cheating.

If others want to join in:
Reblog with a proof of your accomplishment (and additional a challenge me or YeDG will take. Tagging helps us to keep track.)

This is merely a test, if we succeed with something like this. So let’s see, how many people actually wanna join.
Let’s make this big!


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ol9FCCysb-8)

Did a small minitage, because I wanted to.



(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AaMCQZVuJUU)

@yedg @lordsodacan

Something for your entertainment? ;)