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shit can u imagine like jason hallucinating his robin self when he's under a lot of pressure or just haven't slept in a while a lot and he works so hard to keep it in secret or just not listen to his robin self his younger self when family is around. Because he knows it shouldn't happen. jason being so out of it after a mission robin jay says "don't die" and jason laughs because dead joke haha he's hilarious but bruce/alfred/dick is there and when they ask he can't tell them the truth

2 - That was not a prompt btw I just wanted to share the pain with someone haha

Well, thank you for the shared pain *cries in a corner*

And YES, YES I CAN. And it’s very, very painful. 

And you know what else? I’m very curious about the very first time Robin!Jason dropped by and how Jason reacted when he saw him and realized that things got so bad into his mind that he had to literally separate himself in two different people to cope. What we saw was basically the showdown, but it must have taken him some time to come to term with it because he was very calm about the whole thing, like a person who had a lot of time to prepare himself for the final confrontation. 

It’s so weird, I’m both heartbroken and so, so proud of him at the same time.