The night before | rhapsodyonfire

rhapsodyonfire said: The night before had been rather amazing and so unexpected. Which is why she almost felt hurt when she awoke around noon in an empty bed. What stopped her was the note. She pouted to herself, but the promise of food placated her. For now.

Although Zack spent the day with Cloud his mind kept wandering back to last night and Genesis. A small part of him wished he’d cancelled on Cloud, but the other part of him scolded the smaller side for even thinking about it. A few hours later he was stood outside her apartment carrying Genesis’s favourite food and a bunch of flowers balanced on top of the bag as he knocked on the door, seriously hoping she wasn’t mad at him for leaving.


When he groaned, Genesis looked even more saddened then before. She knew it, Zack would hate what happened and then he would leave her, right? “Yes, I’m sure, but… but we don’t have to keep it if you don’t want to.”

But then, he was changing his mind? “…are you sure?”

Zack frowned down at her “What? Don’t have to keep it? But I want to keep it..” He shook his head at her, he’d never even dare suggest that they get rid of the baby. Zack would have hated to put her through something like that. If she had wanted to, well he couldn’t have stopped her since it was her body but never would he suggest it. Smiling at her, he nodded “Of course I’m sure, I’d love to have a baby with you..”

From a wonderful night to something else

“You know I’m always up for more.” He said towards Genesis, pulling her a little closer. He frowned a little when he touched her head though. “Are you feeling all right?” He asked.

Having not slept for a good few days, Victor ended up falling asleep in his lab, though when he woke up, he found that he was in a bar he’d never been to before (not that he ever went into bars much)… and then he caught sight of a young redhead sat at the same table.

“Fuck’s sake. Since when the fuck d'ya fall asleep in a lab and wake up in a fuckin’ bar?!”

Red Wing of the West ~ rhapsodyonfire

He’d been drifting for a long time, through cold and hot, colors and sounds, pain and numbness that swirled and spun around him, like fading light and flickering fire on the feathers of the Rain Dancer he’d seen once as a child.  The dancer stomped close and twirled away, pipes, chimes, and drums following, as his moments of lucidity came and went.  Melodic chanting trailed behind, weaving in and out of dreams, until he couldn’t tell what was real, and what wasn’t.  

The dance lasted long, long into the night.

Eventually, slowly, he became aware of a soft warmth on his face, a gentle light upon his eyelids.  There was movement beyond the darkness, and sound, the soft brush of fabric on fabric.  Though quiet, it was somehow more real, solid, now, than the dancer had been.  He turned his head toward the light, just slightly, and let his eyes crack open with a soft sigh.

A visit to his sister (closed)

Genesis was heading off towards Banora with a box in his hands, and a bit of oil on his jacket. Since he’d been busy working on some machines, he hadn’t really taken the time to clean his jacket. But he figured he could do something for his sister. “Genny.” He called out when he got close to her Orchard. “You there?" 

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"I'm pregnant with your baby."

“But… I thought you said that wasn’t possible.” he was surprised to say the least.

It was happy news to him… he’d only daydreamed about running away with Genesis and having a family. 

“Are you sure?”

The Art of Genetics

Sure had been a long day. Genesis found himself exhaling out of relief. He was glad that his schooling, since then he could just get on home for a bit of rest before going straight off to work. But not just that it gave him sometime to be with two others he wasn’t seeing as much. So by the time he got in through the door he set his coat aside before calling out. “I’m back.”

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"Angeal," She huffed, hands on her hips as she stood at the door. "I told you to stay in bed. You can't be running around like this."

“I’m not running around,” the Commander disagreed, deep voice even deeper with the accompanying gravel of a sore throat. He was being honest in the strictest of senses, given he was sitting at his desk at home while he worked. That was more in deference to the fever that left a worrisome red stain on tanned skin and the weakness that tended to accompany it than it was because Genesis telling him to stay home, however.