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Thanks so much for the chapter, guys! I hope Variationa is having fun in Japan and that Rhapsodyinblue feels better soon!! Also I think that Nozaki yanking Sakura like that is going to kill me no matter how many times I see it 😂😂

Sankyuu!! The credits are a little old (I just couldn’t be bothered updating them) so Variationa’s back home now and I’m also already better haha :D

Despite the WakaSeo theme those Nozaki grabbing Sakura and running away scenes are my fave parts honestly (LOOK AT THEM)

Writers Creed Interview

…“I don’t want to have any regrets looking back on my life.Getting this degree was one of my life goals years ago.I like having time to talk to folks like this on Tumblr. We have so many immensely talented folks here.”…

This time at the writerscreed interviews we got the chance to talk to Diane (@rhapsodyinblue) and her charismatic nature and the similar urge to help the writers made it a totally worth it experience.

Wc: Rhapsodyinblue45, well how did you come up with that url.

D: I’m in love with the 1920s, an era of flappers, cigarettes, bootleg alcohol, and the Charleston. My picture on my blog is a woman with bobbed hair who looks like a flapper. A song from that era, featured in The Great Gatsby is “Rhapsody in Blue” by Gershwin.

Wc: Woah well that was a pretty calculative approach, even our url involved pretty intense thinking and discussion but it wasn’t that deep approach.

Wc: Moving on,so any nicknames or names you like to be called by?

D: Di or DD are a couple. I like being called Rhapsody here.My name is Diane though.😉

Wc: That’s a unique name.

D: DD initials of my name,Di after Lady Diana – though we look nothing alike.

Wc: Lady Diana, are we talking about the Princess of Wales here?

D: Yes!!

Wc: What got you into writing any events that lead you to weave magic with words?

D: I was very imaginative as a kid. I wrote stories for a pretend newspaper that my family was forced to read. In graduate school, I took a poetry workshop and loved it! I became addicted to poetry. I teach English and creative writing now, so I get to practice all the time. It’s my personal therapy, my creative outlet, my wonderful sanity now.I disappear within the words, feel their sounds on my skin. I love the imaginative world of poetry!

Wc: Wow that’s amazing, pretty awesome reasons, writing is all about creativity and therapy I guess, well for those who choose it.Well you’re astounding imagination is very well depicted in your writups.

Wc: If I may assume Kids or your students might love you as a teacher they do right?
You don’t seem strict, well if you are then just let this question pass by as you never read it, just kidding.

D: I hope it’s mutual. I adore listening and learning from them as well. We read and share our thoughts all the time. Hopefully, they find the writing space liberating, a place they can be entirely themselves and feel understood, respected.I can be, but that’s a different class. I am most strict with myself as I am still in school as a student too.💜, Grad school.Teaching is all I ever wanted to do, to help people develop into the selves they desire to be, to encourage them to live their richest lives.

Wc: Well that’s the best quality a teacher can have, that will, to develop mutual understanding and bonding and adding to it also providing them the independence to think, you could be the next most wanted teacher.
You sound like a pretty amazing teacher to me to be honest.
Oh a student in grad school too, you are turning out to be one of the most talented women I’ve come across.
Well that idea is pretty amazing and Noble, we all need more people like you
Talking to you might even lead to me questioning myself about “What the hell am I doing with my life ?” (Haha)

D: Thats very kind of you.I don’t want to have any regrets looking back on my life.Getting this degree was one of my life goals years ago.I like having time to talk to folks like this on Tumblr. We have so many immensely talented folks here.
I commend your team for what you have accomplished.Thank you for recognizing my voice when I was new here.

Wc: It’s been our pleasure, So what do you like writing about?
I’ve been through your write-ups and what I found that you cover most of the genres, revolving around powerfull message or romance and women and their elegance.

D: I love including nature in my poems – the ocean, moon, seasons. I usually try to pose a question in my poems that I hope to resolve by the end. Half the time, I go on the journey too, bumping along, unsure of what I will find.Themes would include celebration of females, encouraging anyone who feels uncelebrated, writing about storms, cats, emotional pain.Trying to pose, I do write about love a good bit of varied kinds

Wc: So you’re like Christopher Nolan(Director of Inception) of poetry unlike him you actually care about the endings.

D: I am open to whatever ending unfolds as long as it is satisfying. That’s the term I use.★★joke😅

Wc: Why do you like writing, what do you find fascinating about it?

D: I discover myself in the words, what I think about things. I divine my own secrets, anticipate the outcome in fiction before it becomes a reality. A divining stick supposedly leads a person to water. Poetry leads me back to my soul.
Poetry is like a song.The song we want the world to hear if they would take the time to listen, the song we must silence ourselves, even to sing.

Wc: Well that was a rhapsodic answer indeed, pretty deep but inspiring too. There’s definitely a link between words and our soul.
Yeah we agree with you on that, poetry indeed is a song yearning for people's​ attention but sometimes it’s more impactful when you least expect it to be.

D: Yes!! Agreed.
I would be lost without creative writing. Where could we escape when reality feels too intense, when our heart hurts? Writing allows us a chance to turn safely inward and channel pain into art and even fantasy.I don’t know people’s reactions to my write ups. I think they feel my words and how emotional they are to me as a writer, but like teaching, I just put it out there, stand on stage, share these thoughts. How they perceive them, I don’t truly know.That’s the truth. Can we ever know the truth of other’s perceptions of us, our own interpretations do get in the way isn’t it.

Wc: Yeah they do.
Symptoms of a true artist indeed, we and you share the same vision of uplifting writers it feels great that we are not alone in this, it’s really amazing how you think about your students and want provide them a platform where they can express their thoughts freely. We’ve said that before and we’ll say again it’s feels amazing to have people like you among us.

Wc: So any bizarre stories linked with your talent of writing or anything unusual that happened because of it?

D: You expressed my sentiments beautifully. I write poetry to express and connect and to share this love and passion for words with others. We definitely agree.
I don’t know if it is a talent, more than intuition for me. It has led me to some great people and wonderful connections. I really enjoy collaborating with folks when minds meld on an idea.

Wc: Any suggestion you’d like to embark so we can reform writerscreed and fix some of the missing loopholes?

D: Your team does a great job. Opportunities for collaborations amongst poets would be fun, and I would be open to it. Continue with writing prompts for challenges to improve writers.

Wc: Duly noted.
Any fun facts, perhaps a side of you that is less known about or something else ?

D: I’m an avid runner, believe in healthy eating as opposed to taking medicine, enjoy camping, and I studied abroad in England in college.

Wc: Well you are a really an awesome person,
So thats all we have, thank you very much for your time, we really enjoyed talking to you and we were here to interview you and ended up getting insipred instead.
It’s was an absolute pleasure talking to you.

D: I enjoyed our conversation immensely.This was a lot of fun. I look forward to reading your interviews with other writers as well.Thank you!!

Attention artists

If you are a painter, photographer, musician, spoken word poet, or any other form of artist and want to share your art or draw followers to your art, please send me a message and attach your post. I would love to share and introduce you on Writers Creed’s new sister blog, Creed Atelier. It’s a new blog site where we recognize artists of all kinds and connect you with other talented folks.

Come check us out!



Mass Effect christmas tree!

I don’t even know where to start? I’m squealing myself.

On the tree we have - Every squad member in a glass ornament. TIM, Harbinger, Chakwas, Anderson, Hackett, Cortez and Traynor are all on there too (I realized as I finished everything I should of TOTALLY HAD A SAREN ORNAMENT, DAMN IT).

2 shotgun hanging ornaments.

Legion as the fairy ontop of the tree.

Appearances from Garrus, Grunt, Thane and Tali.

And *~*BIOTIC*~* blue lights.

Oh and Kaidan and Rose Shepard are the top most ornaments with HARBY in the middle. I am the Vanguard of your Christmas cheer!

3 days of work.

One seriously fandom related tree.

One seriously happy Apostates.

Hackett out.

(A HUGE THANKYOU TO rhapsodyinblue for being FLAWLESS and letting me use her icon pictures as a time saver. YOU ARE AMAZING)

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I'm in love with your work and I'm so curious as to how you go about your process. Do you ink first before you watercolor or is it the other way around. I've found that my inks sometimes run if I do them first. Have a lovely day dear!

Oh, thanks so much! :] 
I have plans to post a bunch of process videos and the likes over Christmas break, so stay tuned for that.
Meanwhile, in answer to your specific question, I usually sketch out the images in pencil and then ink with either Microns (more often then not) or Winsor inks. Then, I use either watercolor or gouache (or both), let dry. Then sometimes I go back over my lines with ink again. Just depending on how I want the final image to look. 



Get ready for our year end concert, the Bernstein Bash! As a transition, here is a video of Leonard Bernstein playing and conducting Rhapsody in Blue. 

Watch on elizadelite.tumblr.com

Eliza DeLite - Rhapsody in Black

Rhapsody In Blue
Duke Ellington
Rhapsody In Blue

Though long overdue, Duke Ellington makes to E Flat today with “Rhapsody In Blue” from “Recollections Of The Big Band Era”. Rhapsody is a tune that really got me into trying to create trumpet-esque voicing on my soprano sax because there’s a killer trumpet solo around 1:05 that just blew my mind the first time I’d heard it. Interesting bit about this album, it was originally recorded in 1963 but wasn’t released until 1974 on another label. It also doesn’t feature Ellington’s big band exclusively, but includes live performances from notables like Count Base, Cab Calloway, Fletcher Henderson, and Louis Armstrong.