rhapsody in black

Marauders Friendship Imagine: “The challenge”

Imagine being best friends with Lily and discussing with the Marauders about the best music

You sat beside Lily Evans, your best friend, in the Great Hall. She looked agitated and seemed to be arguing with the Marauders.

“Hey! What’s wrong, Lily?” you asked worryingly.

“Thank Merlin you arrived, y/n! Tell me you are with me in this!” she shouted.

“I’m telling you, Lily, muggle music has nothing on wizard’s music” exclaimed James.

“Yes, Evans, they cannot even be compared, they aren’t in the same level” added Sirius.

You understood everything now and couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

“What’s so funny?” inquired Peter.

“Guys, you know we are friends and all, but I agree with Lily here”

“Thanks, at least someone has good taste in music” she said gratefully.

“Come on guys, why can’t we agree that everybody likes different music and leave it like that?” suggested Remus, who seemed bored by the conversation. Surely, this discussion had been going on for a while before you arrived.

“Well, where’s the fun in that, Moony?” questioned Sirius. Everybody except Remus nodded. Suddenly, James looked at Lily and you, grinned and shouted: “I dare you to sing the best muggle song you can think. We’ll do the same with wizard music and Remus, who seems to be neutral, will be the judge.”

You looked at the redhead and both of you nodded and at the same time you told the boys: “Challenge accepted”

“We’ll start then”

So Peter, Sirius and James started to sing Do the Hippogriff by the Weird Sisters. Watching them singing and dancing was priceless. You and Lily couldn’t stop giggling. By the end of the song all the Great Hall was clapping enthusiastically.

“I am sorry for both of you.” Peter admitted. “This will be really hard to beat”

You turned to your green-eyed friend and whispered, so that no one else could hear it: “You know which song we have to perform right?” “Totally” she replied.

You smiled and yelled:

“Are you ready to lose? Listen to real music”

And just like that, Lily and you started to sing the lyrics of your favorite song: Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. You even did harmonies, acted and danced. All the audience was cheering at you both. Even some muggleborns and halfbloods joined you! When the song reached its end and you saw James, Sirius and Peter’s expressions of shock you knew you had just won.

“Remus, can you give your verdict, please?” asked Lily.

The werewolf looked torn because his friends were sending him glares that could kill, as if saying: You better choose us, Moony. Finally, he said: “The Weird Sisters are cool…But even you have to admit that what y/n and Lily just did had no rival”.

You and Lily high-fived.