Ogod I haven’t drawn anything in forever and it couldn’t be any more apparent :|

So I guess this is my audition or tryout to be a storyboard artist for RiddleMeRoxy’s Reaper High.

This is actually my very first attempt ever at storyboarding, so of course it looks very amateur, and kind of really messy, and not professional in the least, haha ovo; But it is something that I’d very much like to delve into someday, so I figured this was a good way to start. Although, I know I could have probably made this a lot cleaner and put actual borders. I also apologize for the lame dialogue, I kind of went into it not knowing where I was going, really. >u>;

On another note, I did have a lot of fun drawing these, and if this doesn’t turn out to be the kind of thing you’re (Roxy) looking for, then hopefully I could help out in some other fashion uvu