rhan tegoth

Your Astrological Sign as one of the Old Ones

Aries - Rhan Tegoth Terror of the Hominids
Taurus - Hastur the Unspeakable
Gemini - Zhar the Twin Obscenity
Cancer - Cthulhu Master of R`lyeh
Leo - Chaugnar Faugn Horror From the Hills
Virgo - Yig Father of Serpents
Libra - Azathoth the Demon Sultan
Scorpio - Atlach Nacha the Spider God
Sagittarius - Nyarlathotep the Crawling Chaos
Capricorn - Shub Niggurath the Black Goat of the Woods
Aquarius - Bokrug the Great Water Lizard
Pisces- Dagon ruler of the deep

Rhan-Tegoth, the giant aquatic predator of Pluto. In most interpretations he looks too much like a land creature, that’s why I gave it that massive finned tail as for moving in water like a giant sea snake.

“There was an almost globular torso, with six long, sinuous limbs terminating in crab-like claws. From the upper end a subsidiary globe bulged forward bubble-like; its triangle of three staring, fishy eyes, its foot-long and evidently flexible proboscis, and a distended lateral system analogous to gills, suggesting that it was a head. Most of the body was covered with what at first appeared to be fur, but which on closer examination proved to be a dense growth of dark, slender tentacles or sucking filaments, each tipped with a mouth suggesting the head of an asp. On the head and below the proboscis the tentacles tended to be longer and thicker, and marked with spiral stripes—suggesting the traditional serpent-locks of Medusa. To say that such a thing could have an expression seems paradoxical; yet Jones felt that that triangle of bulging fish-eyes and that obliquely poised proboscis all bespoke a blend of hate, greed, and sheer cruelty incomprehensible to mankind because mixed with other emotions not of the world or this solar system.”

H.P. Lovecraft & Hazel Heald, The Horror In the Museum


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