rhaj paul


RHAJ PAUL: My personal go to guy

I went to a party last night and a chick said “What the hell, where’d you get that?” and she touched my jacket and rubbed my chest.  I’m thinking to myself, now if i go grabbing at girls like that, I would be considered impolite. Let us not go there though, however we can focus on the designer I was wearing. Now where I live on a small island the clothes are expensive, that is because we import everything then the government taxes everything. I think the government is currently taxing this line as I type it.

With how the current situation is, years ago I decided to link a local designer when I was straight out of highschool with my first job. My reasoning was this, if I am going to spend that kind of money on clothes, then I could as well be looking different. Who wants to go anywhere and see someone in the same exact store bought thing? Well not me.  I have been going to Rhaj now for almost 10 years and I was sorely disappointed when he went overseas to live a couple years ago but he came back earlier this year! He is a BOSS tailor, designer and stylist!  

So all day while I was at work I told myself, maybe I should do a couple posts tonight about Rhaj when I get home. It’s a blog showcasing Black Girls Killing It but hey, it’s my blog and I can still do whatever I want. Hmm, maybe he’s a Black Guy Killing It, BOOM! Check out his flyness and his Ministry of Style Fashion House.

Image of Soca artiste and writer Sanctuary. Talented, super chill dude.


Photo Assit: Krystal ‘Bonnie’ Layne.

Styling: Rhaj Paul