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Can you write a fic where Elia destroys,tears apart Rhaegar's harp then throw it to flames as he watches? It can take place before he leaves for Trident. Idk I'm just sooo angry about Rhaegar. I stopped watching show since Sansa's rape and only was interested on what's happening and now I learned about annulment and more outrages shit that will happen on episode 7 from the leaks. I can beat D&D with Dance of the dragons(in the case it is the heaviest book) and I just want to see Rhaegar cry.


“Elia, be reasonable. Cruelty is not like you.”

Reasonable? You’re asking me to be reasonable? Were you reasonable when you ran off with a betrothed girl of five-and-ten, leaving me and the children to the mercies of your father? You should pray to all seven gods that I don’t decide to kill you in your sleep.”

“Please, not this. This is over the line. Don’t hurt it. It’s worth too much to me.”

“Is it worth a realm? Tell me where the girl is so I can stop this madness, and you can have your damned harp back. Or else it is going in the fire where it belongs. Personally, I can’t wait to see those silver strings burn. I hate bloody harp music.”

“This was a commission from a well-respected artisan. Do you know how much was spent on it?”

“No, but I would imagine quite a bit less than the war. And since it’s treason to dismember you, this is the next best thing. So again, I ask: where is the Stark girl?”

“I can’t tell you that.”

“Very well then. This will hurt you a lot more than it hurts me.”

The harp goes up faster than she’d thought, the fire catching instantly on the worn wood, thin silver strings glowing red before melting in the flames. Rhaegar makes a move to attempt to salvage it, but Elia steps in front of the fireplace, and with a single glare, he stops.

“Make one more move and I’ll break your fingers. See how well you can play after that.”

“I can’t believe you just burned—”

“I’ll do a lot more than that when you come back from the Trident. Your precious scrolls are next.”

“Not the scrolls!”

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my favorite hc from a fic i read is that none of rhaegars children are Like Him, rhaenys takes after oberyn and fights with a spear, jon is 100% Stoic Stark TM with a direwolf attached to his hip and rhaegars last hope is aegon, who looks like him and is so mild mannered and fond of poetry but nope! hes a Younger Doran who keeps his plans close to his chest and practices mithridatism. both of elias children are as fierce and witty as her and jon is as willful as lyanna and it drives rhaegar mad!

Rhaegar, strumming his harp in the corner: all of my children are disappointments,

Elia: thank the gods

Arya, Aria, and A Song of Ice and Fire

Recently, @museme87 came up with the intriguing notion of the potential link between an aria, a long accompanied song by a solo voice, the name of Arya Stark and their significance in the title ‘A Song of Ice and Fire.’ And because I loved the idea so much, I wrote a meta on it.

I’ve separated this into four different parts. Aria as a concept, aria in the title, and our very own Arya Stark, and how this all ties in together.

What is an aria?

First off, it’s good to define what exactly an aria is, and how it fits contextually. Aria is defined originally as any expressive melody that is usually performed by a soloist. Arias are defined by their emotional content rather than their musical form. And here is where that becomes relevant.

An interpretation of the title

Now one of the most blatant uses of the title within the books is in Dany’s vision where she sees Rhaegar playing his harp, and saying about Aegon, “His is the song of ice and fire.”

In a world where one’s significant achievements are captured in song, re: Tywin and the Rains of Castamere, Rhaegar may be implying “song” as something along the lines of a legend or an ode to a legacy. Here, we can even substitute aria in “song” given their similar concepts (an aria is a song after all) but since arias tend to contain very little text, I’m taking its definition as an ode that is conveying the story emotionally, rather than narratively like the Rains of Castamere.

GRRM is known to have taken inspiration from the poem “Fire and Ice” by Robert Frost, which describes the ways the world can end, in fire or ice. At a closer reading, the poem is really about the destructive nature of desire and hatred, “From what I’ve tasted of desire, I hold with those who favor Fire” / “I think I know enough of hate, to say that for destruction Ice is also great and would suffice.”

Hatred and desire are two opposing concepts, and this concept of the battle between two extremities providing harmony is at the heart of the story, in my opinion. At a superficial level, one might see it as the war between the Others and the Dragons. It could also refer to Jon himself, for he is the son of Ice and Fire but the two elements are extremities of one another, and are destructive alone, but together provide balance. With one or the other, there is nothing but chaos and death. Alternatively, they represent good vs evil, another relationship evident in the books. Absolute evil is the absence of goodness, and absolute goodness is the absence of evil, but neither can be defined without the other. It’s an endless battle, but a necessary one.

Now if we put the title together, A Song of Ice and Fire can refer to an ode to this war of extremities, the legacy of these two destructive forces of nature whose delicate balance is what prevents chaos. This war is emotionally compelling, it defines our world at so many levels. The song serves as a tribute.

How does this fit with Arya Stark specifically?

Arya, when we first meet her, does not define balance. She is chaos, passion and rebellion facing an unjust world. Death is intricately woven into her narrative, and one can associate it with her character. It is really only when she joins the Faceless Men that the concept of balance becomes apparent.

Death and life are another example of two opposing natural forces co-existing in this world, and currently, there is an imbalance. With the rise of the Others and the followers of the Lord of Light, Death is no longer permanent. The idea of resurrection is viewed as an abnormality, evidenced by Borin Dondarrion and Lady Stoneheart. Why? Because they are an anomaly in nature. Ultimately, the Others and the Lord of Light are a force that threaten harmony.

Thus the role of the Many-Faced God becomes vital in the restoration of order. There is no God of Life in the House of Black and White, they are specifically there to provide the gift of death - they serve to undo the work of R'hllor and the White Walkers. I don’t think Arya’s narrative is about being a bloodthirsty assassin, but as the vital tool in providing balance to an increasingly imbalanced world, whether by defeating the Others and giving the gift of death to the wights or by another more complex way.

How does this tie back to the title?

I’ve established before about what I think the title means, and if we take the wider narrative of this tribute to balance, then Arya Stark is the character that best represents this. She may be a catalyst for restoring nature to harmony, and as such, she is the legacy. She is the ode to this war of extremities, of the battle between two destructive forces, Death and Life, of Ice and Fire.

Arya Stark is an Aria of Ice and Fire.

I like a dramatic ending.

I hear some of your thoughts, Where is Jon in all this? and I will admit, that I’m as of yet unsure of how to bring him into this, but if anyone has any theories that might suggest anything, I’d love to hear them!

For @museme87’s brilliant meta and Jonrya connection, please see here.

For my Bran Stark meta on a similar topic, please see here.

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It makes me upset about the whole Rhaegar/Lyanna thing as well as your like did neither of them even consider Elia and her children in what they did at all. It also doesn't make a lick of sense from what we know of Rhaegar in the books, he believes his first son Aegon is TPTWP but Elia couldn't have anymore while he believes there has to be one more "three heads of the dragon" so delegitimising his other two children doesn't make sense when they were all part of the prophecy he believed in.

I got a second Anon on this too so I’ll answer you both in the one message. 

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rhaegar reads rhaenys stories but replaces all names to "aegon", elia bans him from reading stories and makes him sleep in other room. she hears sad harp noises and rhaegar singing the entire night. gladly, rhaenys doesn't wake up or elia would strangle the angsty prince with his harp strings.

better scenario: elia does strangle rhaegar with his harp strings

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can I request a fic on Elia x Rhaegar first meeting pls :)

“he’s handsome.  arthur says he’s handsome,” ashara says for nearly the hundredth time as the ship makes its way to the dock.  elia wishes she didn’t sound so nervous about it.  it makes her nervous.

“and does arthur say anything else about him?  all the kingdoms knows he’s handsome.” and my mother warned me there might be madness. it doesn’t matter how pretty a man is, elia.  it’s his wit that’s important.  elia feels guilty that this is the first time she’s thought to ask the question.  she’s had other things on her mind, she supposes.

“arthur says he sings, princess,” ashara suggests.  “he says that prince rhaegar plays a harp with silver strings.”  

elia hums noncommittally.  she’s never had much of an ear for music.  she likes it well enough, but a husband who sings…well, she supposes she’ll have to learn to like it, if only to please him.  “does he write his own songs?” she asks. 

“arthur didn’t say,” ashara replies, her voice trailing away disconsolately, and elia suppresses a sigh.  she leans over the rail of the ship, looking at the city–so much bigger than the shadow city beneath the walls of sunspear–and its great red keep crowning the highest hill.  they are close enough now that elia can see the crowd gathered on the docks, the black and red banners rippling in the wind.

she feels her heart flutter.  not love.  nerves.  she’s can only hope that she and rhaegar will love each other as well as doran and mellario, but her mother warned her long ago that her husband might not be her lover.  though when her mother had warned her of that, her mother hadn’t yet betrothed her to prince rhaegar, and elia doubts very much that she could take a paramour without suffering dire consequences.  she shudders at the thought.  

this place will be more a pit of snakes than any castle in dorne, she thinks.  i must be careful.  

sailors are shouting and ropes are being thrown and tied, and ashara fusses with elia’s jewels and her gown and then holds her by the shoulders and says, “it will be all right,” and it’s only when ashara says that that the nerves spread from her heart to her stomach and elia feels wholly unable to breathe for just a moment.

and if he doesn’t love you, sweet sister, i’ll slip a tonic for impotency in his drink so at least he’ll love no one else.  i learned how to do that in the citadel.  she almost laughs at the memory of oberyn’s words.  she wishes he were here with her now.  

when she descends from the ship, elia sinks into a deep curtsey before the prince.  the king has not come down to greet her, though queen rhaella is there.  she chances a glance between her lashes to see that prince rhaegar is bowing to her as well, his face obscured by a sheet of silver hair.  when he stands, he offers her his arm, and she takes it.

ser arthur was right.  he is handsome, she thinks.

“i trust your travels were not hard,” he says, and his voice is a light tenor, musical.  a singer’s voice indeed.  

“positively calm.  there were no storms,” she responds, pleased her voice does not sound breathless. 

“i am gladdened to hear it,” he says.  

there are many people out to see her, to catch a sight of the dornish princess who will one day be their queen.  some eyes are hard, and elia does her best not to focus on those.  others are curious.  elia chances a smile at one young girl whose face breaks out into a grin, and the girl turns to tug her mother’s skirt.  elia feels her own face relax.  they just do not know me, she thinks.  they will like me when they do.  

and so too will he.

“i hear,” she says to rhaegar, turning to look up at him, “that you sing, my prince.  i do hope that you’ll write a song for me.”

he looks surprised for a moment, and then pleased.  

rhaegar’s voice is quiet, and sincere.  “I would know no greater pleasure, princess.”


Something was bothering me about people always comparing Ygritte and Lyanna to Arya. I completely agree with the fact that Lyanna must have been a lot like Arya, both in looks and personality. And Ygritte does remind Jon of Arya. But I think both girls have some things in common with Sansa as well.

Let’s take a look at Lyanna first. Ned mentions how much Arya reminds him of Lyanna, both in looks and pursuit of traditionally unladylike activities. I’ve often seen people comment on Lyanna defending Howland Reed when the squires were beating him at Harrenhal saying it’s something Arya would have done as well. And it’s true, scaring off three squires with a tourney sword sounds exactly like Arya. But Sansa actually saves a defenseless person on two different occasions, not with a sword, but with words. First she saves Ser Dontos’ life when Joffrey wants to have him executed. The second time is when she dissuades Joffrey from riding down the wailing woman before the King’s Landing riot.

Then there’s Lyanna’s love of songs. We learn from Meera’s story that she cried when Rhaegar played his harp and sang. I can imagine Sansa responding quite similarly. Arya on the other hand would probably roll her eyes at the both of them.

This final part is speculation, because we still don’t know all the details about Rhaegar and Lyanna, but I’m going to assume that Lyanna was not abducted against her will. Anything happening after that could still be considered rape or dubious consent, but I’m not going to discuss that here. So assuming that Lyanna did run away with Rhaegar, some say such an impulsive act of rebellion against her father’s wishes confirms the similarity between Lyanna and Arya. But let’s look at that from another angle for a moment. Instead of only considering Lyanna’s actions as rebellious, I think they are most importantly extremely romantic. Even if she wasn’t in love with Rhaegar, running away with a handsome prince to get out of an unwanted marriage sounds exactly like something from a song. If younger Sansa had heard this version of the story, she might have swooned.

Let’s move on to Ygritte. Her fierce personality, her combatant nature, even her tangled hair and skinny legs all remind Jon of Arya. Indeed he compares the two girls on different occasions. Wouldn’t it be interesting to look at what is not explicitly stated though? Are there any similarities between Sansa and Ygritte?

First of course, there is hair colour. I know it’s minor, but authors just don’t include details like this if they aren’t significant. It’s hard to say in what way exactly, but both girls having hair kissed-by-fire is certainly not a coincidence.

Secondly, there is something about Ygritte people tend to overlook. During his time with her, Ygritte sings to Jon and tells him stories. At one point she even cries while singing, seemingly connecting her to Lyanna. If there is one person associated with songs and stories, it’s Sansa. When Jon remembers Sansa, it’s often a memory of her singing.

Another significant moment of Jon remembering Sansa is when he meets Gilly. Sansa told him he should always compliment a lady’s name. This evokes images of Sansa teaching Jon things he’s quite clueless about. And that’s also the point of Ygritte’s stories and ‘you know nothing’. Like Sansa, Ygritte takes on the role of Jon’s teacher.

Now, I’m not certain what this all means. What I do know is that the parallels are there and that they are not supposed to be accidental. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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Top 5 favourite asoiaf theories

i don’t believe in any of the crackpot theories (roose bolton is a vampire, rhaegar/arthur/oswell are alive, rhaegar’s harp is hidden in lyanna’s tomb, etc.) so my “favorite” theories are pretty vanilla:

  1. r+l=j obviously
  2. the one-eared tomcat in the red keep is rhaenys’s cat balerion
  3. young griff is actually illyrio’s son by serra, a blackfyre descendant from the female line
  4. southron ambitions
  5. rhaenys was elia’s child by arthur (this is probably the only “out there” theory i have)

ask my my top 5/10 anything


Oberyn Martell – The Prince of Dorne would be the laid back kid who you could go to if you needed to relieve…uh…tension *wink* aided, of course, by Daario Naharis and Bronn. *drugs may be involved. He can often be found near Ellaria Sand and, suspiciously, Lyanna Stark.

Jaime Lannister - Number one rich kid in the school, he would the captain of whatever sports team was the “coolest” and he would never be without female companionship. Of course, he would have his eyes only for his step-sister (turned adopted) Cersei. Or, at least, that is until the Tully’s move to town and he notices the eldest Tully child, Catelyn.

Roose Bolton – Would be the REALLY quiet kid in the back of the classroom who “people watches” and has a weird obsession with the color pink that absolutely no one would be brave enough to tease him about. There would be rumors, starting when he was a dangerously young age, of Roose being a murderer. His best friend, the term friends being used loosely, would be Locke.

Robert Baratheon – Another one of the popular crowd, he never lacks in girls and the biggest parties are always held at his house whenever his parents are away. He can be stupid and sexist, but he’s a good hearted person deep down. He’s been in love with his best friend’s little sister since his Junior year of high school when he punched Rhaegar Targaryen for being creepy and stalkerish.

Rhaegar Targaryen – the lead in all the drama club’s plays, especially the musical numbers, Rhaegar play the harp and can speak multi languages. He spends most of his time in the library researching anything he can get his hands on. His best friends are Jon Connington and Arthur Dayne, he is moody and quiet, and always seem to be around Lyanna Stark when she’s not with Oberyn, Robert, or Ned.

Catelyn Tully – Moved to town her junior year, Catelyn “cat” quickly became one of the more popular girls in school when she was approached by “heart throb” Brandon Stark. A month later they were dating and everyone knew her name. Caring, honest, and heavily motivated toward herself made goals, she is a part of various clubs and  money raising programs. She may…or may not…have an eye out for her now ex boyfriends younger brother Eddard “Ned” who is also a junior.

Lysa Tully – Creepy, obsessed with Petyr Baelish (sophomore), Freshman, teenage mother, always tries to ruin things for Cat because Lysa is easily jealous of her older, more beautiful sister.

Cersei Lannister – Selfish, vindictive, willing to do anything to succeed. Has a secret affair with her step turned adoptive brother Jaime and cousin Lancel, but also has an open relationship on again, off again relationship with Robert Baratheon. Her enemies, because they “threaten” her “beauty” place in the school, are Lyanna and Catelyn.

Special Mentions:

Aerys Targaryen – Principle

Tywin Lannister – Vice Principle

Pycelle – Creepy Sex/Health Education teacher

 ((Uuuhhhhhhhhh some of the gifs worked…probably could have looked harder for a better Lysa one…))

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If rhaegar wanted to win at trident he should have just stuck with what hes good at. He should have brought his harp. Not even a sword or anything, just the harp and shunk it into roberts head, knocking him out instantly.

Rhaegar named his harp Haerp and he treats it like a person. He actually yells “HERE COMES HAERP BITCH” and knocks Robert out with it. You’re brilliant, anon. (Akanksha is that you)

Autistic Rhaegar (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Autistic Rhaegar teaching himself to read early on (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Autistic Rhaegar having special interests on Targaryen history !! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Autistic Rhaegar prefering to read than interact with other people as a child, and prefering the company of maesters because they’re the only one who talk of interesting things and can answer his questions about everything (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Autistic Rhaegar learning to understand this confusing world through his books (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Autistic Rhaegar having very strong empathy and literally feeling the tragedy of summerhall through his body and getting sad (╯_╰)

Autistic Rhaegar being really quiet and private because he just does not like interacting with people much and does not know what to talk about but everyone thinks it’s because he’s so deep and sad (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Autistic Rhaegar using his harp and music as a stim to calm himself down but also express his feelings and interact with people his own way !! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Autistic Rhaegar getting fixated and obsessed on the prophecy  (◡‿◡✿)

Autistic Rhaegar fixating so so much on Lyanna he forgets all perspective and completely fails to see the big picture (╯3╰)

Autistic Rhaegar !!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧