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HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAS!!! I'm glad it has been a good day, you deserve it <3

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i love you more than rhaegar loves harps and disappointing the realm


Something was bothering me about people always comparing Ygritte and Lyanna to Arya. I completely agree with the fact that Lyanna must have been a lot like Arya, both in looks and personality. And Ygritte does remind Jon of Arya. But I think both girls have some things in common with Sansa as well.

Let’s take a look at Lyanna first. Ned mentions how much Arya reminds him of Lyanna, both in looks and pursuit of traditionally unladylike activities. I’ve often seen people comment on Lyanna defending Howland Reed when the squires were beating him at Harrenhal saying it’s something Arya would have done as well. And it’s true, scaring off three squires with a tourney sword sounds exactly like Arya. But Sansa actually saves a defenseless person on two different occasions, not with a sword, but with words. First she saves Ser Dontos’ life when Joffrey wants to have him executed. The second time is when she dissuades Joffrey from riding down the wailing woman before the King’s Landing riot.

Then there’s Lyanna’s love of songs. We learn from Meera’s story that she cried when Rhaegar played his harp and sang. I can imagine Sansa responding quite similarly. Arya on the other hand would probably roll her eyes at the both of them.

This final part is speculation, because we still don’t know all the details about Rhaegar and Lyanna, but I’m going to assume that Lyanna was not abducted against her will. Anything happening after that could still be considered rape or dubious consent, but I’m not going to discuss that here. So assuming that Lyanna did run away with Rhaegar, some say such an impulsive act of rebellion against her father’s wishes confirms the similarity between Lyanna and Arya. But let’s look at that from another angle for a moment. Instead of only considering Lyanna’s actions as rebellious, I think they are most importantly extremely romantic. Even if she wasn’t in love with Rhaegar, running away with a handsome prince to get out of an unwanted marriage sounds exactly like something from a song. If younger Sansa had heard this version of the story, she might have swooned.

Let’s move on to Ygritte. Her fierce personality, her combatant nature, even her tangled hair and skinny legs all remind Jon of Arya. Indeed he compares the two girls on different occasions. Wouldn’t it be interesting to look at what is not explicitly stated though? Are there any similarities between Sansa and Ygritte?

First of course, there is hair colour. I know it’s minor, but authors just don’t include details like this if they aren’t significant. It’s hard to say in what way exactly, but both girls having hair kissed-by-fire is certainly not a coincidence.

Secondly, there is something about Ygritte people tend to overlook. During his time with her, Ygritte sings to Jon and tells him stories. At one point she even cries while singing, seemingly connecting her to Lyanna. If there is one person associated with songs and stories, it’s Sansa. When Jon remembers Sansa, it’s often a memory of her singing.

Another significant moment of Jon remembering Sansa is when he meets Gilly. Sansa told him he should always compliment a lady’s name. This evokes images of Sansa teaching Jon things he’s quite clueless about. And that’s also the point of Ygritte’s stories and ‘you know nothing’. Like Sansa, Ygritte takes on the role of Jon’s teacher.

Now, I’m not certain what this all means. What I do know is that the parallels are there and that they are not supposed to be accidental. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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can I request a fic on Elia x Rhaegar first meeting pls :)

“he’s handsome.  arthur says he’s handsome,” ashara says for nearly the hundredth time as the ship makes its way to the dock.  elia wishes she didn’t sound so nervous about it.  it makes her nervous.

“and does arthur say anything else about him?  all the kingdoms knows he’s handsome.” and my mother warned me there might be madness. it doesn’t matter how pretty a man is, elia.  it’s his wit that’s important.  elia feels guilty that this is the first time she’s thought to ask the question.  she’s had other things on her mind, she supposes.

“arthur says he sings, princess,” ashara suggests.  “he says that prince rhaegar plays a harp with silver strings.”  

elia hums noncommittally.  she’s never had much of an ear for music.  she likes it well enough, but a husband who sings…well, she supposes she’ll have to learn to like it, if only to please him.  “does he write his own songs?” she asks. 

“arthur didn’t say,” ashara replies, her voice trailing away disconsolately, and elia suppresses a sigh.  she leans over the rail of the ship, looking at the city–so much bigger than the shadow city beneath the walls of sunspear–and its great red keep crowning the highest hill.  they are close enough now that elia can see the crowd gathered on the docks, the black and red banners rippling in the wind.

she feels her heart flutter.  not love.  nerves.  she’s can only hope that she and rhaegar will love each other as well as doran and mellario, but her mother warned her long ago that her husband might not be her lover.  though when her mother had warned her of that, her mother hadn’t yet betrothed her to prince rhaegar, and elia doubts very much that she could take a paramour without suffering dire consequences.  she shudders at the thought.  

this place will be more a pit of snakes than any castle in dorne, she thinks.  i must be careful.  

sailors are shouting and ropes are being thrown and tied, and ashara fusses with elia’s jewels and her gown and then holds her by the shoulders and says, “it will be all right,” and it’s only when ashara says that that the nerves spread from her heart to her stomach and elia feels wholly unable to breathe for just a moment.

and if he doesn’t love you, sweet sister, i’ll slip a tonic for impotency in his drink so at least he’ll love no one else.  i learned how to do that in the citadel.  she almost laughs at the memory of oberyn’s words.  she wishes he were here with her now.  

when she descends from the ship, elia sinks into a deep curtsey before the prince.  the king has not come down to greet her, though queen rhaella is there.  she chances a glance between her lashes to see that prince rhaegar is bowing to her as well, his face obscured by a sheet of silver hair.  when he stands, he offers her his arm, and she takes it.

ser arthur was right.  he is handsome, she thinks.

“i trust your travels were not hard,” he says, and his voice is a light tenor, musical.  a singer’s voice indeed.  

“positively calm.  there were no storms,” she responds, pleased her voice does not sound breathless. 

“i am gladdened to hear it,” he says.  

there are many people out to see her, to catch a sight of the dornish princess who will one day be their queen.  some eyes are hard, and elia does her best not to focus on those.  others are curious.  elia chances a smile at one young girl whose face breaks out into a grin, and the girl turns to tug her mother’s skirt.  elia feels her own face relax.  they just do not know me, she thinks.  they will like me when they do.  

and so too will he.

“i hear,” she says to rhaegar, turning to look up at him, “that you sing, my prince.  i do hope that you’ll write a song for me.”

he looks surprised for a moment, and then pleased.  

rhaegar’s voice is quiet, and sincere.  “I would know no greater pleasure, princess.”

Autistic Rhaegar (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Autistic Rhaegar teaching himself to read early on (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Autistic Rhaegar having special interests on Targaryen history !! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Autistic Rhaegar prefering to read than interact with other people as a child, and prefering the company of maesters because they’re the only one who talk of interesting things and can answer his questions about everything (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Autistic Rhaegar learning to understand this confusing world through his books (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Autistic Rhaegar having very strong empathy and literally feeling the tragedy of summerhall through his body and getting sad (╯_╰)

Autistic Rhaegar being really quiet and private because he just does not like interacting with people much and does not know what to talk about but everyone thinks it’s because he’s so deep and sad (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Autistic Rhaegar using his harp and music as a stim to calm himself down but also express his feelings and interact with people his own way !! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Autistic Rhaegar getting fixated and obsessed on the prophecy  (◡‿◡✿)

Autistic Rhaegar fixating so so much on Lyanna he forgets all perspective and completely fails to see the big picture (╯3╰)

Autistic Rhaegar !!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧