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I've seen your anti-Maiko posts and how Mai is such a "horrible" girlfriend when Zutara is actually very toxic and unhealthy. Zuko constantly tries to make Katara go against her morals(The Southern Raiders), while Katara is mostly seen planning Zuko's death( The Western Air Temple) for betraying her. "But Zuko and Katara forgave each other"- Apparently not since Katara doesn't hesitate to have Aang kill Zuko if he became like his father. Zutara is the most abusive ship in the entire series.

Zuko constantly tries to make Katara go against her morals, eh? Do you know how much persuasion Zuko used to get Katara to go after Yon Rha?


The only thing he did was tell her he knew how to find him. You refuse, like Aang, to accept that going after Yon Rha was actually part of Katara’s moral code. She says in the show, “Now that I know he’s out there, now that I know we could find him, I feel like I have no choice.” It wasn’t, “Now that Zuko has tried to persuade me to kill Yon Rha, I feel like I have no choice.” Katara has always wanted–NEEDED–to face this man, and the only thing stopping her was not knowing where he was. Also, if Zuko “constantly” (as in repeatedly) tried to get Katara to go against her morals, why was it that he didn’t try to persuade her to kill Yon Rha when she let him go? The only person Zuko was arguing against in terms of morals was Aang, not Katara. It is Aang who was trying to get Katara to go against what she felt was right and forgive Yon Rha, regardless of whether Katara wanted to or felt like he deserved it. 

But here’s a good example of Zuko respecting Katara’s morals. When Katara refused, for weeks, to forgive Zuko for what he did, Zuko didn’t try (as Aang did) to try and guilt Katara into forgiveness. He put up with her sniping on a, to borrow a term, constant basis, and when he had reached the end of his patience and demanded to know what her problem was, he accepted her answer. He didn’t try to argue with her further; he actively went out of his way to make sure she forgave him in tune with her conscience, not his own.

Katara is “mostly” seen planning Zuko’s death, is she? Hmm, please point out to me the scene in which she does so. Threatening someone who betrayed you is not the same thing as actively planning to murder him. I encourage you to read my post about Katara and Zuko’s dialogue in the final arc. After Zuko joined the GAang, Katara and Zuko have 9 scenes of antagonistic dialogue with each other. Neutral or positive dialogue? 26. So even if I took your statement of “mostly planning Zuko’s death” to mean “mostly hating on Zuko,” that would be false. 

“But Zuko and Katara forgave each other”- Apparently not since Katara doesn’t hesitate to have Aang kill Zuko if he became like his father.

Katara: But I am ready to forgive you.

What are you suggesting, exactly–that Katara was lying when she said this? That she didn’t actually mean it? That she gave Zuko a fake hug and was insincere in her friendship? What a horrible person you must think Katara is!

Of course she forgave him. And citing the post-A:TLA comics doesn’t change that fact, especially when there’s also evidence of a positive relationship:

But while we’re on the comics, since you think Zutara is abusive because Katara nodded when Aang was going to her for advice on killing Zuko, doesn’t that make Zuko and Aang’s friendship abusive, too? I mean, it was Aang, and not Katara, who actually said, “A promise is a promise” and went into the Avatar State with the intention of killing him. Aang and Zuko had more negative interactions than Katara and Zuko did. So that must mean Aang and Zuko “didn’t really mean it” when they hugged at the end of A:TLA, right? And that they were totally insincere when saying they would rebuild the world together? 

Conflict is not the same thing as hatred and antagonism is not the same thing as abuse. But thank you for adding to my list of canon shippers who think someone paired with their favorite characters is abusive. I don’t understand, if you really think Katara constantly plotted Zuko’s death, why you would want her with Aang; or if you really think Zuko constantly tries to warp people’s moral codes, why you would want him with Mai. I’ve yet to get a straight answer on that question; if you have one for me, I’d love to hear it.


Now, don’t you worry about my strength. I have plenty.


MD: As we reached the end of the series, we really wanted to deal with Katara’s feelings about the death of her mother at the hands of the Fire Nation. This was one of our darkest and most serious episodes. Even though Katara didn’t really trust Zuko at this point, her dark, vengeful mission brought them closer together. Character designs by Jae Woo Kim. Background design by Elsa Garagarza. Color by Hye Jung Kim. 


RHA: Replies to Comments OUTSIDE Tumblr - Part 1

(Warning; long post)


[1] hizamaruu said: “lol any person that complains about what a girl is wearing in an mmo are just butthurt insecure people because they dont look as good as the person they play >.> grow up so what if they look better than you or so what if youre attracted to it but stay in the closet about it cuz youre embarrased get over it and play your game or dont play it its that simple quit bitching publicly over something so little as armor on a fictional piece of polygons kthx”

Tica’s Reply

This is so wrong on so many levels, my friend. Let’s break this down; you say that

any person that complains about what women wear in mmos are “butthurt” and “insecure” because we don’t look “as good as them”, correct? First of, do you have any proof? Have anyone ever said “I don’t like this character because they look better than me”? And how is that logical, especially in mmos? Normally, when you customize your character, you create someone you want to be, find appealing and etcetera. When female characters are made, they are rarely ever made with a female audience in mind; they’re made to be eye-candy, a sex object, for heterosexual, horny men. We do not find that attractive. We find it offensive. We feel objectified because there was no other thought to her other than “make her sexy”; because psh, who needs an actual unique design, right? (answer: Everyone! Females are humans too! *gasp*) There’s literally nothing to be jealous over, because we DON’T want to be these characters. We feel uncomfortable being portrayed like that. And this is what saddens us. There is nothing we feel comfortable with; but of course, once we express our opinion about this, we come off as “bitching”, which is something you clearly need to think over. Also, when you tell us to get over it or don’t play it, you are basically saying that you like it and won’t listen to reason. I’m up for a conversation here, where we can discuss, not blatantly ignore what others have to say or think. You’re allowed to have an opinion, but do not try to stop anyone from telling theirs. 

[2] Anonymous said: “like heroes would wear bulletproof vests in action movies or something… same thing”

Tica’s Reply:

No, it is not the same thing. In the past it was seen as easier to draw their uniforms more form fitting. There’s also this thing about flexibility and the ability to hide the suit under the clothes; and this goes for both men and women. Besides, technically there are heroes with bulletproof vests, see the Batsuit, for example. Besides, no bulletproof vests =/= sexulization.

[3] Anonymous said: “A beautful woman does not need clothes or armors… haha”

Tica’s Reply:

Actually, they do, unless you’re willing to sacrifice logic, reason, story, setting and treating both genders as equal.

It probably would be a bit thought-provoking if I said “A beautiful man does not need clothes or armors”, wouldn’t it? Especially when you see men run around naked… all the time.

You can be beautiful, strong, sexy, and everything in between with clothes on and a proper armor. There are some amazing examples out there, and many of us are hoping to see more of that. Who doesn’t love to actually see a design that describes the character or setting? A design someone actually thought trough, instead of just slapping on a bikini. Character designers are limiting themselves by doing this; when there’s billion of different ways to create a character.

And yes, I am aware of that there are some people, female and male, that do enjoy having their character running around naked/half naked, maybe because they feel more powerful that way or they like the outfit as fetish-wear or sexual-roleplay, and that is alright. As long as it’s equal, and treated with care and respect.

[4] Mika said: “May I say this to you all,they said on mmo news that 80 or 85 % that play mmos game are mostly guys so you womans better not be taking us down about this CAUSE THEY ARE MORE OF US THEN YOU IN ALL MMO GAMES.”

Tica’s Reply:

Just, allow me to laugh at this for a moment.

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R´ha has officially been released!

After seven months of intensive work. I suggest to watch it in full quality, as well as a nice sound system, if possible.

I appreciate sharing this with your friends :)

R´ha is a solo project I created during the first year of my studies. Special thanks to Dave Masterson for voice acting and to Hartmut Zeller for sound and music, as well as to my wife for her support!

http://www.hartmutzeller.de - Sound by Hartmut Zeller

http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2717717/ - Voice acting by Dave Masterson

Representation: Scott Glassgold / IAM Entertainment - scottglassgold@iamsports-ent.com

“I didn’t mean to do it… I was going to let him go!”

“… I know.”

AU: Katara accidentally follows through on killing Yon Rha, and Zuko tries to deal with the fallout.


After the Jennings Area Government, I also serve as the grad adviser for the Writing on the Wall (WotW) project. If you haven’t heard of it, you need to implement it on your campus asap!

WotW is a two-week social justice program sponsored by our Inter-Residence Hall Association. This is the first week of WotW, which consists of brick painting. Anyone – professors, residents, students, random people of Gainesville – can come by the Plaza of the Americas (one of our free-speech zones on campus) to paint a brick with any word or phrase that has hurt their feelings, made them feel marginalized or offended them. No censorship whatsoever. Then, the wall stands all of next week. On Friday, we come together to literally tear down the wall.


This was done by one kid in Germany. His name is Kaleb Lechowski. And he’s only 22 years old. Good god this is awesome.


Amazing, amazing piece of work.
If it’s true that this will be developed further, the completed project will definitely be worth watching.

R´ha [short movie]

I remember that old panel where Bruce and Jason as Batman and Robin are in the bar and Jason is ordering milk while he waits for Bruce, sitting there in those cute green scaly panties and looking more badass than any thug standing around him

and now he has that tradition of crushing some bar whenever he is in Gotham, drinking and fighting his ass out just for fun

and I can’t help but imagine Jason being the dork he secretly is reading Clockwork Orange when he is all grown up and getting all excited about the whole thing

so he visits the same bar from his Robin’s days, being all big and scary crimefighter in the leather jacket that smells like fire and smoke now
and he puts his helmet on the counter, grinning wide and ordering - not milk, but “moloko
and the old bartender (one that remembers the boy Jason once was and that he supposedly went missing) looks at him and if there is someone in the bar that bothers him, he pours Jason a glass of milk on the house with the most serious face ever - and that is the code for “honey, now really is time for some good old ultraviolence”

but if everything is clear they just sit there and drink some beer and the old bartender is sad for whatever had happened to that boy with an open smile and curly hair that humored him a lot back in the days
but at the same time he is extremely proud of a man Jason has become

sometimes he tells Jason that it is not healthy for him to keep coming back to Gotham, because his eyes are sad and bitter and angry and that does not go away with the years passing by

and sometimes he just looks at Jason and smiles because that boy might have been missing but he appeared to be wrong after all because Jason is healing, and when he smiles goofily at the cheesy joke the old bartender makes the boy is there again, amused and happy and excited about what future might hold for him

but when Jason is cracking skulls and quoting the book (dat thing is dope, man, you should totally read it when I am done beating you for acting like shit before that little lady) - yeah, that’s cool too

don’t ever change, kiddo, and all that stuff

Okay but Zuko being so completely appalled and baffled at how ANYONE could POSSIBLY not remember Katara in the southern raiders. Like.

Honestly Yon Rha was just doing his job and then some little like, 4 year old water tribe girl runs in and runs out within less than a minute of course he probably would forget her 10 years later.