I've got some problems with Kelly Dodd

Guys, I’ve got some problems with Kelly Dodd. Let me illustrate why in a fun and reader-friendly listicle comprised of my three main issues with this dumb broad. 

1.) You’re the new girl. Know your place. Unless you have some receipts about someone’s BF faking cancer, please have several seats. You can’t just glom onto last season’s fights like a parasite. All that’s saying is that you’re not interesting enough to find your own. 

2.) Coming for people for their looks or age is petty and makes you look stupid and insecure. That said, stop painting your eyebrows on like Groucho Marx.

3.) Bringing up David’s affair is disgusting and so are you. Let Shannon Beador live.

Bonus: At least Mrs. Roper was funny. And she could rock a caftan.  


Plant of the Day

Tuesday 26 July 2016

Lavandula (lavender) species and cultivars on display at the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show. These small aromatic evergreen shrubs usually have narrow, simple leaves and small tubular flowers in dense spikes in the summer. The plants need a sunny site with a well drained soil to thrive, and pruning just after flowering to keep a dense habit. One of the gardens featured a lavender still for extracting the oils from the foliage.

Jill Raggett

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cheerdalee  asked:

Also! Here's a theory. Junkrat actually had trouble issues with getting close to anyone but is insecure with that and feels like he has to always seem comfortable and confident since back home people would take advantage is any weakness. So he tries-

(cont.) To always act like he and roadhog are super buddies even though deep down he believes that the moment someone pays RH more money he’ll be the one getting hooked. Just a tired, haven’t slept in a day theory XD g'night

i can see this! junkrat has had people try to get close to him/come after him for some treasure he stole (mentioned in some in game interactions, we dont know what it is yet) so that can definitely be where the trust issues come from. and then here comes roadhog, a protector, and friend; but someone that is supposedly only staying to get part of the treasure in exchange of the protection. junkrat probably thinks that that is the only reason roadhog stays, and when his services are no longer needed, he’ll abandon him. he’s braced/prepared himself for this, but vows to never get close to anyone else again. and who knows if roadhog is really there just for the treasure or if he’s actually grown fond of him.

To everyone seeing Radiohead tonight and tomorrow night–I hope you have an incredible time, that you meet and make friends in the queue, that the heat isn’t too intolerable. I do wish I could be out there with you, but it makes me happy to know that you’ll be there and will vividly experience the joy that their music brings to all of us.

anonymous asked:

do you think Robin was a plot device all along?

Hmm, yes and no.

Look when we think of characters as solely plot devices to me that means they were specifically put into the story to move another part of that story or another persons progression in the story along and aren’t really there to have their own distinct arc, struggles, or backstory created in the show JUST FOR THEM. 

I think Robin was introduced as Regina’s love interest because that was the next thing her character needed to tackle. The prospect of new love and more specifically the fear that comes with potentially losing that love. Which is what the whole Marian storyline was about and we also know that it is what created the EQ at her worst in the first place (at least in Regina’s mind). I think maybe there was a moment where Adam and Eddy thought about keeping him around and developing him as a lasting character (which is why they made probably spur of the moment comments about showing more RH backstory and telling Sean he could make a permanent move) but I think ultimately they decided to again use him as a plot device and have his death essentially be the ultimate test or the beginning of the ultimate test for Regina. A full circle of sorts to really see what she’ll do this time around compared to last. So I think ultimately he was a plot device who held the potential to not be a plot device but continued and ended as such anyways. Ps: I also think that Adam and Eddy realized soon after their choice to tell Sean he could make the move that they didnt really know what to do with Robin. It’s almost as if they didn’t know he was a plot device of their own making until they were like “sure become a regular” …”oh shit what now.” But this is all opinion of course.

I know that this is sad for people, especially the OQ fandom and that there are a lot of people who either came to this conclusion after his death or never really saw it that way, but that’s how I always saw it and that’s why while I was sad (mostly for the fandom and Colin) that it ended, I wasn’t shocked. 

I actually really like this question because i personally don’t think Robin is the only one Adam and Eddy wrote as a plot device. To me, whether intentionally or not, I think Neal was the same thing. I mean I know people like to play the whole HOOK vs NEAL card, like Neal instantly was a more valued character because his younger self had been in the show before Hook was introduced. But I think it’s important to realize that the person we all mostly view as Neal or think of when the character comes to mind (The one played by MRJ) was introduced at the SAME time essentially as Captain Hook. What was his relevance to the story I find myself asking when talking about the idea of plot devices. What even was his story NOW as a grown man? Let’s see. For the most part what comes to mind is this. He serves as Henry’s dad. He serves as a reminder of Emma’s past and the reason why her walls are up (coincidentally when her new potential love interest comes into the picture). He serves as a continuation to Rumples story. He serves as another tie between Emma and the magical world. To me grown up Neal never really had a storyline that seemed to be just for him. Just for the sake of moving his story along. And so that was another person whose death didn’t shock me. I thought his character served more as a plot device than an actual significant untethered storyline. He appearance helped Rumple finally find his son. His appearance helped Henry see and know his father even for a short time. His appearance made Emma confront her past and take the first steps to moving forward in her story regarding love. His death served as a significant plot device (much like Robin’s) for Rumple and for his own son Henry. But again this is just my opinion.

This is also another reason I don’t think Hook would ever really be killed off. Like dont get me wrong i cried like a bitch at his goodbye scenes, they felt REAL AS FUCK, but I didn’t think it was permanent even for a second. Like every other character who has maintained permanence on the show and who is very much not just plot devices (Emma, Snow, Charming etc,), Killian has been given depth to his character and storylines that are specific to him. That don’t act as a tether to the main character or other more long standing characters. He has stories that are specific to his own issues and his own past and his own creation and his own development. He may move parts of others stories along. He may benefit or be tethered to others in many fashions (for everyone serves as some kind of plot device at some point) but he’s clearly not JUST a plot device. Which is why whatever comes out of the woodworks for him to me won’t have any horrible long term affects. 

I also wanted to add a few things. One being that I don’t know why I went off on that tangent I just think the idea of whose simply a plot device and whose not is an interesting conversation. But also this is all just my opinion. Oh and one last thing, I’m not saying every show who has had a character killed off means that that character was simply a plot device. It just so happens that I feel like thats what these two characters ultimately were to the story or to me.