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The Glitz

rh animated model sheets 

Princess Morbucks and Darla Dimple. Though they keep changing their third member (Mindy, Mertle, The Krust Cousins, etc.) These two have been a Spoiled Sinister duo since the day they met. 

Artists: Riddlemeroxy and Kirkerr 

Princess @ Craig McCracken 

Darla @ Warner Brothers

Guys I wanna see Princess date before she gets to Brick: 

Montana Max 

Remy Buxaplenty 

Chad from KND (Because simillar annoyed “Oh My Godddd. Shut Up” personalities and GoodxBad UST yes)

Though she would date a lot of rich baddies for her dad, I could see her Really being attracted to the cute strong fighter type like Chad


Darla Dimple ~*BFF*~ 

Portia Gibbins

Those two villain girls from MLAATR (need to binge watch that show again) 

Mindy (gaobam) 

Rhonda Lloyd

Miranda Killgallen 


PPGs (Obviously) 

Delightful Children from Down the Lane (their dads are competing for “best rich evil father of the year”) 

Sorry I couldn’t end at love interests… 

chocpen  asked:

No but seriously I'm just geeking out about this oh my gosh. Like I think she'd want Blossom to date her because "Hey wait if I get the superhero to date me then I can get accepted in the group and become a powerpuff!" or something like that but she just comes off like one of those annoying anime girls. "Why won't you just accept my Valentine's stupid!" "I don't like you I just want you to go out with me!!" "Notice me already!"

HA YES Exactly!

Cuz’ it’ll have to stay slightly accurate to the Princess/Jack relationship in RH which is “I don’t like you but I’ll hit on you and try to date you if it ruins Blossom’s life” 

So “Date me so I can Finally be a powerpuff and gain the social status that I so rightfully deserve” would be perfect