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RH Plot: Jack Spicer is mortified to hear that four new foreign exchange students will be temporarily transferring in from the Xiaolin Temple. Normally, This'd be okay, except he's spent all break mentioning the hot, super-girlfriend that he doesn't quite have yet. Now he has to spend the next week keeping the monks and Blossom separate, lest they let something slip and ruin his chances of ever dating her. Sub-Plot: The monks are actually here to find a Wu that's unfortunately in Grim's trunk.

DUDE I love all your plots!

What if we have an episode where we show the different views of the Powerpuff girls?

Like, we show how each of them wake up in the morning, where they go to that day, who they interact with, how they’re doing in school and their romantic life.

We do Buttercup, Bubbles and Blossom in that order. 

That way we can sort of cover over most of the characters in Reaper High.

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It sucks that you'd have to use different character names, I know why you have to do it but I love seeing 'Derek' and 'Stiles' I don't know if it would be the same :'(

No no NO!! No. Nuh-uh. Non. NO.

It won’t be the same, because it will be so much better. I like to think writing, plot and symbols are what makes the story good, don’t you? Names are just names, nonnie.

Truth be told I’m already working on converting everything, and I LOVE it so much more because they are truly my original characters. Robert Hale becomes Robert Redd, Claudia becomes Gerdie (Gertrude) Gòrski, Stiles becomes Ferdy (Ferdinand), and Melissa and Scott become Rachana and Will. I’ve filled half a sketchbook with character designs and alternate plots to replace all the werewolf aspects… Everything becomes so much richer, and honestly I don’t associate Home/Raising Home with Teen Wolf anymore. Particularly with Raising Home where over half the cast is my original people. And then there are things that already hold their own place - Pig, Robert’s Maserati, Claudia’s mac&cheese with sausage, the badge, Minton’s Diner, Greywater Pond for throwing rocks - all things that have nothing to do with the show, but are memorable staples unique to my story.

Fanfic will always be there, anon. But I feel like my story has outgrown it, so it wants to become a butterfly instead of staying a caterpillar.

RH Episode Plot:

An item goes missing from Grim’s office trunk, and when people learn what it is, everyone is after it. The Yearbook of Destiny. Exactly like any other yearbook,with the exception being it forever shows the year to come. The episode follows the many students who search through the school’s seedy underbelly to find this futuristic chronicle, each having their own reasons to do so.

Ending: It seems that the book is safely once again back in Grim’s trunk, until a shadowy figure steals it in the night. Curiously, it turns out to be the person who has been morally advising people away from the book: Blossom Utonium.

Blossom opens the book up to the front cover and accidentally reads a very heartfelt and foreshadowing note by future Jack.

Double Dee and Jack finally get Blossom and May to go on a date with them, but things go terribly wrong when the two girls switch personalities due to a freak experiment.

Sub plot;

When Marie and Eddy have no one to hang out with, the two team up and create havoc in Reaper High. 

((wanted to make a ship episode but idk))

Episode idea for Reaper High animated.

[Main Plot]:

The Villains of the school are having trouble dealing with rowdy students so they come up with an idea to summon the ghost of scar from the lion king, to get them in order.


 At first things work out great but things start to get out of hand when he tries to control the whole school.


 The problem eventually gets solved with the help of Dib and Principal Grim. They combine their skills and send Scar back to the underworld.

[Hidden ending cutscene]:

After the end credits, it’s shown that Scar didn’t go back to the underworld but managed to possess one of the fellow students

More Hilarity

Blossom is so mortified at the attention her unsupported body is now attracting, she ends up dragging Jack into the girls locker room to get him supported herself. While this happens though someone happens upon the two while Blossom is hooking up the bra so they see it as Jack and Blossom alone in the girls locker room about to get to second base. So in short, Blossom just made the situation worse for herself. XD

Kay, that’s it. This is being added to the first season list 

When Reaper High’s teachers go on strike and the school funds are low, Grimm calls on two women to give Life Orientation (basically a slack-off class) for the whole school day ; Turanga Leela and Wanda. But what happens when these two strong ladies take it a bit too seriously?

Sub plot;

ZIm takes the strike as an opportunity to start an army of the most powerful forces in all universes. 

Princess Morbucks must go through a booty-trapped cave to discover Jack’s deepest darkest secret, but needs XJ9’s help.

Sub plot;

Dib resists the urge to expose paranormal activity to his father when he volunteers as a substitute.

Plot idea for Reaper high

A whole cartoon conspiracy about the real reason why cartoon characters where gloves. It could start off where one of the toon zone students asks bugs about it and bugs blows him/her off and then bugs leaves a note on their desk saying:”stay in after class” and then bugs closes all the shades and what not and gives them the skinny and before he could get into the real stuff, a team of cartoon characters in suits swoop in, knock out the kid and take an oversized pencil and erase bug’s mouth. Then from then on they both go on an adventure to uncover the conspiracy.