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Short Dialogue between Buttercup and Tootie for the Valentines day episode
  • Tootie: So buttercup, youre all suped up and strong and stuff like your sisters. Blossom has her freezy breath, bubbles can talk to bunnies and stuff, but what do you do?
  • Buttercup: Well I dont think this really counts as a super power but i can do this: *curls her tongue* I don't find it very special or useful though.
  • Tootie: I can think of a few ways that could be useful *grabs buttercup's collar and brings her in for a passionate kiss*
  • Buttercup: *smiles*

What if we have an episode where we show the different views of the Powerpuff girls?

Like, we show how each of them wake up in the morning, where they go to that day, who they interact with, how they’re doing in school and their romantic life.

We do Buttercup, Bubbles and Blossom in that order. 

That way we can sort of cover over most of the characters in Reaper High.

calvinandhobbit  asked:

RH Plot: Jack Spicer is mortified to hear that four new foreign exchange students will be temporarily transferring in from the Xiaolin Temple. Normally, This'd be okay, except he's spent all break mentioning the hot, super-girlfriend that he doesn't quite have yet. Now he has to spend the next week keeping the monks and Blossom separate, lest they let something slip and ruin his chances of ever dating her. Sub-Plot: The monks are actually here to find a Wu that's unfortunately in Grim's trunk.

DUDE I love all your plots!

Pokemon Field Trip

Pokémon that get assigned to the kids when they reach the world of Pokémon via field trip:

  • Jack Spicer = Luxray
  • Buttercup= Onix
  • Blossom= Arcanine
  • Bessie= Vespiuen or Combee
  • Helga= Exploud or Loudred
  • Timmy= Zigzagoon
  • Tootie= Smoochum
  • Ms Frizzle= Espeon
  • Dib= Gothitelle
  • Mandy= Zangoose


  • Liz gets jealous of Espeon and Ms Frizzle’s relationship and tries to compete against her only to get tossed around when Espeon uses psychic
  • Luxray decides to ignore Jack’s commands and electrocutes Jack whenever he pisses him off (ex: step on his tail when he’s sleeping, attempting to ride him)
  • Tootie falls in love with Smoochum and wants to take her home when the field trip is over.
  • Professor oak and Ms Frizzle reminisce their days as college mates looking at old pictures (hint at a possible relationship that they may have had in the past)
  • At first Mandy gets annoyed by seeing all the happy-go-lucky pokémon frolicking around, sulks behind a tree and then discovers a Zangoose sulking behind the tree next to her. At first sight she realizes that she has found her ideal pokémon.
  • At the end credits of the episode, on the left side of the screen, Jack attempts to recite the pokémon rap song, and while saying them, fumbles on some of the names.
  • Liz befriends a wild Kecleon.


  • While the School bus flies through the sky towards the world of Pokémon, one of the students looks outside the window and gasps as they see Rayquaza soaring through the clouds with some flying type pokémon flying nearby.
  • Upon arrival, each student gets a pokédex.
  • Frizzle teaches the students about battling, feeding and taking care of their pokémon.
  • Before they receive their pokémon, they take a brief tour around to see pokémon that aren’t used for pokémon battles but rather for ordinary jobs assisting their owners. (ex: a Torcoal being used to help cook food in a restaurant, a group of Machoke working at a construction site) 


  • Before the bus officially leaves the pokémon world, a wild Evee (shiny), stows away on the bus and hides under the back seat in the bus. When the bus arrives 

Double Dee and Jack finally get Blossom and May to go on a date with them, but things go terribly wrong when the two girls switch personalities due to a freak experiment.

Sub plot;

When Marie and Eddy have no one to hang out with, the two team up and create havoc in Reaper High. 

((wanted to make a ship episode but idk))

Jack and Blossom Swap Bodies

In (another) attempt to impress Blossom, Jack tries to get one of her dad’s old failed inventions working. When Blossom comes down to the lab to see what he’s up to (again), she sees what he’s working on and tries to stop him. It turns out that of all the devices he chose to try and fix, he chose the device that swapped the bodies of everyone in Townsville. Blossom and Jack’s roughhousing activates the device, though it’s poor condition only allows it to swap the two before burning itself out. Stuck inside their bodies (and unwilling to tell anyone about what happened for numerous reasons), the two have to keep things under wraps until Jack can repair the device and swap them back.

Plot idea for Reaper High

Halloween special: There’s a strange happening going on at the school where the teachers mysteriously get “murdered” and its up to the students with the surprise help from Scooby doo and the gang to solve the mystery although they don’t seem to be very good at solving the mystery.(turns out its an elaborate prank grim and the teachers to get back at them for having a stressful year)

Gag: Fred thinks he’s solved the mystery and attempts to pull off Grimm’s “mask ” which turns out to be his head)

More episode ideas

((so sorry if you’re annoyed but they just keep popping into my head))


Darla Dimple auditions for the female lead for the school musical, but tension rises when Blossom Utonium auditions too.

Sub plot;

Jack asks Genie and Clopin for acting lessons in order to get the male lead and thus get to work with Blossom in the musical.


Reaper Falls start to investigate when the teachers suspiciously begin to disappear.

Sub plot;

Double D asks Bubbles for advice on romance


Hercules helps Dexter and Sheldon to become more ‘masculine’ in order to pass gym.

Sub plot;

DeeDee takes Ed to ballet class so that they can spend time together, but DeeDee soon becomes jealous when Ed has actual talent.

((these are the last ones i swear))

Kay these are adorable

Timmy Turner finds a love letter in his locker, but suspects it is from an assassin planning to kill him. He then teams up with Cindy Vortex to find out who the “assassin” is.

Sub plot;

Mandy is mortified that she accidentally signed up for cheer leading, but learns to use it to her advantage.

RH Episode Plot:

An item goes missing from Grim’s office trunk, and when people learn what it is, everyone is after it. The Yearbook of Destiny. Exactly like any other yearbook,with the exception being it forever shows the year to come. The episode follows the many students who search through the school’s seedy underbelly to find this futuristic chronicle, each having their own reasons to do so.

Ending: It seems that the book is safely once again back in Grim’s trunk, until a shadowy figure steals it in the night. Curiously, it turns out to be the person who has been morally advising people away from the book: Blossom Utonium.

Blossom opens the book up to the front cover and accidentally reads a very heartfelt and foreshadowing note by future Jack.

RH Valentine’s Plot: RH Students are all abuzz about the Valentine’s day fair in front of the school. Everyone except Princess, who’s left once again alone on V-Day. In order to fill a quota for her position on student council, she volunteers for the kissing booth. On her way there, she overhears a GS student talk about the new hypnotizing lipstick they’ve developed, but doesn’t stick around to hear about the “Side Effects”. Two hours later, the Fair is in chaos. Pale, Red-lipped students shamble around the school, while survivors scramble for safety and supplies. The Comic surrounds the Boy Genius Trio, the two surviving PPG’s, Mandy, and Dib, as they try to get to the parking lot to drive away. They must flee before they succumb to the Kiss-transferred disease.

The plot ends when the group, after losing a few members, encounters the Zombie Queen- Princess, who controls the zombies and refuses to stop their domination unless she gets to kiss (and therefore enslave) Jack.

I like it! 

Though I think Princess would want more than Jack as a slave since she doesn’t really like him and is only using him to make Blossom mad. 

RH Plot Idea for the Musical Episode (Not sure if I’ve sent this one in): One of the students comes into the school inexplicably humming, when all of a sudden, the other students all start humming along. Nobody thinks much of it until a couple of hours later, these students break out into a musical number. Eventually, it turns out a serious infection has broken out that inhibits the students minds, causing them to act more erratically, speak more truthfully, and eventually lose consciousness and die. As Chaos and Dance numbers envelop the halls, Mandy, Dib, Blossom, Buttercup, Tootie, and a selection of other students barricade themselves in the Cafeteria, unaware that one of them has caught something. In this state of emergency, Grim calls a fumigator to take care of the school’s Singing problem: The Scarecrow. This leads us into the next episode…

Fear: All of the infected students have breathed in the fear gas, which has cured them of all symptoms. They must now evacuate the school as its fumigation continues. They do, with the exception of the unaware students who have barricaded themselves in the cafeteria. We go into the minds of each student as we learn what they fear most. SUB-PLOT: Jack, noticing that Blossom hasn’t come home, starts an investigation as to where she is, leading to a daring rescue attempt into the school.

calvinandhobbit’s awesome writing, yall! 

More Hilarity

Blossom is so mortified at the attention her unsupported body is now attracting, she ends up dragging Jack into the girls locker room to get him supported herself. While this happens though someone happens upon the two while Blossom is hooking up the bra so they see it as Jack and Blossom alone in the girls locker room about to get to second base. So in short, Blossom just made the situation worse for herself. XD

Kay, that’s it. This is being added to the first season list 

When Reaper High’s teachers go on strike and the school funds are low, Grimm calls on two women to give Life Orientation (basically a slack-off class) for the whole school day ; Turanga Leela and Wanda. But what happens when these two strong ladies take it a bit too seriously?

Sub plot;

ZIm takes the strike as an opportunity to start an army of the most powerful forces in all universes. 

Episode idea for Reaper High animated.

[Main Plot]:

The Villains of the school are having trouble dealing with rowdy students so they come up with an idea to summon the ghost of scar from the lion king, to get them in order.


 At first things work out great but things start to get out of hand when he tries to control the whole school.


 The problem eventually gets solved with the help of Dib and Principal Grim. They combine their skills and send Scar back to the underworld.

[Hidden ending cutscene]:

After the end credits, it’s shown that Scar didn’t go back to the underworld but managed to possess one of the fellow students

Monkey Jack Saves The Day

Weird idea, but that’s par for the course for me. But what if Mojo, in another bid for conquest, steals Jack’s Monkey Staff to use it’s power in combination with one of his machines to turn everyone in the world (or just the school) into monkeys? Not sure if he does it cause he has some mean to control monkeys over men, or maybe he’s just doing it for the evulz or so he doesn’t have to look at people anymore. But basically it’s up to Jack and his monk-ified friends to stop him. Also, even when she’s a monkey, Jack can’t stop hitting on Blossom. Hell, he might actually find her more attractive in some weird way.

Possible sub plot for the valentines day episode

While everyone goes through the typical valentines day antics, Principal grim sends beetleguise to hunt down a stowaway Pokémon (a shiny Evee) that’s been roaming around the school (running through the air vents, knocking over chemicals in the lab (which lead to explosions and such) and making an overall mess all throughout the school causing havoc wherever it is. Ending: Bubbles goes home depressed about seeing everyone with their significant others, opens her backpack to find a shivering, timid Evee hiding while covered in all sorts of things that it got into while running around the school, bubbles decides to take in the pokémon in, get it cleaned up and keep it as a pet. (throughout the season bubbles is hiding the Evee in her closet covered in her kiddie clothes as a makeshift bed until a much later episode where Prof. Utonium discovers it while doing the laundry)

Script Audition

[[The freshman of Reaper High are gathered in the auditorium, all chatting with one another. Smiles on some faces, others wide eyed with mouths agape. On stage a few of the teachers look look over their new students.Among the teachers are Sedusa, Samurai Jack, Professor Wakeman, and Princess Bubblegum.]]

[[Sedusa’s sitting in a chair filing her nails, noticing two male freshman students staring at her, she winks at them making their faces turn red and their eyes widen.]]

Freshman students:


[[Jack offers a warm welcoming smile to every  student who makes eye contact.]]

[[Professor Wakeman and Princess Bubblegum wave to a few students, although a few students nervously wave to them seeing as how the two science professors are covered in soot from eaerlier experiments.]]

Princess Bubblegum: (excited, her hands clasped together)

Juhu! Their so excited for the first day at Reaper High!

Wakeman: (calmly excited, her hands in her pocket)

All the fresh young minds, ready to learn.

[[Standing at the podium is the founder of the school, Nick Grant. Behind her is the principal, Grim, with a slight frown on his face seeing as how he spots Mandy and Dib giving each other a small smooch]]


Dat will always disgust me..