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So here’s a Preview for ONE of The Several Reaper High Comics coming your Way! Finally doing Jacksom vs Paranormal Reaper! 

I’m hoping to either find the time to color this myself or find someone else to color it for me. 

Characters to look out for in this crossover comic: Jack Spicer, Blossom, Mandy, Dib, Gaz, Numbah 4, Numbah 1(and possibly more knd), Danny Phantom, Bessie Higgenbottom, Penny Proud and Peanut from Harvey Birdman (Assistant teachers), Harvey Birdman, Ben 10, Xiaolin Monks, Holy SHit guys, this is gonna be a big one. Lots of people called up to share opinions and junk 

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 #Paranormal reaper #Jacksom 

The reason why you have to post on your own blogs

Reaper High isn’t that well known despite being around forever
If you want it to be Bigger, you NEED to spread the love. You can’t be ashamed to be a fan and if you want to be in the crew, you have to be able to post to your own blog and spread the word
Draw fanart! Fan fiction! Write your own headcanons! I’d L♥VE to hear them!

Don’t just expect me to draw reaper high nonstop because without support, I start to lose love and drive for my own project..
I start to hate myself for spending so much time on something that, after all this time, only four people have the guts to draw fanart for

If you want to see Reaper High Animated You have to let the world know