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(meta by the wonderful @lyledebeast​!!! thank you for letting me be a part of this post!)

One thing that I wish was more widely recognized among BBC Robin Hood fans is that the “other side” that various characters identify in Guy of Gisborne, including Guy himself, is a real thing that exists.  It doesn’t erase his behavior that is callous and cruel and violent, but it stands in stark contrast to that, defying simplification for those who will actually look at it.  Marian sees this from very early on, even in season one when Guy is at his most straightforwardly wicked.  She sees that he’s a human being, that his feelings for her are honest, and that he has the capacity for compassion and selflessness, even if he often fails to do what she sees as being the right thing. Robin, on the other hand, doesn’t begin to recognize this until long after Marian is dead.

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