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This might be a bit complicated question but how do you age the RH characters? Because I can the powerpuff girls are teens but wouldn't jack be quite older? And wouldn't Dipper and Mabel be aged up to attend RH since it's canon that they were born in 1999? Or are there no rules?

ages of Most Child characters are Roughly Inspired by the age they were when the show ended 

The pines twins aren’t there because they’re canonically 13 when the show ended This Year

but don’t put too much thought into it 

some characters from shows LONG ago are still young 

Jack was 14 in XS and is 18 now 

Snow White is a student because she was 13 in her movie and in RH she’s only 16 as if she was pulled out of her own time (Yes electronics confuse the hell out of her) 

June 30th

Tentative posting date for chapter 16.

(Reminder to read Raising Home before then if you can)!


Rhinocervs - RH 16 (side a)

This release is amazing. Check it out if you’re a fan of ambient/eerie black metal.

One more reminder to read Raising Home, since chapter 16 will be posted in a few days, and RH is pretty critical to understanding the big picture of chapter 16. I know a lot of you have decided to skip it, but for those who are still on the fence, I think this bookmark note sums it up best:

That said, Raising Home is a sort of prequel to Home that shows the brightest, bluest, funniest, and sweetest moments of the Hale family and Stilinski family as Stiles and Derek grow up. For those scared to read graphic depictions of the Hale fire and John’s death, these are both skipped over and the story ends on a happy note. There is definitely more happy/funny than sad. Every AO3 comment that starts with “I wasn’t going to read this because ___” follows with a paragraph of how happy they were to have read RH, which hopefully will persuade you…. *hopeful blinking*

Thank you all for your kudos and support! I’ll see you soon :)