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INKTOBER 2017 - DAY 31 - @anotherwellkeptsecret Kelley

And last, but not least, an amazing and adorable person! Mostly known for her Johnlock artwork which I adore, Kelley has a really smooth and sweet style ♥ And I love her colouring, this artist knows how to use colors! 

Plus her fanarts are so sweet, I love her ideas and comics ♥♥♥ 

Well I managed to do the whole month! I’m really proud of that but if I ever do it again I will privilege the quality of the drawing. Meaning I prefer a drawing from time to time where I can all my heart that a quick one everyday. I think some I did weren’t as good as they should have been!

Thanks for keeping up with me ♥

Kelley’s submission

Sorry, I don’t have a blog anymore (I deleted it due to hate/fandom drama) or I would send you a direct message :-). I think that J and G may have overestimated how well the keychains were going to sell or the campaign would have ended within a limited amount of time. I think what my have turned some people off to the campaign was the controversy surrounding one of the organizations but also that the money was going to be split two ways. 10$ to each campaign is great but then you have to remember that P and S will be getting a cut of the money because it is their product and they are producing it after all. Had they chose one charity or maybe it would have done better. That is of course my own opinion on the matter :-).

G did donate to the Republican campaign the first time around but publically supported the Democratic campaign so that’s why some of her fans have a hard time believing her at times because she does contradict herself (a lot).

My last point I wanted to address was Easter :-)! I for one always remember Easter as a time I spent with the whole family (cousins, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents etc.) and it just warmed my heart to know that J and J would be spending a holiday like that together again. It’s the little things like that that make me so happy. I was a little shocked that G didn’t share a pic of the boys with ‘Sissy’ because in my mind it would have been the perfect time for a family picture to be shared. Then again it’s obvious all the pictures she’s using for her IG were taken before the baby was here, so maybe she’s waiting to share pictures until they get more professionally done. Hahaha sorry! Just talked to myself there. I was wondering why you personally thought that J was being so silent about the baby? Usually it’s something that J and G love to bring up whenever they can.

Hope you had a nice holiday (if you celebrate) if not, I hope you had a lovely Sunday! Have a great Monday, Sera!


Hello, dear Kelley!

I am so sorry to hear you got hate on your blog. I hope you feel like coming back one day! You shouldn’t allow the haters to have such power over you.

I think you’re right - the hearts are probably not selling quite as well as they expected. In addition to the reasons you listed, I have one to add: the product is incovenient. It’s too large to function as a keychain and too cutesy to work as a nametag. What exactly is it to be used for? A decorative item of no practical use? I thought it was a wallet when I first saw it, but turns out it’s just a large piece of dyed leather. I wouldn’t buy one even if this was a J2 campaign - I just don’t like to have useless things lying around in my home.

I haven’t really celebrated Easter after my childhood, but I understand it’s a significant holiday to religious people and a good occasion for everyone to have some family fun. Did you know this was the third Easter in a row they spent together that we know of? Check out this tweet by my lovely friend! Ah, we are so spoiled.

I don’t know if G was there, but Jared sure made it sound like she wasn’t. I guess we’ll see shortly if there will be delayed “family” pics to fix this, but by then it will be too late. We already have it gathered that J2 spent the evening with the kids and Jared had a photoshoot with a professional photographer earlier that day for the People magazine. With G or not, so far we don’t know. If she was there, it would still sound like she parted ways with the J’s for the night. I guess we’ll have to wait and see the results of that photoshoot.

Here’s a little something I wrote about the kid weirdness earlier this month. I hope you don’t mind if I don’t revisit the subject - it’s one that brings me great discomfort. Thank you for the letter, good miss! I hope you have a terrific week and that your Easter went well. :)

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