Rupert is a unique soul. He’s a very funny guy. But without realising it, actually! I swear most of his comedy comes by accident. But he’s very good at it! And he’s incredibly infectious. People laugh around me all day and I don’t get suckered into it. But when he laughs … that’s it! It’s game over for me. I feel something inside of me turn and I’m like, ‘Oh, no!’
—  Tom Felton

In his spare time, he makes artwork and designs T-shirts. But whereas some famous types would exploit their ‘brands’ to sell sub-par wares to fans who’d buy their used tissues if it came from a reputable source, Grint, under a false name, submits his designs to legendary tee website threadless.com. “It’s really hard to get something on there, and it would be the ultimate achievement to get one made,” he admits. He probably wouldn’t turn his nose up at an Oscar, but the fact that he’s so keen to have his creative endeavours recognised for their merit alone, and not because of who made them, tells you everything you need to know about the most down-to-earth man in film. (Excerpt from FHM article)