rgm 79


MG 1/100 RGM-79 Powered GM - Premium Bandai Model Kit

My first build of the year is finally done! As well as my first build of the year, this is also my first painted Master Grade kit, and my first time doing preshading, so we have a lot of firsts right here. Overall, it was a very enjoyable build… Aside from putting on the ankle armor after seam removal, that was a nightmare.


QUICK BUILD: 1/144 HGUC GM Command a.k.a. GM E-Rustler (Jimmy Rustler, get it?)

After building the Ma.K kits, which are awesome, I wanted to relax a bit and build a simple high grade- a cheap 800 yen HG GM was just what I needed! Of course I couldn’t help myself and do a little bit of modification- the back missile/flare launcher was made from a Unicorn Gundam bazooka ammo clip and the arm guns are just Ground Gundam/EZ8 rifles.

White Dingo decals as a tribute to the old Sega Dreamcast game (probably the best cockpit-view Gundam game I have ever played!) and painted with simple Tamiya Spray Cans and weathered with some enamels and Copic Markers.

Thanks for looking! More Gunpla coming soon! (And of course more Ma.K, I’m addicted!) And remember Ask is now Active, comments and questions welcome! Happy building!


“While AE (Anaheim Electronics) was involved in a wide variety of high-tech industries but its inextricably connected to companies known as the ‘Merchants of Death.’ This is not difficult to understand when their military-related products account for more than half of the company’s earnings.

In fact, the origin of the history between AE and MS can be traced back to quite ancient times. Long before Zeon’s MS R&D investment during war years, AE’s advanced development division had officially launched basic research.

A year after the outbreak of war, AE also started to accept the Earth Federal Army production of standard MS RGM-79. In addition, the company was responsible for MS carrying beam guns with weapons production.

Among them, the largest is MS-related products, and it has been in the MS sector for more than 70 years. For a long time it has monopolized the MS development and production rights for Earth Federation Army.”

- from Gundam Fact File

Diseños de personajes para la segunda temporada de Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt.

El primer episodio de la segunda temporada llegará el 24 de marzo.

La web oficial de la próxima segunda temporada del Anime adaptación del Manga Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt de Yasuo Ohtagaki, ha revelado el miércoles nuevos diseños de personajes. El primer episodio de la segunda temporada llegará el 24 de marzo. 

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