rgm 79


May 9, 2017 One-Day Custom GM Build

Yesterday, a few of my friends and I built GMs together, each with custom loadouts and color schemes, over the course of one day. Mistakes were made by everyone, but that’s just how it is when you build and paint an entire gunpla kit in a day. We had fun, and that’s what matters!

From top to bottom:
SWAT Riot GM, by Nic
GM Warrior, by me
Zeon GM Deikun, by J - this was his first ever gunpla!


MG 1/100 RGM-79 Powered GM - Premium Bandai Model Kit

My first build of the year is finally done! As well as my first build of the year, this is also my first painted Master Grade kit, and my first time doing preshading, so we have a lot of firsts right here. Overall, it was a very enjoyable build… Aside from putting on the ankle armor after seam removal, that was a nightmare.