rgb cable

Things I gotta buy

Higher Priorty

  • Some drawing screen for computers.
    Parblo Coast 10 about $300 I heard works well and is cheap
  • Stupid cartoon DVDs.

Lower Priority of LPs:

  • A Sofa  for the LPs
  • A 3DS that can be recorded
  • Gamer PC
  • Xbox One
  • Nintendo Swithc
  • Other stupid consoles like a 3DO or someting
  • FrameMeister Retro Game Upscaler
  • RGB cables for PS2 since Ps2 resolution looks like crap

All my hardware is in. Check out my L! processor. It’s great. I might do some cosmetic upgrades later ie: rgb fans, modded cables etc

If you squint you can see my mother’s old pc in the background with a FX-6300. Im not sure what I’ll do with that rig now that she has a new pc too. 


The Perfection is nearby! Workspace

Here are some of the products that make this workspace an Amazing Workspace:


I grabbed a SEGA Saturn RGB SCART cable the other day, and hot damn is it good!
It works especially well with games that support Hi-Res mode on the Saturn such as Vatlva and Virtua Fighter 2; on the whole it’s a staggering jump over composite!

Also shown here is NiGHTS into Dreams…’s amazing widescreen mode, which looks wonderful: although the sprites don’t scale right for some reason!