OKAY, so Keith/Rolo (Kolo, some people is saying) is on my dash and I wanted to use this idea in a fic but I will throw it around before someone else thinks on it lol. 

AU where Nyma and Rolo are a couple and they pretend to be the most sweetest domestic couple ever. They are recent friends with Lance and Keith (who are a young and naive couple). One day they invited them over because hey, Lance really likes the couple and Keith is p ok with them. They’re hanging out in Lance and Keith’s house, drinking, chatting, everything is fun. 

Suddenly things get hot and they start to talk about sex and boom, suddenly Nyma is in Lance’s legs and Rolo is pinning Keith against the couch and Lance and Keith look at each other and they go: mmm why not?

Then Keith and Lance wake up the next morning to found out the couple stole all their belongings. 

The end. 

they didn’t know their true names so the police couldn’t help them.

Ballet!AU because no one is doing it and that bitters me:

  • Coran is the choreographer/owner of the company/has a 30+ years on a ballet carrer and is having none of your shit. Super strict teacher, he gets you en pointe in a year.
  • Allura is his prima donna. His niece and he’s been teaching her since she’s 5 years old. Best dancer you’ll ever encounter, her beautiful moves make grown up man cry of exciment.
  • Christmas. Nutcracker time. 
  • Allura is Clara/Maria of course. Shiro’s the Nutcracker/Prince. 
  • Shallura is a thing. 
  • Though this sounds a Shallura fic. Maybe they fall in love while staging the production. Anyone can take this au btw. 
  • Keith and Lance are still rivals. “I can make more spins in my fouetté en tournant than you Keith”. That keeps to then trying to prove it and Lance got a bit ditzy and boom, he crashes with Keith. He falls on top of him. A la ecchi manga. Use your imagination. 
  • They were competing for the role of prince Orgeat, but they fighted too much and Coran had it enough and they both ended doing Russian. Idk but Lance and Keith dancing Russian is hilarious to me, goodbye. 
  • Have I stated I ship Klance? Because I ship Klance. Discussions that turn into heavy making-out, yes please. They’re covered in sweat after a busy day and they both stink and for some reason that attracts them deeply. Fucking perverts. They’re all wearing pantyhoses, and i’m wEaK. 
  • Pidge and Hunk are there, probably. Idk which part Hunk could play (maybe he ended being Orgeat??? lmao that’s cool).
  • (idk but she laughs a lot about the music she has to dance. Of course, she’s All Game into rocking her part like a rockstar).
  • I’m probably getting too specific and people who doesn’t know about ballet is lost but idk just Ballet Voltron! AU. 
  • Bye that’s it you can keep going.
  • No, I’m kidding please add more.