ok so i don’t read a lot of books but i sure watch tons of animes and i can tell you all it goes the same for anime watchers.

natsume yuujinchou: finished all seasons in a week but took me a year til i finally watched the last episode since “i don’t want it to end yet” (one of my favorite anime ever!!!!)

sket dance: i’ve been watching this anime for two years now rofl there’s only 70ish episodes i believe and 70episodes is not alot at all but i’m still around episode 50 because bossun, himeko, and switch are my friends and i don’t want them gone yet ;A;

oregairu: 12episode anime. if i wanted i coulve finished this show in wha, 4 hours? but nope it came out two seasons ago if im not wrong and im still on episode 8 i think. i don’t wanna finish this anime yet til i find an awesome anime this season and same goes to everything…. “i don’t want it to end yet… even if in reality it already ended” lol

anyway i recommend all these animes to you guys. it’s in my favorite list *w* all is so worth watching i promise! ♥