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Tsk tsk tsk! We have two naughty darlings who know better than to grrr and hiss at each other–at least not around Rei sensei. They don’t want to be sent on time out again… that’s super embarrassing! They’ll just baby glare at each other instead when sensei isn’t looking (ᅌᴗᅌ* )

LOL Rei sensei makes them sit next to each other on purpose! He won’t give up on them (๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)

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So, Free! whump scenarios:

I read a fic where Haruka was distracted and ended up breaking his hand because he didn’t slow down before the wall. Good shit right there. Also, Momo not paying attention and smacking his head into the wall has lots of potential. Like, maybe a swimmer does that and they’re super disoriented or they get a concussion and they have to be pulled out of the water before they drown. Slipping and falling on the wet tile and getting injured.

that slightly depressing feeling when none of your friends watch anime or ship anything and you’re sitting in front of your computer screen, squealing and making weird noises all on your own

Free! sick character headcanons


Terrible patient. Even quieter and grumpier than usual. All he wants to do is swim. Will attend practice even when sick, and will not admit to being sick until he passes out, usually in the pool because he was too stubborn to stop swimming. He has to be monitored when he’s sick to prevent him from spending the entire time in the bath. Clingy when feverish or hurting. Has a tendency to overeat before swimming, with less than pleasant consequences. Also has a tendency to get in his head too much when he’s swimming ad run into the wall.

As a caretaker, he’s surprisingly good. Great cook (so long as you don’t mind mackerel), and if he cares enough about you he’s very attentive.


Very reluctant to admit that he’s sick, will push himself harder than he needs to. Epitome of the friend that’s great at taking care of others but terrible at caring for himself. Hates being fussed over. Lots of fever nightmares. Tries to stay away from others and avoid getting them sick. Has run headfirst into the wall a couple times when he was distracted.

Fantastic caretaker! Ultimate mom friend. Very attentive and kind, he has lots of practice with his siblings. Can’t cook, but good at comforting people.


Terrible patient, hates staying still. Alternates between trying to act super chipper and whining incessantly. Cries at the drop of a hat when he’s not feeling well. Has to be constantly monitored to make sure that he rests. Has slipped and fallen numerous times when running around the pool. He never learns.

Decent caretaker. He’s very attentive and caring, but lacks common sense. Terrible cook. Good at comforting the sickie and keeping them distracted, but usually has to call in reinforcements to actually help the sickie get better.


Surprisingly good patient. He takes better care of his body and knows not to push himself too hard when he’s not feeling well. Complains constantly about sickness not being beautiful. Willing to rest until he gets better.

Good caretaker, knows exactly what to do to take care of the sickie. He’s a bit of a germaphobe though, and not exactly the most comforting person.


Terrible patient. Refuses to rest, swims and works out until he passes out and has to be forced to rest. Definitely needs to be monitored. Extremely grumpy sickie. Doesn’t complain a lot, but snaps at everyone (and if he’s feverish he gets all teary and feels bad about it, especially if it’s his sister taking care of him). Extremely clingy when he’s feverish. Has to be coerced into taking medicine. Very likely to hurt himself showing off. He’s hurt himself a bunch of times when he was distracted and missed the wall.

As a caretaker, he’s not great. He can make soup okay, but he’s a bit of a germaphobe and is very distant unless you’re his sister, a close friend, or a significant other. Definitely practices tough love.


Decent patient. She knows when to rest and not to push herself, and she tends to get quiet and not complain much. Extremely clingy when feverish. Has fever nightmares and really wants to be with her brother.

Pretty good caretaker so long as she doesn’t try to cook. Good at monitoring and comforting the sickie.