rg: bleach

Drawn a week ago. My hope is to have a better organization of time and improve so I can re-draw it next year and check what happened meanwhile.

Doodled on my way back home last week. I’m particularly proud of Grimmjow’s hair.

I asked to a friend of mine a thing about Grimmjow and he said “Well, now I do want to draw him!” and I ended up trying to draw him as well using as a sort of reference the cover of volume 24 (when I finished I noticed the head wasn’t as tilted back as I imagined at first but okay). Somehow it’s not that good but neither that bad. I need to draw many faces to have a grasp of them (as well as entire bodies)

Sorry for the shitty quality of my mobile camera.

The Den of Umbral Flowers - [Part 1]

A Nanny!Kaiza story (This is separate from the TittM AU version and is a different universe from the “Of Hearts and Hollows” story.)

Because sometimes you just need to start at the beginning.

Thunder rumbled in the sky above, the dark bank of clouds rolling and boiling like an overfilled kettle, the wind howling a mournful song. Waves crashed and bucked as if the sea itself were trying to dislodge the ship from its surface, the white whale figurehead bobbing up and down with every clash.

The Moby Dick however, remained undaunted, its large size allowing it to weather the storm with ease.

The lifeboat heading to the nearest shore on the other hand… was a different story.

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You know what sucks?

Falling in love with a character that gets BARELY ANY SCREEN TIME WHATSOEVER.