CLAMP Comparisons: 

(Main) Characters across the dimensions series

1989 to Present

Characters’ appearances in their original series and some of their most recent ones.

Right in his stupid face {closed rp with alonelyangelofhell}
Almost nine months. Two hundred and fifty days, give or take. That’s how long Neku had been waiting, since the Long Game. The first few weeks, when everyone had met up in the RG, they’d all been hopeful Josh would show. But after a while, when the rest of the group left Neku standing by Hachiko, they did so with concerned, nigh-pitying looks on their faces.
“Hey, buddy, it’s raining, are you sure you don’t wanna–” “No.” Whatever the weather, the former Proxy kept his silent vigil by the statue long after everyone else had given up.   At the four month mark, they’d started trying to pull him away from what they saw as an unhealthy obsession. “He’s not coming, Neku.” Neku had responded with predictable defensiveness, making excuses even he thought were pretty stupid. “Well, maybe he can’t. Maybe he’s stuck in the UG right now. He’ll be here.”
At the six month mark, they’d started to forget. “Josh? Oh, that’s right, that guy…”   Neku had picked a different day to do his waiting from then on out.
At first, he’d talked to Josh.   “Hey, jackass, I know you can hear me. Stop hiding already, everyone misses your dumb face.” But even he had started to doubt, wondering if he’d been abandoned after all. Would God really give a shit about him? Did he even remember? Did he care? What if he wasn’t listening? What if–even worse–he was mocking Neku for having gotten attached, laughing with the Reapers over what a dumb kid he was, trying to befriend the Composer like that, who the hell did he think he was anyway…    And yet, still he came. Every week, like clockwork. Sometimes he’d draw, or listen to music, or even talk to other people standing around Hachiko.   Sometimes he’d huddle inside himself, sick and miserable, trying not to cry and hating himself for having to try at all.   And then there was today. He hadn’t tried talking to the Composer in several months, feeling stupid and self-conscious when–as always–he got no answer. But he’d give it another shot.   “Maybe you don’t get it yet. I’m not giving up. You’re stuck with me.” Was this just pointless bravado from a kid who didn’t even believe what he was saying, too stubborn to know when he was beaten? But no. Josh couldn’t ignore him forever, right? …right?

for those of you who might want to know, non/bin/ary-supp/ort is not a-spec supportive. specifically mo/d vi/rg/il, who says peri-cishet a-spectrum people are not lgbtq+

there was also some suspect stuff about cis people being attracted to nb people, but they didn’t answer my ask seeking clarification about “””non-sga””” cis bi people so who knows for sure lol

EDIT: there are some other mods who are a-spec inclusive who think aces/aros are LGBTQ+ on the blog, and the blog’s focus is on helping nb people and they won’t shit on you for being ace, so it’s really up to you on whether or not you feel safe enough on the blog.