Life Beside the Tracks 429

Today on SundayHaw, it’s Raymond Durant. *Thinks really hard* Wait a minute…

Here it is; my tribute comic to @blueguynow‘s Sunday/Monday Haw series, with an old friend telling the joke: Raymont Durant; CEO of the SJVR company. Joining him is old Antler Creek Narrow Gauge No. 5 as “D&RG ‘Espanòla.’” 

It was fun relearning how to draw deer folk, and coming up with something unique to end this comic/story. So, now enjoy my silly parody of SundayHaw, and have a great week.

Mabinogi MML: Echo (Vocaloid)

Song Name: Echo (Vocaloid Gumi)
Original Artist: Crusher-P


Composing Rank: Impossible
Solo or Jam: Solo
Instrument(s): Mandolin, Lyre, etc.


So you Want to Go to Gravity Falls [2/?]

Count to ten and ignore it.

The burning pressure in your head, the feeling of being trapped inside your skull for so long. It mimicked the shower of golden blood she’d to the floor and knives in your arms, silver, red, gold. The red was the mingling of the symphonies of billions of human screams and cries for help, the endless torture similar to hell, to the human confusion and striking demonic glee. You’d  Supernova and leave this world behind, perhaps the cosmic radiation might have an effect on your non-existent brain. And the perhaps you could chase the shooting star as a comet. Knowing your luck, you’d probably become TRAPPED inside the restricted force of gravity, and fall, fall away from your Mizar…

And he saw silver, the iron; gold, the precious value of time; but he saw red RED and that meant HURT and cuts and scrapes and falling on the sidewalk after tripping on your tricycle and the torture of her soul, (your soul, it was yours) and strings, scarlet tongues of her aura, chanting, screaming,


But then the sound barrier would have you hurtling towards the earth with a fiery tail in your wake, but no, that meant destruction-destruction was good- but it HURT people- Chaos was perfect-

And in your finality (your chaos, your WRECK) you’d crash and create a crater in the ground, and you’d see the fusion of the smushed animals and people, RED blood painting the grass like the splashes of sunset and your own GOLD sparks, but you’d also see the SILVER of her star glaring down at you in disdain, because you were too stubborn for your own good

But red, silver, and gold.

The human blood, protection, and soul

And he wanted to tear










R e d

R e d

S. I. L. V.  E. R.

G.        O.       L.      D.

redsilvergoldredsilvergold redsilvergoldredsilvergold redsilvergoldredsilvergold redsilvergoldredsilvergold redsilvergoldredsilvergold redsilvergoldredsilvergold





Well, that was a little bit of an overreaction. Tyrone only demanded three fridges worth of raw meat and ice cream, but that didn’t stop Thomas from feeling a bit overwhelmed when he checked out at the grocery store tugging five different (full) shopping carts.

It was all going to be worth it in the end though. He was only getting this stuff so he could make a deal with Tyrone for an RV. The one he had it mind was going to have to accommodate all five of his friends, travel across any surface (Jesus had nothing on his sick truck!) as well as room for extra luxuries (who didn’t want the new Transcendence-Era simulation game?!?) It was all going to be perfect, because they were leaving tomorrow.

Besides, Thomas would rather deal with food than the other things Tyrone offered (what the fuck Tyrone, you aren’t getting my SOUL in exchange for a large car!)

While replaying the horrific scene in his head (complete with drool!!!) Thomas kicked his cart a bit too forcefully. The cart that was riding itself to his car started steaming and collapsed under the sheer weight of the purchased items. The cart was on the floor within several seconds, steaming and coming apart at the hinges.

Today was so not Thomas’ day.

(After talking to the manager in the parking lot, Thomas was subjected to further embarrassment by riding away in his rainbow car with goddamn pentagrams on the side.)



It just sorta happened. He figured out that after recent info dumps, instead of blood oozing out of the walls, what would usually happen was furniture   way to the ceiling. The pressure didn’t go away from the back of his head. He probably should ignore it, considering all the work that Thomas put into planning this trip. He wouldn’t want to ruin it.

The mess was cleaned up with a wave of his hand, but an odd feeling lingered on the back of his mind like forgetting your keys before you go somewhere. Besides feeling the usual crappy symptoms of an knowledge burst, he also had an uneasy feeling about what he’d seen.

He’d only had this feeling once before in life, and when it happened, it ended with a scream and red blood and a silver knife in a golden, gorged-out eye.

It was the uncanny hint that history was going to repeat itself, and it wasn’t going to be pretty.

The Protective and Informative Society for the Supernatural (P.I.S.S.) welcomes Dr. Arthur Schmidt to today’s lecture.  He is most famous for his studies of supernatural biology, and his ruling of maintaining the binomial nomenclature system for the new species discovered consecutively following the Transcendence. Today he speaks to us about whether demons should be considered alive.
“Since ancient days, scientists have uncovered a method of classifying all living things. As most of you know, the old method of deciding whether something is alive or not followed the criteria of the seven biological standards. This means that an organism must undergo:
1. Respiration
2. Synthesis/assimilation
3. Transport
4. Growth
5. Reproduction
6. Excretion
7. Locomotion at some point of life
8. Death
9. DNA

…Since demons cannot fulfill several of these characteristics due to only manifesting a body that is a shell of their mind, it can be concluded that  they are only alive when possessing a vessel. This is very similar to the controversy over whether viruses were alive in the past….”


They were on the RV (rainbow-basher TURNED RV, Tyrone was feeling stingy) Thomas was with his friends. They were cruising in a rainbow, probably satanic worshipping (and sentient) car. Nothing could possibly ruin this moment. He was ready to open that new game with everyone while driving to Oregon, which was going to be awesome.

The Transcendence-Era game was titled Apocalypse Averted. The box said it was fun for parties and it had even got rated five stars. Critics were calling it the best of the year, and Thomas couldn’t wait to see the characters you could play as.

He flipped the box over, and got an eyeful of the protagonist. He wore a blue and white trucker cap that was obviously out of style, and a tattered vest with knee length shorts and a dirty orange shirt. His eyes held a capacity far beyond the age he appeared to be, a probably 12 year-old middle schooler. His expression was stony and grim. Besides these details, his brown curly hair concealed his namesake in the shape of an oddly placed star- themed birthmark.

And his name?

Dipper Pines.


Another one of these ‘lookbook’ thing again. I thought I would try a different style and see how it goes c:

Callie: Bag Blazer Boots Dress Glasses Nails Stockings Watch 

Kai: Bag Boots Bottom Earrings Top Watch

Thanks to all of the lovely CC creators who contributed to this lookbook <3 Please check their stuff out and follow them! :D 

for those of you who might want to know, non/bin/ary-supp/ort is not a-spec supportive. specifically mo/d vi/rg/il, who says peri-cishet a-spectrum people are not lgbtq+

there was also some suspect stuff about cis people being attracted to nb people, but they didn’t answer my ask seeking clarification about “””non-sga””” cis bi people so who knows for sure lol

EDIT: there are some other mods who are a-spec inclusive who think aces/aros are LGBTQ+ on the blog, and the blog’s focus is on helping nb people and they won’t shit on you for being ace, so it’s really up to you on whether or not you feel safe enough on the blog.