CLAMP Comparisons: 

(Main) Characters across the dimensions series

1989 to Present

Characters’ appearances in their original series and some of their most recent ones.

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That flirty pokémon hack it's the best thing i've seen ever. I'm going to call 2017 "the year of the flirty Green"


I honestly just did it for fun and I’m honestly shocked and amazed you guys want to play it too? Lol I wasn’t even being serious when I made it, I was just thinking to myself “How hilarious would it be if I changed Green’s dialogue so he isn’t an ass and actually generally cares about your character and shamelessly flirts with them” and then it just. Happened XD

But HOLY SHIT that’s great. Year of the flirty Green, it’s quite perfect if I do say so myself

As soon as I get home. I’m going to work really hard on the hack and just maybe!! I can get it done today *w*

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Hello, I'm the anon asking about Soldatova and the Averinas. Thank you for your answer/opinion! :) Definitely need to check that new CoP later.

you’re welcome:)

many yt channels do score analysis and I think they’re definitely worth checking to get an idea:

Love RG Music (aka @melitinastanioutas on Tumblr, Pam the Grandmaster of RG)

RG Details (does D and E score analysis)

Clematis RGVideos (also put up amazing videos detailing the new CoP: here is the first one about apparatus difficulty and dance in english and french and you can find the others on the yt suggestions)

have fun :)

for those of you who might want to know, non/bin/ary-supp/ort is not a-spec supportive. specifically mo/d vi/rg/il, who says peri-cishet a-spectrum people are not lgbtq+

there was also some suspect stuff about cis people being attracted to nb people, but they didn’t answer my ask seeking clarification about “””non-sga””” cis bi people so who knows for sure lol

EDIT: there are some other mods who are a-spec inclusive who think aces/aros are LGBTQ+ on the blog, and the blog’s focus is on helping nb people and they won’t shit on you for being ace, so it’s really up to you on whether or not you feel safe enough on the blog.

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I love the fact the you can still play as Leaf! I really love Green and I've often wished to flirt with him, but I ship Conflictingshipping, not Originalshipping(I don't mind it, just not my ship.) I know this sounds weird, but I'm so happy you left Leaf in!

Oh, good! Haha I knew it would probably upset some people if I took her out (not that I’d be capable of that, that goes far beyond my range of knowledge when it comes to hacking, so I wouldn’t have been able to take her out of the game anyway ^^) 

And yeah, no worries! That pairing is adorable too, I totally understand! I’m just Originalshipping trash hahAHA I hope you enjoy it! It’s equally as cute if you play as Blue/Leaf or Red, so yeah! :D