rg worlds

Guys listen a Rachel and Nico friendship would be so pure and wholesome and i need this in my life

sometimes i think about them post-game and wonder how Neku deals with there being “two Shikis”. then i wonder how it would make Shiki feel and how it could make her envy and insecurities resurface. maybe Neku catches on (eventually) and reassures her that, no, he’s not gonna replace her.. it’s just really weird and he needs time to get used to it.

or something like that ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


the drop aside, THIS IS SO GOOD, such an intricate clubs work LOVE IT, so happy she did well at quals, and she still got room to improve

LMAO making us look like hateful bitches for criticizing the scoring, like.. I haven’t seen anything mean against the american gymnasts, we’ve all very clearly adressed our critics and anger at the FIG and the judges, that is such a reach.

and saying we don’t rant as much when the Russians get overscored.. we literally complain about that all the time, I’m super extra about this and wouldn’t miss a chance to bitterly rant about the russian corruption in RG for the world.

maybe you think it’s cool that american RG gets more popularity, all I see is that they’ll get more power and more leverage and the same gymnasts will get even more screwed over than they already are with Russia’s reign over the sport, but yay America did it, that’s so cool, who cares about the gymnasts who can’t afford a physiotherapist or who barely get to compete because their federation can’t send them to Grand Prix and World Cups during the season