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I never had a favorite tree until you told me yours was a weeping willow. I didn’t have a favorite color until you said yours was blue. I didn’t notice the intricate color in sky until it was reflected off your eyes. you opened my eyes to a world much more beautiful than I had ever seen it.
—  g @bluerainjacket

Today’s post was written by Grace DiAgostino, Student Trainee at the National Archives at Philadelphia

The Pennsylvania Food Conservation Train

The United States Food Administration was created by Act of Congress, August 10, 1917, to provide further for the national security and defense by encouraging the production, conserving the supply, and controlling the distribution of food products. The Food Administration was a chiefly volunteer organization brought into being during World War I to assist in aiding the Allies. An agent of the Food Administration, the Pennsylvania Food Conservation Train was a mobile educational exhibit that traveled across Pennsylvania to teach housewives and other interested people about food conservation during World War I.  Operated under the auspices of the U.S. Food Administration, Pennsylvania State College, and the Pennsylvania State Food Administration, and with the cooperation of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company, the Pennsylvania Food Conservation Train spanned three train cars and was operated by female volunteers from Pennsylvania State University.

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