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I really do love everything about you. I love how you walk. I love the way your eyes light up when you smile. I love the way your laugh is only ever genuine. I love the way you fix your hair. I unconditionally love you
—  things I want to tell you
do you think that I wanted to fall in love with you? do you really think that I want to stay up late at night thinking about you? do you think that I want to daydream about you at the most inconvenient times? the answer is no. no I didn’t ask to fall in love with you, but it happened anyway.
i always get asked what love is, and i don’t think there is a simple answer to this question. for instance, love could be dropping everything to hang out with that one person, or getting lost in their eyes. love could could be giving them your last chip even when you wanted it, or it could be covering them with blankets when they fall asleep. there is no single definition for love, it is an accumulation of feelings, actions, and emotions toward something or someone.
—  something i have learned
I never had a favorite tree until you told me yours was a weeping willow. I didn’t have a favorite color until you said yours was blue. I didn’t notice the intricate color in sky until it was reflected off your eyes. you opened my eyes to a world much more beautiful than I had ever seen it.
—  g @bluerainjacket