Pairing: NicoMaki
Words: 1273
Summary: NicoMaki through the eyes of μ’s.
(Alternate Summary: No one really knows whether or not they’re dating.)
Notes: I started this back in like September 2014 and decided only now, months later, to touch it up a bit ‘cause I’ve been woefully inactive in the writing department.  But yeah, I’ll probably be updating this fic in small chunks every time I finish writing for each character.  Enjoy!

i. Kotori

           Maybe being a fashion designer makes Kotori strangely attentive to what people are wearing, but either way, she stops dead in her tracks because it’s not every day that she catches Maki casually dressed in Nico’s signature pink cardigan, wearing her hair up in a messy low ponytail, using red ribbons that are unmistakably—yet again—Nico’s.

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anonymous asked:

imagine: seina can't reach something on a high shelf. miki comes over, already feeling pleased that she can help her small pouting girlfriend. she reaches up - and up - and onto her tiptoes - and she still can't get it either. so they look at each other for a moment, stumped... and then seina shrugs and picks miki up. (they reach it.)


Title: Stature
Pairing: Miki/Seina
Words: 3,438
Rating: T
Summary: Being short sucks—you can’t reach things; it makes you less reliable.  But Miki teaches Seina that sometimes, that’s okay.
Mirror: [AO3]

If there’s one thing Seina really, really hates about herself, it’s that she’s irredeemably short.

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