Random Fact of the Week #8

Harry returned to work about a month after Ginny’s death (despite many outcries of concern over his well-being from family and friends).

The request to stay out of the field came as a shock to his fellow aurors, and it was a difficult transition for everyone. Most especially Harry. He was growing more suffocated by the day. And much more irritable. And the recent employment of Tracey Davis did nothing to help matters.

Robards was under the assumption that Harry and Tracey knew each other well considering they’d been at Hogwarts together. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. But he still made a habit of assigning them on cases together.

After one particularly adamant protest from Harry, Robards threatened him with the sack, claiming that without injury, Harry didn’t have have a valid reason for abstaining from field work. And it was at that point that Harry walked out of his office, fully intent on never returning. But as soon as he reached his desk, he found Tracey already sat there, packing his things up for him in a box.

The sheer audacity of it all angered him so much that he lifted her off of his seat and dragged her into the conference room so they could get back to work.