Rune Factory Asks
  • Because I haven't seen many around so why not?
  • 1: Favorite Rune Factory game?
  • 2: Favorite game console for RF?
  • 3: Favorite character from any or all Rune Factory games?
  • 4: Least favorite character?
  • 5: Favorite preloaded pairing?
  • 6: Favorite non-preloaded pairing?
  • 7: Favorite LGBTQA+ pairing?
  • 8: Do you prefer farming or fighting?
  • 9: Which game has the best fighting/farming system?
  • 10: Which game as the worst?
  • 11: Which game has the best plot?
  • 12: Which has the worst?
  • 13: What is your favorite monster?
  • 14: Favorite non-marriageable character?
  • 15: If you could change any aspect of any of the games, what would it be?
  • 16: What's the most underrated ship?
  • 17: What's the most overrated ship?
  • 18: Which character would you like to learn more about?
  • 19: Out of all of the games, which setting/island/town, etc, is your favorite?
  • 20: When given the option, do you play as a girl or a boy?
  • 21: What is typically the first monster you befriend when you start a game?
  • 22: On a scale of one to ten, how good are you at finishing dungeons?
  • 23: Do you play for the plot or for the marriage?
  • 24: Which game would you recommend for someone who hadn't played any Rune Factory games before?
  • 25: Which branch of the De-Sante Coquille family do you like the best?
Fandomfanficsgalore’s Rune Factory Fanfic Contest!

Woohoo! It’s been a long time since the first one, so I thought I’d make another one!

This contest’s prompt: AU or Alternate Universe

It can be any Rune Factory game! RF2, RF4, Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny whichever. Any and all pairings (or none, even) are welcomed!


  • Entries should be between 400-1,000 words. If you’re a word or two over or under, that’s fine. Just don’t submit tiny paragraphs or novels.
  • No NSFW
  • No hard angst (suicide, self harm, death, etc), though hurt/comfort is welcome
  • Use the hashtag “#ffg contest” to submit and, just in case, send me an ask letting me know you posted it so I can ensure that I see and reblog all of them
  • No OC’s or Crossovers. Please keep it strictly RF characters! (though putting the characters in other fandom’s settings is fine, i.e., Hogwarts or the Tardis. Just don’t add the characters from those original fandoms.)


All of them! If you need inspiration, here’s a good list of them.


Most Popular- The entry with the most notes! Reblogs and likes both count, but the original writer’s reblogs will NOT count (I will check)

Most Artistic- Most beautifully written and unique. One that makes it obvious that a lot of thought and time was put into it. (judged by me)

Most “Awwww” Worthy- Basically, the cutest. Can be romantic or not! (judged by me)

Most Creative- Creative AU’s with unexpected characters and twists. Surprise me! (judged by me)


  • A free 1,000 word fic from me of any pairing of your choice in any fandoms. Check here for the fandoms and rules for what I will write. Ignore the prices! Winners will get this free! (if wanted)
  • A permanent spot on my blog under “Contests” and “Contest winners”, along with a link to their blog and their winning fic

This contest will run September 29th-October 11th.

If you have any questions, let me know! I’m excited to see what everyone comes up with :)