To every fan artist who has ever faithfully rendered a Rune Factory character's costume:

Good bless you, brave soul. From nipple chains to belts that defy gravity to impossible arrangements of hair and underthings to utterly absurd hats… I salute you for replicating these nonsenseities in honor of your love of the franchise.

Rune Factory Valentine Fever 2016 official announcement!


That’s right! Time for the official announcement of the Rune Factory Valentine Fever 2016 event! WOoooOOOooo!

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So here’s the lowdown!

What is it?
>A fandom participation event themed for romantic and sexual shipping!

When is it?
>February 1st-February 14th

What can I win?
>There will be three prizes up for grabs: One piece of request fan art from me and two request one-shot fics by me. If you win, you can request any rf ship as spicy as you like, [but I have veto power if the request makes me uncomfortable].

How can I win?
>Each piece of content created specifically for this event according to the daily themes will earn the creator of said work one imaginary raffle ticket! I will use a random number generator at the closing of the event to select three winners. Each winner will select a prize until all three are gone.

How do I participate?
>Create and post fan works here on tumblr based on the daily themes during the event period and tag it appropriately according to the rules. These can be Fan Art, Fan Fiction, Audio Remixes, etc. etc. Basically, any creative derivative work involving characters from the RF franchise.


>All entries should represent a ship/couple pairing from any of the Rune Factory games and including only characters from said games.

>NSFW works are accepted and encouraged as entries in this contest UNLESS you are underage. If you are younger than 18, even by a day or three during the contest period, you may not submit works that are NSFW or containing anything that would earn a film an R rating. Please honor this rule. We don’t want any drama or trouble.

>All entries must be tagged with #RFValentineFever2016 to be eligible for prizes and promotion/reblogs by contest .

>All entries containing nsfw/adult content including but not limited to: nudity, sexual intercourse/activities, or sexually provocative imagery MUST be tagged with #NSFW AS THE FIRST TAG (this is to ensure the most consistent possible performance as far as allowing tumblr’s safe search function to successfully filter these posts.) NSFW entries must also have the tag #RFVF16spicy (This is to allow community members to blacklist only the nsfw entries if they so choose). I also encourage you to use the tag #RF18 so that your works can be found by folks looking for spicy rf fan art!

>NO depictions of rape, non-con, domestic violence, or child abuse (sexual or otherwise). NO EXCEPTIONS. I realize the art style of the games make characters seem young like Amber and Kiel, but if I see, for example, a character drawn in a more mature/lifelike style having sex with a character drawn in a childish visual style it will NOT be accepted, promoted, eligible for prizes, etc. Let’s not go here, people. Thank you!

>You may post via submissions to my blog if you do not wish to post them on your blog, but you must write your own artist statement and include your username/blog name to be eligible for prizes.

>Play nice, treat each other with kindness and respect, and have fun!


Worry not, my lovelies, I have no trouble with giving you the themes early! They are as follows:

2/1/16:First Date
2/2/16: “I’d only wear this for you”
2/3/16: New Toys
2/4/16: Three’s a crowd/Three’s a party!
2/5/16: “Good Morning” 
2/6/16: Breaking the Rules
2/7/16: “I Love You”
2/8/16: Size matters/Size doesn’t matter
2/9/16: Something New/First time
2/10/16: Chocolate/dessert  
2/11/16: Slumber Party
2/12/16: “That’s an odd place to _____.”  
2/13/16: White Day (Boys give gifts)
2/14/16: Valentine’s Day (girls give gifts)

All the themes are intended to be able to be interpreted as tame/fluffy or sexy/spicy as you like. :)

You are welcome to create your content for these themes ahead of time, but they will need to be posted during the two week contest period to be eligible for prizes. (Any time between Feb 1st and Feb 14th regardless of which theme)

I’ll make a contest post for each day reminding you of the theme, and I’ll be creating a few entries myself, too! :)

That’s it! If you have questions feel free to drop me an ask, message me directly in Tumblr’s IM at @hellothisisyve or hit me up on Skype: YveAffection.

I’m Way excited to see what y’all create! >u<
Let’s have a fabulous February! :D

Rune Factory 10th Anniversary Celebration: Day 3 - Favourite Game

Rune Factory was what started it all, but was the last game I played, and the only one I don’t own. In my opinion though, for many reasons, its the weakest entry, so no, it’s not my favourite.

Rune Factory 2 was my first Rune Factory, and I loved it to pieces, but it was hard and hasn’t aged all that well. So no, it’s not my favourite.

Rune Factory Tides of Destiny was a really fun game. I really liked the sea faring mechanics, and I liked the first proper introduction of female player character. There are a few places where it falls short for me, like with the characters for one, and the difficulty and time it takes to unlock Sonja as an individual, but it also has some of my favourite dungeons and songs in the entire series. But it’s not my favourite.

Rune Factory Frontier is probably the game I’ve logged the most hours into. I hunted this quickly discontinued game down and played it like it was going out of style (but it never truly will). I love the cast of characters very very much, I love the world. But it’s not my favourite.

Rune Factory 3 has one of the best delivered morality lessons I’ve ever seen in a video game (I read it as a very clear “don’t be prejudice” message). It has some of the prettiest dungeons, and some wonderful characters. Very few things were a miss for me, but it was also the first Rune Factory I ever beat fair and square (the rest except 4 were done via cheats). But it’s not my favourite.

Rune Factory 4. The newest, the most popular entry. In my opinion, the best, most emotional story. The most creative game (with what it recycled being quality content). A million little throwbacks for someone like me who had played the rest of the games before. Beautiful, fun characters. A difficulty balance that was tough yet reasonable enough to keep on fighting through. A player character that I related to and connected to on an emotional level. A tearjerker ending, followed by a self-torture chamber and another tearjerker ending. While I can see and criticize some of the lower points, I also can’t sing this game enough praises. It’s a love letter to the long time fans, and a great start for anyone new. Rune Factory 4 is my favourite Rune Factory. I love it. I really do. Not only is it my favourite Rune Factory, but it is my favourite game period.