If you feel like reading this, please do.

So, I’ve been a fan of R5 since I can remember, I came across their covers one day and I didn’t really tell my family about them but I just really loved them.

Their music and just them being them has helped me through so much I can’t even explain it. They mean so much more to me than anyone will understand

Of course we all (well most of us) know that Ross is now on the Disney Channel show ‘Austin and Ally’. Well, Ross and Laura came to a city near me (If you count 3 hours away as near?) and they were going to be doing a meet and greet. So of course, I HAD to go, and I did!! I got VIP by wearing a text band I bought and the event was sponsored by Radio Disney and Expo Americas.  (So I got to talk to them a little but longer than everyone who didn’t have VIP)

So when it was actually my turn to go I got up to them and I talked to Laura for a bit and I told her she was so pretty and that I wish I was half as pretty as she was and she looked at me and said “you’re gorgeous!” and then I looked at Ross and said “and Ross,” and he looked up at me (On the inside I’m trying not to die) and then I said “I just want to thank you for every thing because all your music has saved my life and I wouldn’t be here with out you.”  Then Ross hugged me and then everyone was talking about how when he hugged me he smiled (even people I don’t even know). I don’t know how the photographer knew but he took a photo of Ross hugging me, of course after he hugged me(like he initiated it) and I hugged Laura, I had to ask him for another hug, and he was like “Of course!”. I ran into Ross later that day and got a high five.

This was definitely one of the best days ever and decisions I have ever made because I was depending whether or not to tell him or not, I’m so happy I did because he wouldn’t have known and I never would have felt so happy for saying that.  And that is my Ross Lynch experience(: (there’s more but I’m not adding it right now)