Do you know the answer?

Australian television, I tell you.

(Side note: RFDS stands for the Royal Flying Doctors Service - they’re an emergency service; if you live in remote Australia they will fly to you and fly you to a hospital. A family member needed them a few years ago, and they were brilliant. They run essentially on volunteers, and rely on donations to keep in the air.)

It’s official, my ULTIMATE dream is to work for the RFDS (Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia) as a flight nurse. I did some research today and I discovered that I need 3-5 years emergency experience. I thought at first.. MY GOODNESS!  but I just have to take it one step at a time. I wouldn’t be mentally or physically prepared to be a flight nurse after this year so I need all the experience I can get! Cannot wait to graduate this year and for my life journey as a nurse to begin. COME AT ME WORLD! :D


And Mary sees the last of her boys off to college. It’ll be a little while before True leaves, and Cole and Erika will have a baby any time now. They still have to get married. So much to do…so why are nights so long? Why does she feel so lonesome?

Why did that nice redheaded man have to be only visiting from a foreign country?

(Luke Henry, the triple-bolt guy she met at the swimming pool, doesn’t have a phone! And there’s so much else going on I keep forgetting about Phaenoh’s Phonebook.)