Ahhh Jessica Henwick replied to my tweet in support of Rey x Jessika Pava!

!!!! And then a few hours later she tweeted about it AGAIN!!! Now how do we ensure that there is more of Jess in future movies, including actual merch??


Applejack Becomes Best Pony.

Part two of the 11K follower special!  Tune in next week to see part three!


Yes, it is a shot for shot remake.  In the end I only plan to cut maybe two scenes.  It’s quite an undertaking, but it’s way too much fun and the pay off will make you guys laugh, I hope.


Basically the entirety of yesterday’s streams! finally got around to posting. 

most of these designs are mine but the bottom left 9 ninjago designs are @transninjacole‘s bc honestly theyre really great character designs & i wanted to draw them ^u^ 

theres a lot of ocs on here, if youre curious about any just ask 


MONSTER tornado intercepted in Manitoba, Canada!

**WARNING bad language**
NEW video: Dominator 3 intercepting MONSTER wedge tornado in southwest Manitoba!! This violent tornado ripped up pavement on highway just S of Tilston, as we measured a 122 mph wind on the south side in the RFD.

This took place July 27th, 2015

Do you know the answer?

Australian television, I tell you.

(Side note: RFDS stands for the Royal Flying Doctors Service - they’re an emergency service; if you live in remote Australia they will fly to you and fly you to a hospital. A family member needed them a few years ago, and they were brilliant. They run essentially on volunteers, and rely on donations to keep in the air.)

It’s official, my ULTIMATE dream is to work for the RFDS (Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia) as a flight nurse. I did some research today and I discovered that I need 3-5 years emergency experience. I thought at first.. MY GOODNESS!  but I just have to take it one step at a time. I wouldn’t be mentally or physically prepared to be a flight nurse after this year so I need all the experience I can get! Cannot wait to graduate this year and for my life journey as a nurse to begin. COME AT ME WORLD! :D