oh man, what was all that?? 

SFX: whirrrrrr 

ELIOT: Ohhh no. 

ELIOT: This was NOT supposed to happen. 

Holy heck, friends… this seems to be the end of the first chapter! There will be a break between this chapter and the beginning of the next, stay tuned for an announcement on that! I’ll try and provide ~bonus content~ to the page between chapters, I’ll ask about that with the update! 

Still playing with that crossover

“Okay, you grab a table, I’m just gonna…” Kara vaguely motioned in the direction she rushed, heading quickly toward where the restrooms were located.

Cat huffed and glanced around. Much to her annoyance, everyone was trying very hard not to stare, which, of course, meant all eyes were on her. “No one will know who I am, huh,” she muttered to herself while she waited for a young brunette who was clearly the only server in the establishment to seat her.

“Hi,” the server greeted with a tense smile. “Welcome to Granny’s. Would you like a table or a booth?”

“A booth.” Cat glanced around again and noted that all eyes were still on her. She internally groaned and checked for the least conspicuous place in the diner, which was a table in the back corner. Waving her hand dismissively, she stated firmly, “Never mind. We’re sitting there.” She pointed at the table as she made her way to it.

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Who is Rose? Did I miss her in the trailer?

She wasn’t in the trailer, but she’s one of the new major characters; Kelly Marie Tran, the actress playing her, was on the panel for The Last Jedi and got to reveal her character name, a bit about her (she’s a maintenance worker), and a photo:

Hey folks!

(TL;DR: reply to this or send me asks with reader questions to be posted during a break!)

First off - the last page of the first chapter of my webcomic Robinfox District ( @robinfox-district ) is going live this week!

This is extremely exciting news! … but, unfortunately, I’m going to need some time to get the next chapter ready. The end of the school year is pretty crushing, and I don’t know when I’ll have the time and energy to push it through.

So while I can’t give you a date as to when the comic will return, here’s what I CAN give you - bonus content!! :0!

I’m not about to leave you cool guys hanging, so I’m gonna queue up some extra art to post weekly during the gap, and keep you updated on the progress of the chapter.

Which brings me to the reason I am making this post!

I’m going to try and do some READER QUESTIONS, so if you have any questions for our heroes, please leave your questions either in replies on this post or in my ask box!

And finally, if you want to contribute art for the gap, you can send me that via submission or email (flygoneffect@gmail.com) and I’ll queue it for posting during the space! (All due credit given, of course!)

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RFD 2 was filthy... jfc i've read so much smut I thought i'd be immune but apparently not since you succeeded in making me blush several times throughout the whole thing. What is in your mind and I honestly didn't think someone could write something like that. I'm in love with the way you write all the small details... you don't sugarcoat anything lmao, only in its true filth. How do you it

Yessssss. I count this as a super win lmfao. As for how I do it… I pretty much just told myself, “no censoring this time” and what you read is pretty much what goes on in my head 99% of the time. Just ask @ellieljade and @btssmutgalore . I come up with the dirtiest things all the time (really, we all do and we all encourage each other). 

I really shouldn’t be proud of this, but I am. 

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Ahhh Jessica Henwick replied to my tweet in support of Rey x Jessika Pava!

!!!! And then a few hours later she tweeted about it AGAIN!!! Now how do we ensure that there is more of Jess in future movies, including actual merch??


Basically the entirety of yesterday’s streams! finally got around to posting. 

most of these designs are mine but the bottom left 9 ninjago designs are @transninjacole‘s bc honestly theyre really great character designs & i wanted to draw them ^u^ 

theres a lot of ocs on here, if youre curious about any just ask 

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With RFD 2 Jungkook will never leave my first place... Oh jesus, that was gold... The idea of JK being able to do something like that, oh my god... After reading your smuts I'll never look at the bunny boy the same way now... Rough sex with cocky Jungkook is a new kink now...

Rough sex with Jungkook is on my bucket list. Alas, it will never be fulfilled. 😭😭 so, I write this kind of shit lmfao. I’m glad I was able to open your eyes to the potential of Jungkook as a sex machine.