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Rika’s back and MC gets left P. 5

Rika is back and MC gets sick at the same time she feels abandoned. Part 1 (x) | Part 2 (x) | Part 3 (x) | Part 4 (x) | Part 5 (x)

Some say that people experience 3 different loves throughout their lifetime

The first: the young, idealistic kind of love that looks right but may not feel right

The second: the hard love; where lessons are learned and the kind of unbalanced love where making it work is more important that if is actually should work

The love we wished was right

And finally

The third: the wrecking ball; the one we never see coming and teaches us why the rest didnt work out

Looks wrong; but feels right and lasts

Not always will each be experienced in close age gaps following another; some never experience all three

Others are fortuante and only experience one or two

and others believe they have experienced all three in another life

But sometimes love is only a concept and not real for some people in the sense that love only has to be sexual or romantic  and not familial

Whatever the case you need to acknowledge the different loves

Because love is more than just romantic or classified;

Not always will they be romantic or have enough power in them to stir a storm in you, but there is always a level of light within each love

Sometimes, it can be hard to realize, accept, and even move on from; but sometimes it’s best to move on from them, even if they are your family


  • You don’t think you can move
  • The sounds of blades ripping through the air make your ears hurt and pop
  • Someone is caressing your head
  • and someone else is gripping your hand
  • You don’t know where you are or why
  • But you don’t feel like you should be there
  • The voices are distant and unlike anything you can understand
  • Sometime later the loud blades stop and you’re being lowered by a few people and wheeled away
  • You hear people arguing and yelling and you still can’t open your eyes
  • Why can’t I see?
  • You can’t move either
  • You feel needles entering you
  • Machines all around
  • And feel nice, clean oxygen enter your nose through tubes
  • Am I in trouble?
  • You still cant hear well
  • But you can feel
  • You feel someone squeeze your hand and someone kiss your cheek
  • You don’t know where they went but after a few minutes they all left

— Jahee —

  • She can’t believe it
  • She doesn’t
  • Not at first, not until V explains
  • He explains that Rika had always been sick
  • that she needed to save everyone and help in anyway she could to feel needed and loved
  • V explained how she could only help them by hurting them and by making MC the middle person
  • But he didn’t think she would hurt MC
  • Not in a way that would kill her way at least
  • By the request of Mr. Han
  • Jahee had both lawyers and psychologist at the standby ready
  • But her main concern was MC
  • She thought MC was gone, that she left without goodbye and was hurt
  • But no; she was wrong
  • MC was the victim
  • What will become of her, she didn’t know
  • She wondered if anyone felt like she did bc no one seemed to think that Rika and V needed to be held accountable
  • It was a game of pointing fingers and “If MC dies what then?”
  • She needed something more awakening and filling than coffee atm
  • She needed MC to be okay

— Yoosung —-

  • He was livid
  • How could V blame everything on Rika? She would never do this!
  • After he saw the messages he threw his phone
  • He went to Zen to be caught up and both went with Jahee to the hospital where Jumin and Seven were waiting for MC
  • He needed to see Rika though
  • Neither Jahee nor Zen complied
  • He asked Jumin to take him to see Rika but Jumin just looked at him with an unreadable expression and if he asked Seven, Seven wouldnt have answered since he’d have been busy on his laptop
  • He almost gave up but then saw Rika in a separate room with V
  • He couldn’t stand V
  • V did this; by allowing this to continue he hurt MC and RIka
  • He would never ever forgive him

—- Zen —-

  • The surgery was long and tiring
  • He canceled everything and stayed in the waiting room Jumin had set up for them rich kid problems
  • He really had a need just to smoke all his stress away but didnt want to knowing that MC wasnt a fan of the smell and he didnt want her to say that when she woke up from the surgery
  • He had it all planned out
  • “Forget Rika and the rest, let’s go and travel without responsibilities MC”
  • And he hoped she’d agree and maybe even offer to take them all to visit her home and family and
  • he was excited that the pet she had was a dog and not a cat bc poor bby cant sneeze and have fun at the same time
  • But he knew he just needed to ask for trust fund over there for some help and once MC was out of here hed propose the idea to her and the other members
  • BUt first he’d need to know how they found her and everything because V was vague and it irritated him how they kept secrets
  • He thought they were all family; is this how a family should be?
  • He really just needed a smoke

—- Seven —-

  • It’s an endless nightmare for him
  • Hacking into the system worked up until he couldn’t continue to watch her stats drop
  • He didnt want to imagine what damage would befall onto MC
  • AFter flatlining a few times, he was sure that the doctors would call her time of death but they kept at it
  • Until finally MC stabilized
  • When the doctors told the rest the news he didnt think he could breathe until he saw for himself that MC was okay and not taken away again by an occult-following quack of a doctor
  • So he kept an eye on her through the video
  • He read on the reports the doctors and nurses were inputting into the system but all he could think about was who Unknown was
  • V would know, but he didnt trust himself to go to V to get answers
  • Not at the moment anyways
  • They must have been good to have helped MC
  • And isn’t there some saying that if a dog likes a person, it’s because they are good?


  • You can hear and feel and think
  • But you can’t see
  • Am i even moving?
  • You being to wonder where you have come to that you don’t understand anything anyone is saying
  • You panic because you feel people touch you,
  • but you can’t see anyone or anything and it scares you because they cant hear you to know to stop
  • You try to hear out for your mom or dad
  • You feel hands on your face and you panic because you dont want anyone touching you there; you cant stand anyone touching you anywhere
  • You feel something cold run up your arm and then you fall back to calmness…

—- Jumin —-

  • He couldnt look at her let alone hug her
  • He wanted to know that she would forgive him
  • BUt at the moment he really wanted to know that she would overcome this and wake up and smile
  • Just to see her smile would make everything else fall into a prefecture of being able to breath easy
  • The doctors said that she would have to continue on the medication and get on a clinical trial that can possibly help her we all know Jumin pushed for her to be in one
  • But Jumin didnt think everything would ever be the same
  • They wrapped her face becasue of the medication that Rika gave her, that caused some deformities in her eyes
  • They got to her in time to save her eyes, but she won’t be able to see for a few days until she fully recovered
  • They said she would be groggy when waking up and even confused, which should go away in time
  • They gave her a sedative to relax her so she wouldnt further injure herself 
  • But it made him confused that she didnt understand them at all or know who was talking
  • Or how she was feeling all over herself, which caused her to think someone else was touching her and which caused her to panic even more
  • He knew he should go and see Rika and V but he couldn’t atm, not while MC was like this
  • Jahee left to get coffee and to make sure the lawyers were ready for whatever was to come:
  • Either RIka and V are held accountable or not, or if MC decides to leave everyone and order a restraining order- whatever she wanted, he was sure to deliver

— Rika —

  • “It was all for the sake of everyone”
  • she chanted over and over, not knowing that she was mumbling to herself as V and her cousin stood by watching her from the doorway 
  • Some time had passed, not knowing what day it was, or what happened after the girl… the one with the sin… after that sinful girl was taken it all went blank for Rika 
  • She tried to remember but she couldn’t push past the hazy clouds of incoherent memories she didn’t trust anymore 
  • There was one doctor she liked that she saw 
  • He was a man of his word and talked to her about religion and even let her explain how that sinful girl made her way into hurting everyone 
  • and how it was only possible becuase she and how it was only possible becuase she let it happen
  • If it had not been for Rika, no one would have met MC
  • No one would have been saved! 
  • No one would have been liberated from the tribulations and trials and suffering that came with life had it not been for Rika allowing MC into the RFA
  • And the doctor understood that. 
  • Rika didnt ask for updates on the sinful girl bc she wanted to know that it was all worth it in the end to save everyone 
  • “She woke up and scared everyone when she didnt understand them” V talked to Rika as she continued to mumble her chant 
  • Thankfully Jumin is fluent in English and was able to talk to MC for the few moments she didn’t remember Hangul” 
  • Rika slightly upset that she failed 
  • Hearing the angels mock her as she sat there listening to V talk about that sinful girl made her angry 
  • She didnt want to be mocked by the angels anymore 

— V —

  • He felt guilty in ways that he knew were sick and twisted 
  • He shouldnt have defended Rika or he should have gone to seek help for her
  • He let Rika’s condition continue and grow until she no longer was the same Rika he first met at the gallery all those years ago 
  • He was too scared to meet everyone face to face after all that had happened; he didn’t want to see anyone out of fear and shame 
  • MC woke up confused and only understandable through English
  • The only thing that kept V sane was the small conversations Jumin would have with him
  • granted they were mainly one-sided, he felt warm and almost forgiven when Jumin talked to him 
  • He didn’t know if he would ever recieve forgiveness from MC
  • at this point, he wasnt sure he even deserved it 
  • But to know that MC would turn out fine despite all he had done and let Rika do would give him comfort for the rest of his days 


  • Jumin calmly explained how you were not in America anymore and that you were in South Korea 
  • He helped you remember things you already knew but you didn’t want them to know you knew 
  • You figured it would make things easier if you let them think you forgot the majority of everything 
  • From them abandoning you to the drugs and to the now; you wanted them all to think you forgot the major events 
  • You did, however, let them know that you did not forget Paco poor bby was sad until he saw you 
  • You found it hard to lie to them for the first day and then went to slowly ‘remembering’ Hangul
  • It was not hard to pretend to be weary around them bc they did abandon you and thought you left them without having known you better 
  • You wanted to forgive them for having left you and forgotten about you 
  • but you couldnt find it in you to forgive them 
  • Try as they might, you could not go back to before Rika resurfaced
  • Zen offered a trip to the States to visit your family, and Jumin ofc said he would pay for the trip for everyone 
  • Jahee provided a lot of amazing coffee for you to indulge in such the coffee whore you ever are
  • Yoosung would stop by and cry for a few seconds each visit and then leave the room in an uncomfortable manner 
  • and then there was Seven 
  • You dont know why but you couldn’t find it in you to ever stay mad at him
  • You did want to ask him about Saeran, bc you weren’t sure if you should expose Unknown’s identity to a hacker who works for bosses that dont seem to be the best runner-ups for ‘Boss-of-the-year-award’ 

Would he get in trouble? What if by exposing his name, I’d get him in trouble? I don’t want Saeran to be involved. He shouldn’t have to hide either. Where did he go? Would Seven keep this a secret if I asked him to? 

— Unknown —

  • He watched MC convey confusion and watched how she reacted towards everyone 
  • How she was at ease with Saeyoung and Jumin the most out of all the RFA 
  • How she smiled when the secretary would give her coffee and when the red-eyed boy would smile back at her after he would helplessly flirt 
  • Or how she would tense up when the young blonde boy walked in sad and left sad, but how she would fondly smile at the boy when he was not apologizing
  • Saeran felt like he was part to blame for what happened to her 
  • Maybe one day he will come back and see how things would work out if he could find out more about Saeyoung 
  • He felt like he was making all the right choices and for all the right reasons, that is until MC and Paco became his mission, making him loose the game and goal he set out to win 
  • His primary concern was how to come back to face Saeyoung without malicious intent 
  • until then, he figured he would go to America and see how things were for a few weeks how convenient that it would be during their trip to visiting MC’s home town 


  • You didnt know if Yoosung would ever look at you the same
  • it bothered you slightly how the one person who you thought would have stayed by your side would leave you a lot more than the rest 
  • But you knew 
  • you knew how this must have all been confusing for him to have discovered what mental issues his cousin was dealing with 
  • You just wished that he didn’t blame V for everything 
  • bc it wasnt V, it was all Rika 
  • You know you should forgive and forget but you couldnt 
  • It didnt feel right to lie to Seven and Jumin 
  • but you got the sense that they knew you knew 
  • Somehow it a silent agreement between the 3 of you to pretend that you dindt remember most of the past few weeks 
  • You were scared of leaving teh hospital because you didnt want to be alone anymore 
  • but you were scared of the hospital from the beginning since most of everything started with the hospital 
  • Jumin offered you the best lawyers and doctors and space as an apology 
  • while Seven kept you company and when he thought you slept, you could hear him profusely apologize 
  • You agreed to Zen’s idea of a vacation only after V admitted Rika into the psychiatric ward 
  • Yoosung wouldnt talk to you for days or to anyone, but you felt like maybe he needed to take time to re-evaluate his thoughts 
  • You enjoyed it when Jahee would bring in a good cup of coffee and talk to you like you used to before 
  • No one mentioned the illness you had or the Rika events 
  • It made you happy to not think about the stress or heartbreaking moments 
  • but it made you sad too because it was your life 
  • and no one was acknowledging it at all 
  • You did, however, receive only one letter from Unknown who asked you to keep his real name a secret until the next time you would meet 
  • He reminded you that you could still talk to Paco about the part of your life everyone was okay with omitting 
  • And you understood why they wanted to omit that bit of your life, but omitting it doesn't completely mask the fact that it happened 
  • Maybe this will all catch up and resurface some day to where everyone would come to terms with it all 
  • and maybe then Rika would be back to how everyone said she was but you found it hard to believe and less thrilling to picture
  • But until then you figured out to slowly let them into your heart instead of you into theirs, things could be different 
  • Maybe you would learn to forgive them and learn to trust them as they did to you before Rika 
  • But you figured it would take time 
  • A person can only hold out so much before they crumble after having pieces of them chipped and filled away to make space for other people to fit with them
  • Maybe if you had stayed home instead of venturing for adventure, you wouldnt have become terrified of the dark, needles, and strangers so much 
  • Maybe if you didn’t answer those messages you wouldnt have become so traumitized by a group of people you considered family 
  • But maybe if Rika didn’t go crazy on you, you wouldn’t have formed such bonds with people 
  • And you know that there was still a lot of more to discover of each member of the RFA before you could ever think of leaving your family 
  • For the moment you would settle with: Rika staying far away from you,
  • everyone hovering including the ever so distant smoll angry Yoosung,
  • the constant suppression of events you wanted to make everyone feel guilty about but couldnt bc they did that on their own, 
  • and the knowledge that this dysfunctional group of misfits would be your final, unforeseen, and third love.
RFA’s reaction to MC wearing their shirt โœง๏ฝฅ๏พŸ:*

A/N: This could have been better, but I still think it’s alright so  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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  • you were staying at his place for a night
  • except, it became two nights
  • you had spilled coffee on the only pair of pajamas you brought, so you ended up rummaging through Yoosung’s things until you found one of his t-shirts
  • He was playing LOLOL of course when you got out of the shower so it was a few minutes before he looked up from his game
  • “MC, you’re– Ohhhhhh mygoshwhatareyouwearing?!“
  • his face is so red
  • “Y-you look really cute…but um… a-are you sure you don’t want to put some sh-shorts on?”
  • “Yoosung… I have dresses shorter than this.”
  • “I-It’s different!”
  • once he gets over his initial embarrassment, he will not stop touching you
  • hugs you every time he gets the chance
  • eventually, you give up trying to do anything and the two of you cuddle on the couch
  • he literally lives for you wearing his clothes


  • you had worn each other’s clothes before, but it was usually in a this-is-cute-so-I’m-gonna-steal-and-wear-it-today kind of way
  • this time, however, you had gotten lonely waiting for her to return from work and “borrowed” one of her larger sweaters
  • it was really warm and comfortable and it smelled like coffee her
  • it took her about ten minutes of talking to you for her to notice
  • “I had just finished with the first task when… is that my sweater?”
  • “Maybe.”
  • “Didn’t you just buy one the other day? why aren’t you wearing that?”
  • “I wanted one that smelled like you…?”
  • she doesn’t say anything for a few seconds and her face slowly gets redder and redder
  • “Oh. Okay.”
  • “Jaehee?”
  • literally won’t meet your eyes
  • “You look nice.”
  • “Thank you! but it looks much better on you! ^^”
  • poor girl can’t handle this


  • it was his idea, actually
  • you didn’t have any pajamas so he suggested you borrow one of his shirts
  • he just didn’t realize how cute you would look in his black v-neck that came down to your mid-thigh
  • “Thanks, Zen! This is really comfy!”
  • literally had to take a moment
  • just stood there with his eyes closed, taking deep breaths and muttering to himself 
  • control control control control control
  • once he was certain that he was in control OF THE BEAST, he pulled you into his lap and wouldn’t stop telling you how beautiful you were 
  • “I might even dare to say, though it seems impossible, that you are prettier than myself”
  • was thrilled that you enjoyed wearing his clothes, and now gives you everything he doesn’t want any more


  • you had excused yourself to go take a shower
  • after you got out, you realized the clothes you had placed on the counter had fallen into the (thankfully clean) toilet
  • there was a small wardrobe in the bathroom that had a few of Jumin’s button-down shirts so you took one
  • literally came down to your mid-thigh so you didn’t see the point of wearing shorts
  • He was sitting at the table, looking over some documents while drinking wine
  • “I hope you don’t mind that I borrowed your clothes, the ones that I brought in got wet…”
  • poor man chokes on his wine
  • so blushy
  • “M-MC, I can buy you a new outfit, you don’t have to–”
  • “No, it’s fine. I um… I like it! It’s cozy and it…it smells like you…”
  • nosebleed
  • you’ve never seen Jumin Han so flustered
  • “Unless you want me to change?”
  • “No! I mean, uh, it’s fine. If that’s what you want to wear…”
  • can’t stop staring
  • not discreet about it either
  • he now has a specific pile of his shirts set aside for you to wear, mostly his older ones that are more comfortable from years of being worn 


  • seven usually plays things pretty cool
  • but son, 
  • when he walked into the living room to see you wearing his black muscle shirt as a dress
  • his face turned a darker red than his hair
  • “M-MC…”
  • “Look, we’re matching!”
  • he won’t make eye-contact
  • “You’re not mad, are you? I can change…”
  • “No.”
  • “Then, what’s wrong?”
  • “I was deciding whether or not I can take a break from working.”
  • “And…?”
  • oh look, you’re kissing now
  • you end up lying on the couch together, cuddling
  • “You look beautiful in my clothes” he murmurs, pressing a chaste kiss to your lips
  • “Aw, thank you, Sev–”
  • “But not as beautiful as me~~~”


  • “How do I look?”
  • you stepped out of the bathroom wearing one of V’s white t-shirts
  • he looks up from his camera
  • his eyes widen and his cheeks turn dark pink 
  • “Y-you look beautiful…”
  • makes you pose while he takes dozens of pictures which he later makes his phone wallpaper 
  • won’t stop staring at you with this loving grin on his face
  • “You’re so beautiful….”
  • he’s literally said that 53726472 times but you still thank him
  • “Thank you, Jihyun,” you whisper, pressing a kiss to his cheek
  • poor bby can’t stop blushing and grinning

anonymous asked:

RFA and unknown with chubby!mc on the beach. Some guys harass her abt being fat in her swimsuit. How does each person react?

HELLO MOD SAERAN HERE :)) *WARNING*: heavy body shaming please read at your own risk, as a chubby person this can trigger >.< so please read at your own risk BUT IF YOU DO JUST KNOW EACH MAN/WOMEN DEFENDS YOU LIKE THE BEAUTIFUL GODDESS YOU ARE!


-In exactly two weeks, your boyfriend will have his first day off in months because he started his new movie. After the RFA party, Zen became a bigger name in Korea. He even reached all the way to the United States. For exactly 6 months you and Zen were in Los Angeles, California, filming one of his new movies. You were handling the fame well according to Zen’s eyes but…. he didn’t know that you contemplated leaving him so many times. The reason for that is because you were bullied by fans every day….. from social media….the press…..and his fan letters. Nothing compares to his extreme fan girls because they all made fun of you because you were chubby.

-Before his rise to fame, Zen knew you were insecure of your body and he always reminded you he loved your rolls. He loved grabbing it and kissing it when you guys were intimate *cough fucking cough* so you slowly were learning to love yourself by the help of Zen. However, it wasn’t easy because you were with the most perfect man in the entire universe. He was the head of many Fashion Magazines and was even offered to be a model. He declined the modeling job because he wanted to focus on acting. So you were always the girl who “ was lucky to be with him”. But you learned to hide it well because you didn’t want Zen to worry about you.

-The day finally came and you were hoping he would just want to stay home and relax with you at the house. You heard his footsteps coming closer to you and you were anxious of what he was going to say. “ Baby!! How is my princess” he ran to you hugging you and then picking you up twirling you around. You were always worried about breaking him but he insisted that you were light. “ I’m fine… so where does my Prince Charming want to go on his day off” I giggled while flicking his nose. He smiled and casually said “ let’s go to the beach! I’m in the mood for some waves! I’m going to try surfing again babe! I know.. IT’S NOT GONNA BE LIKE LAST TIME! I will not fall” he laughed while heading towards the closet. You walked after him thinking about why does he WHY the beach. You didn’t want to show your body. People weren’t lying California Girls were beautiful. Sun Kiss skin. Skinny and beautiful. You? Fat. Ugly. Rolls everywhere. Zen notice the change of your face and went to you and grabbed your chin to make him look at him “ if a guy flirts with you I will punch them because you are gorgeous inside and out. I will punch them baby I swear” he brought you closer to him and kissed your forehead gently.

-You guys finally reached the beach and you were wearing a dress swimsuit and Zen was just wearing shorts and a tank top. He looked like one of those Hollister models while you looked like a potato. He held your hand proudly and dragged you so you guys can find a seat. He found an umbrella that was vacant and he got the chairs he was carrying and set everything up. You plopped down the chair and gave a heavy sigh. You were doing okay till you heard a group of guys laughing. “Holy shit EVERYONE LOOK IT’S ZEN AND HIS SHAMOO GIRLFRIEND. I’m surprised you didn’t break the chair sweetie. Next time warn us when you are about to throw yourself !! We are a earthquake state and we don’t want to confuse your falls with an earthquake!!” He was laughing and all his friends were high fiving him. Yo got home and tried running but the sand was slowing you down. “ Awww is the whale having problem running!! You should run more so you can actually look good in a swimsuit” his voice sounded like poison while you fell onto the sand and cried your eyes out.

-You wanted the sand to swallow you up because you can’t believe that Zen even wanted to be with you. “HAHA miss piggy is laughing !! Awww is she to fa-” you heard a body fall onto the sand and heard human flesh being beaten. You turned around and saw Zen rearranging the dudes face. “Don’t you fucking DARE talk about my girlfriend like that. *punch* I am *punch* lucky that she *punch* wants to be *punch* with someone *punch* like *grabs his head and slammed it into the ground* me.” The other friends were starting to run off screaming and Zen was running after his prey. He jumped onto this guy and kicked the air out of him. “ And you wanna be James Franco *kicks* I heard *kicks* your smart remark *kick* that you thought *kick* she deserved *picks him up and throws him to the water* to fucking fall”. The rest of the group were apologizing and left running.

-Zen ran to you with bleeding knuckles helping you up. “Baby I’m so sorry. I’m so fucking sorry those guys hurt you. I’m sorry baby. I’m honored to be your boyfriend. Shit. You are the only one for me I don’t care if you are plus size. Regular size is boring trust me *he gave you a wink* *he hugged you and grabbed onto your ass and smacked it.. hard…* I love that I have more to grab on. Now let’s go wash my baby up so I can eat you” you blushed heavily and left to the car.


-Jumin loved everything about you. He loved that you were plus sized. He fucking lived for it. He especially loved it when the two of you were having sex and you sat on his face. He loved being suffocated by your pussy and it juices. From the day he first met you, he loved you. He fucking loved you so much, he would shit talk on designers who didn’t make plus size clothing. He would say it in front of their face. Shit he didn’t give a FUCK. He hired plus size designers to make your clothes and lingerie. If you hated a roll, expect that roll to have hickies and love bites on it. He loved you from the tip of your head to the tip of your toes. Don’t get me started on how he loves that Elizabeth 3rd loves cuddling with you.

-One day he decided to work from home because he wanted to spend time with you and Elizabeth. You were making a big breakfast as always because you cooked for the both of you and the guards. He honestly loved that about you. You were so selfless that you always put yourself last. He just chuckled seeing his employees eating their breakfast nervously because they weren’t use to eating on the clock. However, to ease the situation, you created a system. One group of men would be eating while the other would be outside guarding and then once the men or done eating they will eat. Jumin loved your thinking so he made sure the fridge and cabinets were always in stock. The chef was still employed because you needed help making a big breakfast, lunch and dinner !! When you and Jumin were going out on dates you made sure the chef made food for the guards that were protecting the penthouse. Jumin sweared that each and every passing day he fell more in love with you.

-When he was signing documents and editing them because people can’t tell the difference between Arial and Arial black he overheard you talking to Elizabeth 3rd. “ My lovely Elizabeth…. how I miss the ocean…. I’m not sure if Jumin ever took you near the beach but just hearing the sound of the waves….feeling the wet sand between my toes makes me feel at peace.” You heard her heavily sigh and you heart was about to burst. How can this angel… JESUS Christ. What kind of a man am I for not taking her to a place that she loves. You were about to go to her and ask her for forgiveness until you heard her crying. “ but Elizabeth *meow* the thing is I don’t tell Jumin because I’m ashamed of being next to him in a swimsuit. I’m ugly and fat and he is perfect. He is famous for being rich for crying out loud. Aren’t rich people suppose to be with supermodels and people who are gorgeous, tall, lean, and bright eyes!! I’m fat, ugly, short, with boring eye color.” Jumins heart broke. The guards who were hearing you from the outside were crying. Elizabeth was meowing sadly. The chef who was cleaning his hands in the sink were crying. The whole world was crying. Jumin was going to take you to the fucking ocean even if it means millions of dollars buying out a whole resort with a private beach. GUESS WHAT he did the next min. He bought a fucking resort that had a private beach.

-Jumin was already packing his shit. Jumin was packing your shit. Jumin was packing Elizabeth 3rd Shit. Jumin went outside to the guard and told him to call homes to get their shit pack. He called driver Kim to get the limo ready and to get the jet ready as well. He came to you and told you the news of how he decided to buy a resort and why not use it right now. You hugged him and told him that you were going to get everything ready. You were about to leave for the room but he hugged you from behind and told you that everything was already ready. You told the guards that had to stay :( sorry and that she wishes that they could come along. They fucking loved you. The guards who went along with the chief of security had their bags ready and everything. Because they knew…. they were able to sorta enjoy this mini vacation.

-When you two got there..people were waiting outside to greet the two of you. You guys proceed to head to the presidential suite. You told the guards to take turns sleeping and enjoying the resort. The guards fucking loved you have I mention? They wouldn’t hesitate taking a bullet for you. When you entered the suite you ran to the balcony to look out doors. You were in awe you had to.. YOU JUST HAVE TO GO NOW. You went back inside and Jumin was already in shorts ready to go and he gently threw a swimsuit towards you. You notice it wasn’t your usual dress swimsuit. It was a real bikini one. You looked at Jumin shook. He should know how you feel about this. “You look sexy kitten trust me. It’s going to be only us two it’s a private beach! Please baby pleaaaaseee wear this for daddy ?” He pouted :3 JESUS CHRIST WHEN JUMIN HAN CALLS HIMSELF DADDY WHEN YALL NOT FUCKING IT’S A SERIOUS DEAL. You rolled your eyes and he knew he won >:D.

-You PUT it on and JESUS CHRIST the bikini was beautiful and he went closer to you and wrapped his arns around you tenderly. You flicked his nose “ last one there is going to be submissive” and YOU FUCKING RAN. YOU WERE LIKE RUN FOREST RUN. You ran past some of the guards who were waiting by the elevator “ PUSH THE FUCKING BUTTON PLEASE AND STAAALLLL HIM” they loved moments like these >:3. They pushed the button and you pressed the closed door and you saw Jumin running to Stop the door from closing but a guard was like Mr. Han wait she took the stairs. Jumin knew that wasn’t you because who the fuck like taking stairs. He heard you laugh when the door closed and he took the stairs. He went down 13 flights of stairs quickly and then went to the elevator and pressed the button and when it opened you were shook. He was sweaty and had a smirk on his face. When the elevator hit the 1st floor. You pushed him to the far corner of the elevator and ran for it. He obviously caught up to you and picked you up and had you over his shoulder laughing. You two finally reached the beach and he put you down gently and kissed you. He loved seeing you smile because it made him feel warm inside.

-The other guards were patrolling the area to make sure there were no intruders in Mr. Hans resort. You waved at them and they waved back. You ran to the ocean till you heard a group of girls calling for you. You looked around and you saw a group of girls with their boyfriends. You knew they were making fun of you and it hurt so much. “ Wow I didn’t know fat people like you actually have Bikinis made for them. Sweetie 2 piece are only made for us skinny people.” She laughed. “ Yeah whoever told you that you actually looked decent lied to your fucking face because god *he closed his eyes* you would even make a blind man cringe in disgust”. Tears were rolling down your face so quickly. You just wanted to have a good time but this THIS group had to ruin everything. You turned back and you saw mad fucking men. Jumin was giving death glares to the man who was harassing you. The 3 guards on his each side of him was ready to fucking attack because no one messes with you ESPECIALLY CAUSE YOU WERE SO NICE AND LOVING TO THEM. Jumin slowly walked to the guy and looked down on him “ you really think you’re a big shot aren’t you. News flash. You ain’t shit *looked at the female who made fun of you * and you ain’t shit. Now if you would excuse me *HE FUCKING PUNCH THE GUY AND HE WAS K/O WITH ONE FUCKING PUNCH. Jumin had a serious face “ attack now.” THE GUARDS WERE UNLEASHED AND THEY FCKING CHASED AND BEAT DOWN THE OTHER MALES. Jumin picked up you and took you to the ocean. He whispered words of love and care into your ear until you started to believe them again.


-Yoosung joined the coffee club and he actually participated in every single event :’D. He was amazing at making coffee now thanks to Jaehee help. You loved it because every time you woke up, there was always a different smell lingering throughout the apartment. You loved it but in the beginning it was nasty smells because POOR BABY WAS WAS WAASSS JUST EXPERIMENTING. But after months of patients and LOVE, he became really good at it. For Christmas one year, jaehee bought him a coffee making set and you bought him all the ingredients he needed. He cried so hard because you always believed in him from the very beginning. He always told you that you were his inspiration for trying to make the best coffee in the world.

-So slowly, yoosung was climbing thru the ranks of the coffee club and ended up Vice President :’D. When he was announced that he was chosen to be Vice President, he was being manly and told them that they will always make amazing coffee. When the both of you got home, HE TACKLED YOU AND HUGGED YOU AND CRIED. POOR BABY. Yoosung being Vice President actually made the coffee club more fun because there were always bonding activities. You always refused to go and told him to spend time with his friends and that you were gonna stay home and continue studying. He was hesitant that something was wrong but being the theater major that you are, you convinced him that nothing was wrong :).

-However, you promised him to go to one event and that he better chose it good. You thought he forgot about it but one day he came SCREAMING into the building and you heard him all the way up from the 3rd floor. JESUS he was that loud. “ BAAAABBBBBYYY BAABABBABAYYYYYY I HAVE NEEEWWSS  FOR YOU!!” You heard him singing baby and oh god what is it now. He kicked the door open and he was in flip flops and shorts with an LOL tank top. “ BABE GET READY WE ARE HEADING TO THE BEACH. THIS IS MY EVENT OF CHOOSING LETS GO” He said with a grin. You heard him breathing heavily and you were thinking, did he really ran all the way to the house from campus. Dear god he was serious. You went to the bedroom and changed into your two piece that can be mistaken for a swim dress but it wasn’t. You then put regular clothes over and ready to go face the beach with a fake smile :(. When you were on the club bus to head to the beach he notice that you didn’t have a real smile on your face and he asked what’s wrong and you just shook it off and said nothing that you were worrying about an assignment. HE BLAMED HIMSELF FOR DRAGGING YOU THERE. HE EVEN TOLD YOU HE WILL PRACTICE LINES WITH YOU AND EVERYTHING TO MAKE UP FOR THE SUDDEN ADVENTURE. You gave him one of your famous smiles and he kissed your forehead. If only he knew….

-You guys arrived at the beach and you wanted to just say sitting on the bench. You saw the rest of the members taking of their clothes to be just with their swim suits, running to the ocean. You wish you had the confidence to do that. Yoosung took of his tank top and and was ready to run for it but he saw that you weren’t moving. He went closer to you and you know you had to do it before he started worrying again. You took of the clothes and were just in your swimsuit and his nose started to bleed. He always believed you were a thick goddess made just for him. You cleaned his nose with your shirt. He grabbed your hand and made you run with him. You were starting to enjoy yourself because your boyfriend was laughing and his laugh made you smile. You guys made it to the water and jumped in. You were having a blast till….. “DAMN FAT ASS YOU CAUGHT US OFF GUARD. YOU CREATED AN EXTRA WAVE.” they laughed while pointing at you. Yoosung notice and he looked at you and everything clicked for him.

-”EVERYONE A WHALE IS IN SHORE OH MY GOD EVERYONE BE CAREFUL WE MIGHT GET A TSUNAMI.” The group of jerks continued to laugh. Tears were forming in your eyes and you grabbed yoosung hands and tried dragging him away. He took his hand away from you and you saw his eyes were dark purple. Oh shit. The man as come out. He ran there like a fucking bull and jumped onto the guy and was destroying him. The guys friends were calling 911 because yoosung was going animalistic. The police came and it took 4 officers to get yoosung off the guy. Yoosung was yelling and him and you were crying. You were a mess. You called Jumin because you needed help bailing yoosung out of jail. Jumin picked you up 3 mins after you called him and followed the police car to jail. Before they were going to book him, Jumin put a briefcase down and pushed the button to open it. There was 2 millions dollars in that suitcase and they let yoosung go without booking him. Jumin gave the two of you a ride in his limo back to his apartment and he asked what in the world happened. You told him with tears in your eyes and he looked at yoosung and gave him a smirk. He told him that he was proud. you guys got home and you gave him the biggest hug and told him thank you. He cried.

Jaehee *she is gonna be short*

-You guys were set to go on a date on the beach. She knew your insecurities but she didn’t give a fuck what other people said because she loved you and your thick self. So to make compromise with you because she wanted you to have a good time and be comfortable, it was suppose to happen around 7:30.

-you decided to meet her there because she wanted to go early and prepare everything. She wanted everything to be romantic. So since you knew there were going to be few people there are the beach, you decided to wear a bikini and you wore a dress over it. You were excited to go see the love of your life :’D

-you arrived at the beach and now you were just looking for the tower she texted you to arrive at. You were walking on the sand heading your way over to the tower. Fuck. You saw a group of college students having a bonfire. Shit they are drinking. You start to pick up the pace hoping PRAYING they won’t notice you. Sadly, god was busy taking other people’s request. “HEY DONUT WHY DON’T YOU COME OVER HERE AND LET US ROAST YOUR FATASS”. His other friend “ YEAH I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU HAVE TO USE CURTAIN DRAPES AS CLOTHES” she laughed evilly. God you wanted to cry but you kept walking. But then the bitch who told you about using curtains as clothes followed you calling you names. You wanted it to stop. You wanted to find jaehee. You started to run and the BITCH was running after you calling you names. You kept running faster until you heard a thud behind you. You decided to stop running and you looked back. You saw your girlfriend kicking her fucking ass. She dislocated her shoulder and broke her nose. She got sand and threw it to her face and then Jaehee spit on her.

-She walked over to you and hugged you and kissed your lips gently and then went towards your neck and gave it little nibbles. She loved you for who you are and she kissed you again while gripping your thighs.

Saeyoung: *he is gonna be short as well*

-You guys finally decided to get out of the house for once. You both wanted fresh air and he insisted on going to the beach and you told him no. You wanted to go to the mountains. He told you no. He said beach. You said mountains. But you felt bad because he really wanted to go to the beach and you weren’t going to let your DAMN insecurity keeping you from having a good time. You finally said yes and he grabbed your hips and pulled you towards him for a deep kiss. He gripped your ass and you guys had a quickie. Lol.

-You guys took a shower together a quick one and got ready. You were putting on a swim suit dress and he shakes his head. He made you put on a bikini because he believed that you had the sexiest body ever. You blushed because he looked at you with hunger. You put a shirt and a skirt over it so you can go out in public normal. He got ready as well and it was off to the beach !

-When you guys got there he notice the sand was really hot. Like burning hot and he didn’t want your feet to get blisters. So he told you to hop on his back and that he was going to carry you till you guys got to the squishy sand. He notice that you were hesitating so he just picked you up bridal style and gave you a smirk. He was strolling by the volleyball court and you were nervous. He were hiding your face between your hands. He told you that he wasn’t going to let you fall but oh boy. That was the last thing you were thinking. You notice that two men were laughing and pointing at you and you were guessing your boyfriend didn’t notice. Damn how you wanted him to move faster. WHY WAS HE BEING SO SLOW. “Hey bud!! Red head” one of them yelled. Saeyoung turned around to face them “ yeah what is it?”he said with a blank expression. “ do you need help with carrying the heavy load” his friends were laughing. Saeyoung put you down kissed your foreheads and smiled. He went over and basically made the guy lose 2 teeth. He then looked for his wallet and destroyed everything of his and his family and his friends when you two got home. He left them bankrupt. He put them as felons. You name it he already did it. He wasn’t going to let a fuck boy hurt his goddess shit. You two still HE a nice time at the beach tho C:


-you two were already at the pier. Both of you guys finished your bi weekly appointment of therapy. He was slowly going back into society. You loved him so much. He was in love with you and he believed he owed his life to you. Therapy was always interesting because the session was suppose to be about him but someone he made it about the both of you. So it was like couples therapy. You were annoyed at first but then Saeran said the both of you should become better people. When he notice how much you hate yourself because you categorize yourself as “ fat” he knew he had to change your mind. No matter how many times he called you beautiful, you didn’t pay attention to him.

-That’s when he started talking about your insecurities and how it affects him because he gets so flabbergasted that an angel sent from the heaven above… Hates herself. The therapy was good for each individual but it made the relationship stronger. You guys were able to communicate more and everything. The love was amazing, the sex was phenomenal, the communication was great, life was perfect for him. He started to call saeyoung brother and not idiot brother. Everything was going good C:   

-You guys were eating ice cream on the pier enjoying each other’s presence and the sounds of the wave crashing onto the sand. He looked at you so lovingly as if he was admiring the work of art. “Pecan *YES HE CALLS YOU AFTER AN ICE CREAM FLAVOR* can we go down to the beach?” He said softly. You got up and cleaned your mouth and cleaned his *HE WAS BLUSHING MY POOR HUSBAND* and went your way down to the beach.

-You took off your sandals and he took of his shoes and rolled up pants. You were wearing shorts so you were good. You guys strolled down the whole beach with the water reaching up to your ankles. You felt so happy. So truly happy. You saw this old couple and you asked if they were nice enough to take pictures for they both of you and they happily obliged. You guys had a little photo shoot and each and every single picture was of the both of you smiling and kissing. The couple prayed that you will last until the both of you reached the heaven above. Everything was perfect. Until you saw a man pointing at you and laughing. He came closer and you were waiting for him to say something mean. You closed your eyes waiting to hear the poison entering your brain. But. Nothing. FUCKING. Happened. You opened your eyes and saw the guy looking a bit nervous. He then proceeded to tell you that you were very beautiful and that you guys look like an amazing couple. He then ran off and you looked at Saeran and before he could change his facial expression he had his death glare on. Then he changed into a smile and kissed you and smacked your ass lightly. You laughed and he did too and you continue walking with him hand in hand


RFA: First Date Headcanons

more rfa shenanigans 


  • “Hey, MC,” he called you up a day after the party. “We haven’t really gone on our first proper date, have we? What do you say, wanna go have lunch at the park?”
  • “Sure, Yoosung. I’d love to!”
  • “How about I get you at 11:00am?”
  • “Sounds good! See you then babe!” *click*
  • His face is all red
  • Turns out Zen was in the room and he wrote on a bunch of flashcards on what to say. Yoosung skipped the “intro cards,” much to Zen’s dismay
  • You set out your favorite casual outfit, and Yoosung decided to just wear his usual attire.
  • Luckily, Rika’s apartment (well, yours now)was a 15 minute walk from the park.
  • He greeted you, sparkly as ever. He offered his free arm and you took it
  • You chose a spot on a little hill, right beneath a big tree
  • You helped him lay out the checkered blanket and you both enjoyed some sandwiches and soda.
  • You guys talked about anything and everything, staying for a good 5 hours.
  • His hand was inching closer to yours
  • ….and then Saeyoung jumped down from the tree
  • “OMG! My little baby Yoosung all grown up!” he wipes a tear from his eye and snaps pictures of you guys.
  • Text message to: 707
    • Hey, Seven, can you send me those photos?
    • Haha what? I thought you were too embarrassed
    • I wasn’t just send them to me!
    • Fiiinnne. You drive a hard burger *exasperated emoji*
    • If u know that reference, i<3
  • Yoosung recives exactly 707 photos, most of them blurry


  • He takes you to one of his opening night performances
  • You were slightly disappointed because other girls would be fawning over him more than usual, but you tried to have a good time.
  • Zen had picked you up with red roses and brought you to the best seat in the house.
  • Well, not best view, but the best view of him
  • He’d casually wink at you each time he went to go back stage
  • “How was it babe? I was great wasn’t I?”
  • “Yeah, Zen! Fantastic!”
  • “Awe, what’s wrong?”
  • “Oh, nothing nothing! You were handsome as usual! And that passion! I wish I was her,” you sighed.
  • “Oh you do, do you?” His fingers ghosted on the small of your back. “Are you sure? She doesn’t get to have me like you do.”
  • *blushing intensifies*
  • “Show me more then,” you stammered
  • “Babe! It’s only our first date. I have more class than that! But the beast…it’s being unleashed!” he dramatically sighed.
  • When he brought you home, he gave you a kiss on the hand and begged to stay the night for cuddles


  • You treat her for a nice date at a cafe.
  • It’s a little ways away, so she’s surprised at how you found it
  • You told her you had gotten lost and wound up there asking for directions
  • Squabbles on who actually pays for the food
  • You listen to every complaint she has about jumin and all the little things
  • It was very lowkey, you both didn’t like over-the-top things
  • It actually becomes a regular for you two, and the baristas always know your orders
  • They’re always happy to give advice for her own cafe
  • All the people around you gushing about being “gal-pals”
  • “I’m gay, goddammit.”


  • Fancy fancy fancy fancy
  • Brings elizabeth the 3rd too
  • Brings you to the 2nd most fancy restaurant
  • “Oh, I wish they had some carne asada actually.”
  • He leans over to his bodyguard: “get some stat! My woman needs that! Whatever it is…”
  • “Sorry, did you just say you don’t know what those are? Waitress, cancel those orders! We must treat the poor uncultured baby!”
  • You drag him out of the resturant and bring him to your favorite taco stand
  • “Yes, I’m ready to order…I’d like two of these and some chips and guac and some sodas, please!”
  • He’s already pulling out $100’s
  • “Love, they don’t accept those bills. They’re too large.”
  • “What do you mean? This is all I’ve got.”
  • “It’s okay. I’ll treat us.”
  • “Uh, no, the gentleman has to pay for the lady’s food.”
  • “It’s already done.”
  • He really enjoys this commoner’s food
  • Next, you’ll have to get him to try instant coffee
  • elizabeth does not like the mexican food


  • You guys decide to rob a bank
  • Thats it
  • Its 2:00am and ya’ll are decked out in black from head to toe
  • It’s pretty fun
  • Until you hear the sirens


  • He can’t see well but he still takes you to his favourite art museum.
  • Many of his photographs are on display in the photography section
  • Surprise surprise, a couple of them are of you


  • “Get home by 10:00pm, kiddies! Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!” Saeyoung sends you off with a wave
  • Very awkward
  • He takes you to the theatre
  • He takes you to a scary movie
  • He tries to do that yawn-arm-side-hug-thing
  • Tbh saeyoung told him to do it
  • He didn’t know why
  • You noticed and were laughing so hard you had to actually get up and leave
  • “Saeran, what are you doing? That’s so not like you!”
  • He sulks. “My idiot brother told me to do it…”
  • “That’s not you though.”
  • “Don’t worry, we’ll take it slow, okay?”
  • “Yeah.”
  • “You’re so cute.”



Rika’s back and MC gets left

Rika is back and MC gets sick at the same time she feels abandoned. Part 1 (x) | Part 2 (x) | Part 3 (x) | Part 4 (x) | Part 5 (x

  • Everyone was happy to know that Rika did not die and was back to the RFA 
  • At first you were okay with everyone ignoring you because hey, their long time friend was back and you know you couldnt possibly compete with the time they had with her 
  • over the next few days you do start to feel jealous that their main focus is Rika and no one really has talked to you since she came back except for short messages of:

“Hi MC!” “I’m so happy MC…” “Did you eat?” “Oh gotta go, take care!”

  • You know they mean well and are trying to be nice but you can’t help but feel like you were being abandoned so soon 
  • You begin to feel under the weather and decide that maybe the feeling of being jealous isnt helping your health so you decide to go a few days without logging in 
  • Of course, no one really noticed much thinking that you were tired or on break since Rika said she’d take back the job of coordinating the party emails and such
  • Ofc doesnt help that Rika reassures everyone that you’re fine even though she hasnt talked to you at all 
  • When you log in after 3 days you feel utterly hurt that no one really was concerned for you and you feel betrayed:

You gave up ever going back to your home country to stay and help the RFA (pretty stupid idea now)
You lived with a bomb pretending to be okay becuase you didnt want anyone to worry 
You tried your hardest to help everyone deal with their issues because you felt that they would do the same for you 
You felt like you had a home and a family with the RFA after all you all went through together 

  • Out of anger you leave your phone bc you know 707 probably keeps tabs on your from time to time he hasnt talked to you much b/c of a mission & know he’d probably talk to you but you dont wanna bother him and go out for a run
  • You notice you have lost a lot of weight and think that maybe you should see a doctor for a check up  you haven’t had one since you moved to Korea 
  • YOu speed up going to the ER when you notice that you started coughing up blood after your run
  • Since no one has asked about you, you dont say anything and pretend that everything is okay even though you get really happy when someone acknowledges you even if its briefly 
  • “Is there anyone that can come with you to the next appointment MC?” the doctor looks at you somberly and you shake your head explaining that you just moved here and are on your own  
  • He nods and then tells you that your results will be ready for you tomorrow and to come with maybe a friend 
  • Ofc you dont want to worry anyone so you pretend that you’ll ask for someone to go with you
  • You begin to get scared and think maybe you should ask, surely someone would care
  • You log in the chat and see that it is just you and Rika and Jumin 

Jumin: Thank you again for the book. I still haven’t finished it yet, but Elizabeth and I are almost halfway through. 
Rika: Oh don’t worry ^^ I know you’ll finish it eventually!

MC has entered the chatroom. 

MC: Hey guys… 
Rika: How did your meeting go with the president of Honey BUddah Chips? I’m sure 707 and Youngsung will be happy if they can come to the next party ^^
Jumin: Assistant Kang scheduled it for later on this evening. With your encouragement, I’m sure the meeting will go smoothly. I’ll tell them to email you later.
Rika: Why thank me? You’re the one that has to talk to them! All I do is just email them through a screen and not face to face~
Jumin: You’re too modest Rika
MC: guess I’ll come back at a better time then ^^;

MC has left the chatroom.

  • For sure now you know that telling them would be useless
  • So you don’t tell them anything at all.

anonymous asked:

Okay but what are your headcanons about how the RFA, Saeran, Vanderwood and MC are when they get really sick with a cold or the flu? And who is the most likely to come rushing to their aid to help them? (Srry srry that this a lot!)


  • Plays LOLOL almost all day
  • Doesn’t move much
  • Calls his mom and asks her what to do
  • She usually ends up coming over and taking care of him.


  • He never gets sick.
  • If he does, it’s not for long.
  • His fans send him all kinds of get well gifts
  • His super human healing ability gets him back on his feet within two days.


  • She just doesn’t get sick.
  • Never.
  • Got too much shit to do for that.
  • If she does, she watches Zen DVDs all day.


  • Calls his doctors
  • Has the best help care for him
  • Elizabeth III loves it
  • It means cuddle time with her daddy
  • V usually comes over to keep him company.


  • Turns into a Blanket Burrito
  • Can never figure out why he gets sick
  • Totally not his lack of sleep
  • Or diet of Honey Buddha Chips and PhD Pepper
  • MC takes care of him
  • He doesn’t want her to get sick
  • They both end up sick and cuddle
  • Saeran and Vanderwood have to take care of the two.


  • Miserable
  • Gets sick a lot due to his weak immune system
  • Almost like a completely different person
  • Very clingy
  • Saeyoung secretly loves it because he acts like when they were younger
  • Eats all the icecream.


  • Nope.
  • Nope nope nope.
  • They don’t do sick.
  • It means they get all sweaty and weak
  • Also means they can’t keep Saeyoung from making the bunker a mess
  • Or clean up said mess
  • Saeyoung tries to take care of them
  • Ended up being tased for dressing up like a nurse
  • MC and Elise took over from there


  • If you gets sick
  • The entire RFA shows up at your house.
  • Jumin gets the best doctors (and brings Elizabeth III),
  • Yoosung brings over tons of games,
  • Jaehee becomes Mama Jaehee and makes sure you has soup and tea,
  • Zen keeps you company,
  • Saeyoung cuddles you and makes you laugh,
  • Saeran watches over you at night to make sure you don’t get any worse (totally not because he cares about you or anything)
  • Vanderwood cleans up your house so it’s not a total mess when you recover
Request that MC is an ice skater and RFA reactions of seeing her perform

this request was made bye @soccergirl4471 :) 

HELLO EVERYONE MOD SAERAN HERE :D i refused that nothing was going to be posted up today so i got the energy to post up this short HC :) enjoooyy~~

Jumin: *song only exception by paramore”

-You told Jumin that you wanted to perform something for him. He was a tad bit curious, but he happily went because you told him that he could bring Elizabeth 3rd.

-He was about to wear loose commoner clothes but you mention that he can wear his fancy warm clothes. Okay…. no commoner clothes…..he has to make Elizabeth wear a sweater…… HE WAS WORRIED TBH. HE THINKS YOU WERE TAKING HIM TO ALASKA. He was about to call Driver Kim but you told him no to that as well because you were going to drive. He saw you wearing only a trench coat and carrying a gym bag loosely on your shoulder.

-The ride was about 30 mins and you were singing a song happily. He was recording you but this poor man videos even come out blurry. How is that possible ????? Who knows, but you love the man anyway!! :) you guys got to the skating rink and NOOO HIS KITTEN IS IS AN ICE SKATER. He sat down and put Elizabeth 3rd next to him. He patted her and waited for you to get out of the locker room. He saw you in a beautiful tight black dress. You made Aphrodite look like a potato. You did a warm up around the rink and then he leaned over a bit to get a better view of you. You skated to him and grabbed his coat and pulled him towards you. You were forehead to forehead “ don’t ever take your eyes off me” (YAAAS YURI YAAAAS). You did your short performance and he was in awe. He was speechless because you were an ice goddess. He never seen someone so beautiful and graceful. He fell in love more.


-He was working on coding as usual and you wanted to surprise him with a cute quick break :) you blindfolded him and he trusted you. You helped him get in one of his babies and you drove to the ice skating rink.

-When you guys arrived, you gently took off the blindfold and kissed his cheek. He smiled and you put on his glasses for him and flicked his nose cheerfully. You grabbed his hand and guided his way to the inside. He was looking around in awe wondering if you were a figure skater. You led him to a private rink and sat him down. You gave him a cheerful smile and he was LIKE OH MY GOD IS SHE GONNA PERFORM FOR ME.

-After waiting 10 mins, THERE WAS GODDESS 606. He wanted to cry because your dress was dark navy with little diamond beads around it. You looked like the night sky. HE WAS ALREADY GETTING EMOTIONAL. You played the song “ Thousand Years by Christina Perri” and you looked at him and gave him a warm smile. He had tears in his eyes because you were flying. You were in your natural element. You were performing your heart and soul out for him because you trusted him and loved him. After your performance was done and tried running to you but he kept falling on the ice. You skated to him and hugged him <3


-this performance GOD had seen it all. Rarely anything ever shook him. When his other colleagues win awards or did a performance, he just faked the whole emotion. He was losing his muse and you didn’t really know what to do. So you decided to show Zen something that you have never really shown anyone before.

-God you were nervous….. what if he just faked the emotion with you because you were his girlfriend. No. girl. You gotta be strong. You gonna skate your heart out. So you texted him an address and time and simply said “Be there.”

-You put on a red dress and went outside to the rink hoping he was already sitting on the stands. You were calming your anxiety and was ready to go out. You walked out and saw him skating around the rink. When he saw you he was internally shook. He thought it was going to be a cute little date but he didn’t know you were going to come out like that. He skated over to you and kissed you. You smiled and dragged him gently to the middle of the rink. You played “Katy Perrys: Rise” and performed your heart out. You were basically skating with your eyes close. Zen felt very emotional because all the feelings he had of numbness were going away. You broke the ice around him. When you were done he skated to you and thanked you like never before.


-This POOR BABY. She was so stressed out from all the bullshit work that Jumin have her. You decided that she needed to treat herself. So you planned this beautiful day for her.

-In the morning, you two stayed in bed and drank coffee together :) you then gave her an amazing massage and she swore she was in heaven. After you two went to the mall and got cute outfits for your date. She was wondering why you picked out a semi warm outfit.

-You took her to get frozen ice cream and she was enjoying her time. Then it was time for the grand finale :) you took her to a different city skating rink and she was highly curious of why you brought her there. She didn’t know how to skate so she was assuming something spontaneous. You two walked in and everything was greeting you so she thought you were a regular. You told her to go inside and to sky closest to the rink. You later came out and saw was in awe of how beautiful you were. You played “Miley Cyrus: Adore you” and she was in tears with how beautiful you skated. She was clapping so hard whenever you landed a stunt. She was your biggest fan. When you were done she thanked you for letting her see you in your natural realm.


-this poor baby was stressed. He had so many assignments to do D: all he wanted to do is stay home and forget about the world and finished their shit ( THIS POOR BABY IS ME RIGHT NOW I FEEL HIM SO MUCH). But you weren’t gonna let that happen. This baby needed to smile and not cry and stress. So you had a plan.

-you got an outfit ready for him and he was so confused. But he loved it because he knew he was gonna go somewhere fun. He loves surprises C:  you then took him to the skating rink and he was thinking you guys were gonna skate together like a cute couple. But nope. You told him to sit and enjoy like the precious man he is. He did what you said THIS MAN I LOVE HIM.

-He was waiting for you to come back inside till he heard the LOL theme song playing. He then saw you coming out with an LOL inspired dress and he was shook. He was beyond shook. His pants were getting too tight. His emotions were everywhere. Then your performance started and he was screaming/crying and clapping like the little seal he is. He then put skates on himself and tried skating to you but he almost ate shit :(. You skated to him quickly and grabbed his hand and guided him around. He was screaming how much he was in love with you.

RFA finding out MC is only eating junk food

***May or may not have been inspired by the fact that I’ve been eating sO MUCH CANDY SINCE HALLOWEEN AND RFA WOULD BE S O DISAPPOINTED IN ME IM SORRY


-he would be so disappointed
-maybe guilt trip you a lil
-“MC you know I like girls who eat well…”
-“I know….”
-would try to cook for you
-..until he realizes there’s literally n o t h i n g
but beer and water in his pantry
-you tag along
-he has to keep you from throwing a bunch of junk food in the cart
-grocery trip success!
-Zen cooking…not so much
-eventually he just gives up
-“let’s just get some goldfish shaped buns”


-He would cook for you
-it would probably look like shit
-but it would still taste good
-that’s all that matters
-he cooks for you whenever you so much as try to skip a meal
-which is pretty often
-he cares about your eating habits more than you do tbh
-eventually he joins the cooking club again
-his meals improve GREATLY
-you lowkey skip meals more often just so he can cook for you
-he catches on eventually
-“MC you know you could just ask me to cook for you right?”
-he teaches you to cook too
-Master Chef Yoosung and MC in the house


-ho boy
-this is RFA Mom™ we’re talking about
-she would give you a proper scolding
-even though she mainly eats takeout what a hypocrite
-would then proceed to feed you properly
-either by cooking for you or talking Jumin into letting one of his chefs cook for you
-makes sure you eat properly from then on
-as if she didn’t already
-you get on her case about eating too tbh
-“don’t worry about me MC I’m fine”
-“i’M FINE”
-“…..omg you sound like Zen rn”
-whoops sorrynotsorry
-you take turns cooking and get better together


-he gets his best chefs to cook a WELL BALANCED MEAL for you
-pretty much all your meals are cooked by his chefs from then on
-“Jumin it’s fine I’m capable of cooking by myself-”
-“No, you must make sure your meals are well balanced and healthy.”
-chefs need breaks too tho
-so when they have a day off Jumin attempts cooking for you
-key word: attempts
-poor bby he’s trying so hard
- Mista Trust Fund Kid has never cooked a day in his life
-20 minutes and one near death experience later he just decides to take you to a restaurant
-“Really Jumin, I could’ve just cooked….”


-*laughs while eating Honey Buddha Chips and drinking Ph. D. Pepper*
-both of you are so unhealthy omg
-how are you still alive

anonymous asked:

can I request the RFA reacting to someone drunkenly kissing MC when they're out at a bar or something? thank you!!

Of course, anon! Here you go~


RFA reacts to MC being randomly kissed by a drunk stranger


  • Friday night means social night
  • So Yoosung takes you with him when he goes drinking with his colleagues.
  • You don’t drink because you know how Yoosung is when he gets drunk
  • Also, you have to drive to get home.
  • The evening starts with everyone discussing about work and then moving on to random topics
  • Yoosung’s mood was beginning to loosen up and you could tell that it was almost time to go home
  • However, the guy to your left was too
  • He suddenly grabs and kisses you on the lips
  • Yoosung quickly jerks you away from him
  • “MC IS MINE,“ he firmly states, hugging you close to him, giving the guy an icy stare that scared even you.
  • That scary mood change makes everyone sober up
  • You now find yourself sitting between Yoosung and the wall whenever he takes you with him on Fridays
  • And everyone now knows not to make random moves on you for fear of him


  • The last day of the musical was a success, and the cast members were celebrating at the after party.
  • You were sitting in the corner, watching Zen horse around with his friends
  • An unfamiliar person sits beside you and strikes up a conversation
  • However, you notice that he’s been edging closer to you
  • And you’ve been trying to edge away too, much to your chagrin
  • “Aw, don’t be like that, pretty. I just want to be friends,“ but then he puts an arm around you and the other on one of your legs
  • You want to scream for Zen, but he’s nowhere in sight
  • You try so hard to keep your face away from him as he tries to kiss you
  • Zenpleasecometheresacreepomgidkwhattodoasdfghjkl
  • (Biker gang) Zen to the rescue!
  • He jerks the guy violently away from you and proceeds to punch him a couple of times until his co-actors pull him away from the guy
  • “Are you alright, MC? I’m sorry I wasn’t around, you must’ve been so scared,“ he says worriedly
  • “I’m fine now Zenny,“ but you grip his sleeve tightly since you’re still a little shook from the experience
  • You leave the party earlier than expected, and Zen spends the night comforting you
  • You both find out that the creep was one of the producers who was famous for harassing women when he gets drunk during after parties
  • The whole RFA gets wind of this, and… let’s just say that that guy suddenly had a string of problems and was never heard of again
  • Zen now makes sure to keep you constantly in his line of sight whenever you attend the after parties if at all


  • You girls decide to go on a night out after a busy week at the cafe
  • All the booths were occupied, so you opt to stay at the bar
  • The both of you were in the middle of an interesting conversation when a group of four drunk guys suddenly join you, sitting on either side of you and sandwiching the two of you in between
  • “So, what brings such gorgeous ladies to the bar at this time, hmm?“
  • You squirm uncomfortably in your seat as one of them puts an arm around you and you try to pry his hands away but are unsuccessful
  • “I suggest you stay away from us before anything dangerous happens to your lot, gentlemen,“ Jaehee warns in a calm, but stern tone
  • Uh oh. You completely recognize that tone as the one Jaehee uses whenever she gets angry.
  • The guy beside you smirks. “And what, may I ask,“ he caresses your cheek and keeps your chin in a firm grip, “would happen to us if we make a move on you, hmm?“ and then he proceeds to kiss you forcefully
  • You try to push him away from you, but he’s too strong for you
  • Jaehee sees red
  • She hits the guy closest to her and throws the other one that was kissing you
  • The other bar goers cheer her on as she beats the crap out of the other guys as you stand at the side in shocked silence
  • The police finally arrives and takes the men away and you both file a report
  • Zen and Seven (and Jumin and Yoosung, on occasion) now comes with the two of you whenever you want to go drinking after a long work week


  • He attends a social function with you in tow.
  • Wine and cocktails everywhere.
  • One of the drunk guests gets close to you and gives you a kiss to Jumin’s dismay.
  • Immediately has his bodyguards remove the offending guest.
  • Tilts your chin up, and gives you a critical stare.
  • “That man has touched you, my love. I must cleanse you from his touch.“
  • You never finish that party, because he hurriedly drags you home.
  • Said cleansing left you with hickeys all over your body, and the inability to move for the next 24 hours.


  • He doesn’t really drink, but you were going for drinks with your friends at a popular bar so he comes along.
  • In the middle of the merry-making, you excuse yourself to go to the restroom alone.
  • However, on your way back to the table, you are surprised when a stranger drunkenly blocks your way and pulls you in for a kiss.
  • You are more surprised when said drunk is violently pulled away from you.
  • “hey, wtf— mmmph“
  • …..!!!!!!
  • You stare in shock as Saeyoung kisses the stranger in front of you.
  • What’s stranger is that said drunk guy actually responds to him so YOU have to pull them apart.
  • You grab his collar and look into his eyes.
  • After the drunk goes his (scared) merry way, you turn to Saeyoung with hands on hips and a raised eyebrow.
  • “What the hell was that for, Saeyoung?“
  • He gently pulls you in for a hug
  • “He stole a kiss from you, so I took it back,“ he says as he kisses your forehead.
  • Do you smell….Alcohol???
  • “Saeyoung, are you drunk?“
  • “Noooope.“
  • You learn later on that your friends made him drink a shot of tequila  and everybody experiences your wrath.



  • You’ve been bugging him to go to a drinking party with you and your old college buddies
  • He reluctantly agrees, so he goes with you with Saeyoung in tow (much to his dismay, but big brother is worried!)
  • They sit on either side of you, so nobody could make a move on you
  • The night starts off peacefully, with everyone talking about their experiences after college over alcoholic drinks and a light dinner.
  • However, as the night dragged on, almost everyone started loosening up because of the alcohol.
  • One of them particularly being courageous and drunk enough to stand up and confess to you
  • “I’VE ALWAYS LOVED YOU, MC!!! PLEASE LET ME KISS YOU!” he drunkenly shouts, and makes a dive bomb for you, attempting to score a kiss.
  • You are surprised with this declaration so you sit there in stunned silence, but Saeran reacts first and violently pins the guy to the wall while Saeyoung brings you to a safe distance away from him.
  • “Try that again, mister, and you might not just get a bruise the next time,” Saeran dangerously warns, as he twists the guys arms enough to make him scream in pain, but not injure
  • “Saeran, that’s enough,” Saeyoung scolds
  • He lets go of the guy and lets him drop to the floor with a thud, and pulls you away from the party.
  • Your friends now know not to invite that guy if they want you to come along with them, for fear of your boyfriend.


  • You were enjoying a quiet night with him, drinking at a seaside bar
  • When suddenly, a random drunk guy approaches you and kisses you
  • You are shocked, so you couldn’t react right away.
  • V swiftly grabs him and coldly pins him to the ground with his boot
  • He then crouches down to whisper something to the guy, which makes him pee his pants on the spot, apologize, and run away.
  • The bar manager approaches you and apologizes profusely, making the next round of drink and food free for you.
  • You ask him what he whispered to the guy that made him so scared
  • But he just chuckled and brought your hand to his lips
  • “It’s a secret, sweetheart” and he smiles as he empties his glass and orders another high ball.
  • Nobody messes with a drunk V.
Rika’s back and MC gets left P. 3

Rika is back and MC gets sick at the same time she feels abandoned. Part 1 (x) | Part 2 (x) | Part 3 (x) | Part 4 (x)Part 5 (x)

  • Initially you don’t trust Unknown he did lure you to an apartment that put you in harms way
  • But because of Unknown you met some of the best people before they felt like you werent good enough for them
  • At first you didn’t think his idea would work
  • But the first “trial” made you feel like dying would not only be heaven, it would feel like you were on cloud 9 even if you ended up in hell
  • Plus, Unknown really took to Paco and both got along
  • After a few visits  turned into a few weeks, you no longer had hope that you would ever attend another rfa event with everyone
  • You didn’t pay attention to how close you were to tasting the last lingering lifeline you had
  • All you cared about was that Paco was taken good care of
  • And that you were not feeling anything anymore
  • Whatever Unknown has been giving you, you wanted more…

– Jumin –

  • Jumin was not stupid
  • Emotions were all that clouded what was happening
  • He knew that everyone tended to be more sentimental than rational and that he may be seen as heartless and cold
  • But he was not stupid
  • At first Jumin didn’t find it off that Rika wasn’t the slightest concerned with MC bc maybe they have been talking in private
  • But after Jahee brought it up to him that she was concerned, he had to verify
  • He checked on the CCTV that showed MC’S apartment hallway when he showed her the building he didn’t tell her it was owned by him and that’s why it was cheaper for her and convenient for him to look after her which he hasn’t since Rika came back
  • He didn’t notice anything odd
  • It just looked like MC was a creature of habit; every day taking her dog out walking early and in the afternoon, leaving daily for work, and most of all
  • MC looked healthy
  • But something didn’t feel right

Jumin has entered the chatroom.
Jumin: MC When you see this, please call me.
Rika has entered the chatroom.
Rika: Is something the matter?
Jumin: No, I just needed to ask MC for her opinion on something.
Rika: Well, since I now handle emails and the party, why don’t you ask me? ^^
Jumin: It’s for something else, I’m sorry Rika.
Rika: Oh. I see. Well, hopefully MC logs in soon! I haven’t heard from them in a while.
Jumin: I thought you said you talked to her recently when Assistant Kang interrupted us during lunch?
Rika: Oh yes! I did, I forgot. Sorry~!;;
Jumin: I see. I must go now. Enjoy the rest of your day Rika.
Rika: Thank you, you too! ^^
Jumin has left the chatroom.

  • Jumin wasn’t convinced anymore
  • He would have to ask Seven to look into this when he came back from wherever he went
  • For now he’d have to do this alone
  • Jumin left the office, telling Assistant Kang to reschedule the days meetings for another day
  • He had Driver Kim take him to the apartment building MC was living in
  • He walked past the bellhop boy and made his way to MC’s door: 606
  • He knocked repeatedly with no response
  • Was she at work? No, too early… Did she take that animal for a walk?
  • He got tired of waiting and went to see the building manager and requested for the room access code to 606

But sir; no one lives there anymore. I thought you knew?
-What do you mean no one lives there? Where is MC?
Please, calm down sir. We only did what was said
-What was said? By whom?
By you. You were the one who requested that it be vacated as soon as possible. The previous owner left about a month ago…

  • Had it really been that long since MC last spoke to any of us? Why didn’t I notice?
  • Jumin panicked; if MC wasnt there, where was she?

– Unknown –

  • Unknown was only doing what he was told to do
  • He didn’t harbor any resentment towards MC, well not anymore
  • Maybe it was watching someone so sick slowly deteriorate that Unknown became more sympathetic towards her
  • Or maybe it was the dog
  • His Savior told him that by getting rid of MC, everything else would fall into place
  • Since he was sure the Savior would let MC go to Paradise first, he didn’t feel all too guilty
  • So of course, Unknown did it all for Paradise

– 707 –

707 has entered the chatroom.
Rika: Hello Seven, how was your trip? ^^
707: I didn’t even get to go and play in the ocean. Vanderwood had me on a tight leash ;;
Rika: At least she’s looking out for you! You should really listen to her~
707: …but I wanted to swim until I couldn’t! There’s no water in space. Well, not a lot like the ocean. Ah, Vanderwood caught me slacking off.
Rika: Focus on your work Seven, but also relax every once in awhile ^^
707: 707 will take your words into consideration..  MAYBE I SHOULD TAKE ANOTHER VACATION LOLOL! byyyyeee
707 has left the chatroom.

  • It felt strange and lonely without MC
  • Seven didn’t know if he should consult V and Rika with what Jumin told him
  • He should though because V was supposed to be the one person he could count on
  • But when Jumin asked for no one to know about this, not even V or Rika, he became concerned
  • What if MC really is in danger? But Rika said she was fine… unless she lied…
  • Seven got the videos from the apartment building and found that the videos had been tampered
  • He went back to when the tampering began taking him back to 2 months ago
  • Had I been gone that long trying to get into Russia?
  • The last two videos that didn’t look tampered with happened to be the video of MC going for a run
  • After that all later videos were edited
  • Looking at the time stamp Seven tried to find the GPS history of her phone
  • But she left it in the apartment
  • Seven looked through the GPS history and only one time did something not follow her normal schedule
  • She went to the hospital a day after the video of MC going for a run
  • Did she get hurt?
  • Seven tried to see if there was any way to see where MC was
  • But she was gone
  • her phone was gone, the GPS wasn’t there; MC was no longer in the technological world where Seven could find her
  • Dammit!
  • Seven looked at the robot cat he worked on for MC
  • “Master doesn’t seem happy meow~ why aren’t you happy? Master is scared~”

– Unknown –

  • It was almost too easy for MC to disappear
  • The doctor she saw was a member of Mystic Eye
  • on orders by the Savior, he gave his files and anything with MC to Unknown who would be sure to destroy all traces of her
  • Unknown cleared his computer files that belonged to MC and all records of her visiting this hospital
  • Unknown cleared all videos of the doctor going into stores to buy things for MC and Paco
  • But looking at how MC still smiled at Unknown despite his intentions, his heart swelled
  • Don’t look at me like that!
  • “Is something the matter Unknown?”
  • No; he couldn’t get mad at her
  • towards the RFA he could
  • They were to blame for her getting so sick
  • they left her alone, tossing her to the side as if she were a used toy that everyone got bored of
  • they didnt even seem to care that she had been missing for over a month now 
  • they dont deserve her 
  • they never did
  • Call me Saeran, we should be on first name bases now
  • “If you say so Saeran” MC smiled, then coughed, leaning over the side of the bed to dry heave into the bucket Saeran left for her
  • Paco whimpered, expressing what Saeran felt

– 707 –

  • When he looked into the computer files of the hospital MC was at, he didn’t find anything
  • He even looked for people that would fit MC’S description and still, nada
  • Seven second guessed himself, maybe MC didn’t go to the hospital but probably took someone?
  • He almost gave up until he found a backdoor that had one message:

She’s terminally ill. You all should have looked after her better. -Unknown

– Jumin –

  • Jumin felt guilty, shame, and resentment
  • Guilty that they pushed MC away when she probably needed them the most
  • Shame that he promised he’d look after her breaking the promise when Rika came back
  • Resentment that MC didn’t try harder to get help
  • Jumin knew he had to tell the other RFA members
  • But because how much it revolves around Rika’s return, he didn’t want her to feel at fault …

Maybe she had something to do with this?
Don’t be impossible, it’s Rika were talking about
She did fake her death though and had us mourning
It was all for RFA’s safety!
From what?

  • Jumin needed wine no something stronger than wine
  • He was doing what he hated and that was letting his feelings cloud his judgment

– 707 –

  • Seven knew
  • He knew MC was still alive with Unknown, he didn’t however know was that she was seriously sick like almost seconds away from forever ceasing to exist 
  • Not until he traced the IP address from that message
  • He hacked into the security cameras in the building where MC was and his heart broke
  • There
  • lying in a bed with a dog, was a thin and sick MC
  • her face hollow and her body weak and feeble
  • But she still smiled
  • She was petting her dog and smiling towards the person who had their back to the camera
  • If that’s Unknown, why is she smiling at him?
  • Oh no
  • Seven looked in horror as MC doubled over, coughing what looked like blood into a bucket while Unknown rubbed her back as if he was supporting her 
  • What did we do to you MC? What did I do to you?  
  • Seven closed his eyes, conjuring the last time he spoke with MC and hearing her smile through the phone as they talked about the moon and space
  • What did we do to you?

anonymous asked:

Would you do RFA + Saeran and Vanderwood's reactions to MC having hiccups in their presence for the first time? If you can't do all the characters that's okay! I totally understand if you don't!! :D

Samantha: Oooooo Elise-

Elise: Shut up I don’t like them.

Samantha: But-

Elise: I will tase you.


  • He was busy playing LOLOL
  • When he suddenly heard a squeak
  • Turning around he sees you covering your mouth as another squeak comes out
  • Do you have
  • Do you have hiccups
  • This boy knows how you feel
  • His hiccups are the worst too
  • So he does everything to help you get rid of them
  • Only for him to get the hiccups when you get rid of them.


  • Oh my god.
  • Did you just hiccup.
  • That is..
  • Literally this albino can’t handle it
  • You’re too cute
  • He hugs you when you pout due to him saying it’s adorable
  • Oh god you’re just so cute.


  • He has never had the hiccups
  • So when you get them,
  • He thinks you’re dying or something.
  • “MC I’ll call the doctor-”
  • “NO JUMIN.”
  • After explaining what the hiccups are, he looks up cures for the hiccups
  • Doesn’t get many of the methods
  • “Eat a spoon of sugar? Won’t that make them worse?”


  • Loves it.
  • Gives him an excuse to scare you.
  • “Did I get rid of your hiccups?”
  • He asks
  • Standing in your closet dressed as Rika
  • You punch him in the face.
  • God he’s an idiot
  • But he’s your idiot.


  • This smol cinnamon is really confused
  • Like he’s never really had hiccups before
  • After you tell him what they are, he tries to help you get rid of them
  • Secretly thinks they are cute.


  • The two of you were watching TV
  • When you suddenly start hiccuping.
  • They are completely caught off guard
  • Like the show is at this really serious moment
  • And when one character opens their mouth
  • All they heard was “Hic!”
  • They look at you and realize you made the sound
  • Will make you some tea and try to help get rid of them.
  • Somehow manages to make them worse
  • Ends up getting them too.
  • You both sit there hiccuping
  • You’re trying not to laugh while they sit there pouting.

anonymous asked:

RFA finding out fem!MC is obsessed with makeup and has tons of it (especially highlighter cos glow af) and is always trying new things out with her look so somedays you can barely recognize her?? sorry if its too specific, I love your blog btw!! :))

anything for you fam :) I hope you like it! I’m really sorry if I made it too short but I have something special coming soon for you all, so I hope you can look forward to it until then! Also~ thank youuuuuu soooo much! 


-He doesn’t really understand at first why you want to wear make up “You’re so pretty, MC.”

-He also doesn’t understand why you have SO MUCH of it

-You have drawers full of eyeliner


-eye shadow like every color imaginable 

-highlighter bc yes. glow af.


-literally just brushes 




-ok lets just say you have A LOT of make up

-Sometimes you’ll walk out looking like a goddess

-and Yoosung is speechless



-He’ll even let you do you little make up sessions on him 

-He will admit it looks pretty good on him sometimes


-Jaehee completely understands you necessity for make up

-but why

-so much?

-You sitting on the floor

-you gigantic case of make up sprawled out in neat piles

-”My mascara, my eye shadow, my concealer, my foundation…”

-Then she saw the kind of things you create 

-”Wow, MC, that’s amazing.”

-Jaehee will literally ask for your opinion on with make up to get

-sometimes you just end up doing all her make up too

-she’s not complaining though

-because as far as she’s concerned

-you are a professional 


-He thinks it’s totally cute when you hum to yourself while doing your make up

-He also thinks it’s totally cute when your shouting at the top of your lungs

-your favorite song 

-while doing your make up

-It may take awhile sometimes more like all the time

-But he understands he is an actor so, he too, uses make up sometimes

-He really likes the finishing product though

-if you know what I mean ;)

-Like “dayummmmmmmm MC”

-”You lookin fiiiiiiiiiiine”

-Ok, but he’d say something along those lines. 

-He thinks you look bootiful

-But he also can’t ignore the buckets full of make up



-”Zen, that’s called an eyelash curler.”

-And you thought he knew everything about make up

-*insert disappointed look*

-But he actually does find it a bit interesting


-mostly because your face lights up whenever he asks you to show him all the “make up tricks”

-Like he could sit for hours watching you talk about “the origin of the make up wipe” …..?

-He’ll brag to all the RFA 

-”Look at MC, isn’t she gorgeous!?”




-”MC, we’re going to be late.”

-You “take forever” getting ready every morning

-”Sorry Jumin! I was applying the last touch of blush!”

-”What so great about make up?”


-You drag him back into the house pent house 

-*Que throat clearing*

-”Make up is one of the many wonders of today. It’s truly a blessing. With out make up..”

-He’s already zoned out

-He looks over your shoulder 

-revealing bags full of make up

-”MC, I think you’re beautiful with or with out make up.”


-”Silly Jumin! I like make up because it’s so fun! You get create beautiful art!”

-Now your pulling over to your make up station

-”Ok, let me just work on magic on that already oh so stunning face of yours.”

-”MC, don’t-”

-But your already started

-He doesn’t really mind all that much when your face get really close as your applying more “highlighter” ??? to his face

-He can smell your perfume you applied

-and he can hear your small little sighs when you “messed up on the wing” ???????

-He squirms when your hair brushes against his face

-And when you needlessly touch his face to blend some of the “eye shadow” ??? you’re applying

-his heart beats really fast

-until he looks in the mirror 

-He looks pretty

-pretty ridiculous 

-and now your bursting out laughing

-but he doesn’t really mind

-this experience was quite 

-satisfying ;)


-You have CABINETS full of make up

-”MC, I could hide all my secrets in all those cabinets”

-You are always touching up your face with a bit of something

-I mean

-He does use make up for certain things





-You’re always talking about this and that

-”And then! Wow! It really works! DEFINITELY keeping this in my notes!”

-But when you laugh at yourself bc you messed up and look terrible

-He can’t help but smile too

-Because your laugh

-Is just so lovely

-And when your turn with a confident look on your face

-and he sees that you look

-absolutely beautiful 

-Of course he says

-”Whoa! Who is this girl I see, staring straight back at me?” 

-and now you two are dancing together

-singing Reflection such nerds 

-bc Disney was your childhood even tho this is in Korea come on ppl i LOVE Mulan it was a great movie ok work with me here I’m also pretty sure there are Disney World’s in Korea too, right?

I hope you liked it!!! Thank youu sooo much for the awesome request! Also sorry for going off on that tangent..;;;;  Anyways~ keep sending those requests in! 


HOW TO SEDUCE THE RFA (+ V and Saeran)

-fuel his ego. he loves it.
-b e p r o v a c a t i v e
-unleash the beast
-typical seduction tactics would work on him
-I mean come on women are his weakness
-play with his hair and he’s all yours
-his neck is probably a very sensitive spot

-talk gamer to him 🎷🎷🎷🎷🎷
-ok in all seriousness though
-it’s pretty much canon that he’s a masochist
-pretty much drag him into the bedroom
-also probably gets turned on by being treated like a pet
-lots of praise, calling him a good boy etc

-is there a way to seduce someone with coffee because
-that’s it
-give this woman her coffee
-also will definitely enjoy very intimate things such as massages etc
-very gentle caresses and such
- if all else fails put on one of Zen’s musicals
-dressing up as Zen or a character he’s played will also probably work tbh

Trust Fund Kid
-kitty lingerie
-also being very submissive
-will respond to “sir”, “master” or “daddy” ofc
-kissing him after you’ve drank some of his fave wine
-the taste of you+the taste of wine=yes
-the whole grabbing him by the tie thing
-*do this with caution as he will be more rough with you if you do
-honestly just show the slightest hint of teasing and he’ll already be on you

Defender of Justice
-seriously kitty lingerie
-what is it with these deep story boys and cats
-talk binary to him 🎷🎷🎷🎷🎷
-if you steal one of the (many) costumes he has lying around he will be on you in .2 seconds
-alternatively make a trail of honey buddha chips leading to the bed and wait
-just whisper dirty things in his ear as he’s working it’ll work trust me on this
-bonus if it’s in another language
-hack your way into his pants

-like Jaehee, likes soft caresses
-unlike most of the others, gentler touch turns him on more than roughness
-is also pretty sensitive to touch so there’s that
-also light kisses
-loves those

-step one: get his attention
-step two: begin seduction
-also enjoys dirty talk like his brother
-sexy outfits are also pretty effective
-definitely into sucking and biting and all that good stuff
-most sensitive around where his neck meets his shoulder/collarbone area

Rika’s back and MC gets left P. 2

Rika is back and MC gets sick at the same time she feels abandoned. Part 1 (x) | Part 2 (x) | Part 3 (x) | Part 4 (x)Part 5 (x)

  • By this point you don’t want anyone to feel obligated to help you or go with you so you go alone this time
  • With the mistake of taking your phone
  • But you don’t think of what can happen or who can know because all you care at the moment is that you’re extremely sick like almost terminal according to your doctor
  • You walk home in a daze wondering what you should do next

Should you resign from the RFA? Wouldn’t that cause them trouble?? would they even notice? Should you quietly just disappear and hope that by the time you’re missed, you’d be gone already? Should you go back to your home country? Travel the world? Maybe you should call your family…?

  • No; you don’t want to worry anyone or make trouble maybe they have testing programs and such costs money though
  • On your way home you see something moving in a closed box safety first don’t open unknown boxes left in any area and you open it to find a tiny puppy looking at you for help
  • You look around for any sign of the puppy belonging to someone and then decide to take it home but you don’t know anything about dogs?!
  • You would ask in the chat room but the fear of being ignored was too much so you leave Yoosung a message asking him if he’d know what to do
  • After a while of no response you decide to take the dog first to the vet and get it a physical exam to make sure everything was okay and then buy the essentials for your new companion
  • Walking home you figured that maybe adopting a puppy may not have been the wisest thing at this point in life but you don’t care because he’s all you’ve got and you’re all he’s got now


Yoosung☆ has entered the chatroom.

Yoosung☆: MC got a dog?!

Jahee: I always assumed MC was more of a cat person with how much she bonded with Seven and Mr. Han.

Zen: you know what they say about cute girls and cute animals~

Yoosung☆: people say stuff about that? :o

Rika:… can we please not talk about dogs?;

Yoosung☆: I’m sorry! I forgot about… I didn’t mean to open old wounds ;;

Rika: let’s not talk about dogs anymore ^^ how was everyone’s day? Did everyone eat?

  • It’s been awhile since MC’s logged in
  • Yoosung felt like something was off
  • Ever since Rika came back he felt like things weren’t the same no matter how hard he tried he couldn’t help but feel like nothing could ever be the same anymore
  • It took him by surprise when MC asked him what to do when you find an abandoned puppy and how to care for a puppy
  • He doesn’t notice how slowly MC has begun to back away from the RFA, rarely joining in conversations anymore, and no longer sending memes or random facts she’d learn
  • MC no longer talks about books, music, games, fangirling with Jahee anymore or even joke around like before
  • He thinks that MC might be just busy so he doesn’t pry…

  • You try to log in daily just to see how everyone is doing bc you really do care about them
  • You saw how your dog got brushed aside when Rika asked them to stop and it hurt seeing how something so important to you could get shut down quickly
  • You don’t call anyone and no calls you really so it’s easy to hide how sick you sound
  • Between taking care of Paco and appointments, you hardly leave your small apartment thanks to jumin who helped you find one near a park and stores before you got sick

—— Zen——

  • Zen was shocked when he saw MC at the convenience store
  • He was more shocked when he saw how thin and ill MC seemed that he didn’t think it was MC at first
  • When did MC get a dog?
  • Surely that can’t be MC!
  • Zen calls MC just to make sure plus he wanted to make sure that that sickly person wasn’t MC
  • When MC doesn’t pick up or the sick person’s phone doesn’t ring Zen feels more relaxed and decides that he may have overreacted
  • But it’s normal since it’s been awhile since MC and I talked, ofc he’s worried

Zen has entered the chatroom.

Zen: Has anyone talked to MC? I haven’t heard from her for some time now?

Yoosung☆: I talked to her a few days ago in a private chat over how you take care of a dog! I think she said she found a puppy and decided to adopt it, why?

Zen: …really? I thought I saw her at the convenience store not too long ago… I didn’t know if it was her because she looked so sickly. I didn’t know she had a dog so I didn’t really think it was her. Could it be her?

Jahee has entered the chatroom.

Jahee: If MC is sick, I’d think she’d tell us. After all, she is like family now.

Yoosung☆: right? Yeah. I believe that!!

Rika has entered the chatroom.

Rika: But would she really tell us anything? I mean, we are all practically strangers to her. We did involve her with all huge mess that should have only been an issue between the 7 of us and not her.

Zen: That’s a bit harsh Rika…

Rika: I’m trying to be realistic ^^;

Yoosung☆: I hope that’s not the case….

Zen: You just said you believed in MC, and now you don’t?


Yoosung☆:… that’s not it..

Zen has left the chatroom.

—- Jahee—-

  • Jahee wonders if there was something with MC
  • Though she didn’t know much about MC she did feel slightly concerned
  • Jahee talked to Jumin expressing her worries
  • Coincidentally Rika and V were having lunch with Jumin when Jahee walked in
  • “I’m sure she’s fine Jahee, you worry too much!” Rika smiled, leaving Jumin and V to brush off Jahee’s concerns as just paranoia
  • Jahee decides that if MC was in trouble she would definitely tell someone
  • MC is rational after all! So Jahee hopes that Rika, V, and Jumin were correct in making her think she was just paranoid with her momma instincts going haywire 
  • She lets the gnawing guilt go away, but she can’t really ignore it altogether


  • You begin to notice that you’ve lost most of your strength
  • walking is now a hard and tedious exercise and instead of going to the doctor, he comes to you and even offers to help you with Paco and getting the essentials you need
  • Paco whimpers every time you cough up more blood and when you don’t eat
  • The doctor who sees you begins to talk to you about options that may seem more humane than dying slowly
  • You don’t participate in the chatroom because it makes more sense that the RFA should get used to a life without you again
  • Your only worry now is who will take care of you, Paco?
  • The only loyal being in your life looks at you with love and hope and all you can see is that you regret not having met Paco sooner
  • You receive a message something now uncommon and rare and see that it’s from ‘Unknown’
  • Maybe this is a good thing?

anonymous asked:

Hiya ! Could you do RFA visiting their crush who's been hospitalized because they were being dumb, and forgot to wear a helmet while riding a bicycle, haha totally not me!! Thank you, I appreciate it bud!! โคโคโค

(Are you ok?! I hope you are!)


  • Panics when he learns you are in the hospital
  • Refuses to let you do anything when you return home despite having only broken your arm
  • Quits LOLOL cold turkey while caring for you


  • Also panics
  • Was at rehearsal when you call him
  • Rushes to the hospital
  • Is confused when you don’t recover within a day


  • Gets you the best doctors
  • Leaves work early (Sorry Jaehee!)
  • Brings you Elizabeth III
  • Refuses to let you ride your bike without him around.


  • Frankly he’d probably also be in the hospital
  • You both were on the same bike
  • Doing something silly

(Sorry if this isn’t good, I don’t ride bikes ^^’)

Zen Headcanon

Everyone thinks he’s a total sex god cause of all of his talk about his “inner beast” but what he is actually referring to is the fact he is a total cuddle monster. Like he is the type to totally just envelope you into his chest and hold you tight for hours. Doesn’t matter if you are working at a desk or in bed or making dinner he finds some way to cuddle you. That’s his actual inner beast.

anonymous asked:

The rfa boys coming home one day and finding mc with a kid that looks just like mc and freaking out, but it's actually like a niece or baby cousin?

Pfft- I laughed a bit at this one!


  • Walking home from the store
  • Was about to make his wife a romantic dinner
  • He was pretty sure he pissed himself when he saw this kid
  • He was planning on making dinner and then he sees this child in his home next to the love of his life
  • Totally killed his mood
  • He doesn’t even know who this kid is??
  • Where’s their parents??
  • and then he notices how similar they look
  • and then he freaks
  • “MC???!! YOU HAVE A CLONE???”
  • freaks when the kid doesn’t know who they are
  • When MC explains the situation, he laughs it off like it never happened
  • “Hm? Who did what? I don’t remeber..”
  • Though he plays games all day, he’s actually really good with kids
  • Shows them pictures of Rika and his old dog
  • Makes some healthy snacks for them (sneaks in a few bits of his leftover bungeoppang to satisfy the child’s needs)
  • He loves how cute they look (”Well they look just like you- so duH they’re gonna be cute!”)
  • They went around for a walk and when Yoosung saw these teens talking to them
  • hoo boy
  • protective yoosung activated
  • ended with the child on his shoulders as they made their way home
  • It’s around dinner time when he notices how happy MC is
  • Its after this they talk about how much they want a kid of their own
  • hands up for protective dad yoosung


  • He was walking through the door when he got back from practice 
  • He’s tired
  • He did so many scenes today his voice felt like sand paper
  • and then he sees is MC holding the kid’s hand
  • he just- faints
  • he can’t even deal
  • A little while later he wakes up to a small MC in his lap
  • They’re so concerned it hurts and he swears he feels his heart drop to his stomach
  • MC comes back into the room with some water and food and explains to Zen who the kid was
  • Says they were visiting from home and that their aunt and uncle were going out and buying things for the holidays
  • Zen takes a second to process this before he turns to the child once more
  • and oh boy do they flip out
  • Zen could actually see the stars in their eyes
  • “I’ve seen all of your DVD’s!! Your so amazing!! I can’t believe my aunt is dating someone so famous! Can you do something?”
  • They spend most of the night doing their best impressions of Zen’s roles and telling funny jokes in accents
  • The kid loves to play with Zen’s hair and at the end of the night his hair is filled with clips and braided 
  • Zen says some things not so PG 
  • But don’t worry MC punches him in the arm enough times for it to bruise
  • The end of the day MC has to pull Zen and the kid apart
  • Zen doesn’t want to let them go
  • He still has so many pictures to take with them (MC: YoU’VE TAKEN MORE THAN 200 PICTURES ALREADY THAT IS ENOUgH-)
  • A couple days after they meet they come back to say goodbye
  • Zen cries manly tears
  • He can’t let go
  • MC has to pull him away so that the kid can leave 
  • He sighs as he watches their car drive away, the kid waving goodbye through the glass of the window.
  • When he looks down to see MC’s smile, however,
  • He still has MC.
  • That’s more than enough


  • He’s getting back from a meeting when he hears his phone go off
  • MC has sent him 54 pictures of her look-alike
  • He doesn’t mind but the smile that is brought to his face is enough to make Jaehee uncomfortable
  • MC had told him before about her relatives, especially about this youngster
  • What did surprise him though was the mess 
  • What did make him upset was the fact that Elizabeth the 3rd had lipstick in her fur
  • How did this child manage to get it in her thick coat??
  • A long while’s worth of lecturing to both the kid and MC, but in the end he sighed and dropped the topic
  • The kid explained to Jumin “I just wanted to make her look nice for the occasion!” Which leads to “You should join our tea party!”
  • So there he is
  • Sitting in a small chair, holding an empty tea cup with “imaginary” cookies
  • He doesn’t really understand, but he tries
  • He smiles at the young one’s antics and jokes.
  • He allows his head chef to bake some cookies for the three of them so they can actually have something to eat
  • He smiles as the younger kid goes on and on 
  • The simularities of MC and this child are obvious to him
  • All of those thoughts are gone when the kid brings up the fact that they have four cats
  • Four.
  • They go on about different breeds for hours, MC even bringing up the fact that she once had a cat named Kissy who would lounge around all day
  • Jumin and the child spend some time together cleaning Elizabeth’s fur to white
  • When its time to go, Jumin puts some of the cookies they had left over into a plastic container for them.
  • He even gives them a little blanket so they aren’t cold when they walk outside.
  • He smiles gently as he takes MC’s hand and leads them back inside.
  • He enjoyed the young ones company, yes, but he much rather have MC snuggled up next to him any time

Seven (Luciel)

  • “Luciel nO.”
  • “LUCIEL Y E S.”
  • The night was quiet at first, Seven quietly sleeping on the couch in his living room.
  • And then he felt pulling on his hair
  • Not by the usual cold hands of Mrs. Vanderwood, but rather small hands
  • A child’s delicate touch.
  • Wait.
  • A child.
  • In his house.
  • That has him up in no time.
  • He’s picking up this child, running around trying to find something that might have caused this
  • and then MC walks in
  • and he stops
  • He looks at the kid.
  • He looks back at you.
  • And now here we are.
  • Seven has picked up the kid by now, running around the house with them on his shoulders.
  • Hes just so happy you don’t even understand
  • He puts them down after a while, only to grab their hand and pull them into a warm hug.
  • The little giggles killed him
  • They were so pure
  • So blessed
  • “MC I’m gonna cry oh my god they’re so cute I can’t MC you don’t understand I c a n t.”
  • He spams the RFA chat with pictures
  • He does their hair
  • He even does their makeup for them
  • Much to MC’s displeasure, he makes more than enough dad jokes 
  • He’s just so happy
  • He’s always been good with kids and now that he’s technically relatives with one it has him crying
  • Bless his beautiful wife
  • Amen god amen
  • He almost sobs right then and there when the child infront of him makes a pun
  • He lets them play with his robo-cat, watches them run around as he does some work (”Duty calls, MC..”)
  • When their parents come to pick them up, he goes on to them about how wonderful their kid is and that they hope to see them again some time.
  • When they both go back inside, Seven has an evil glint in his liquid gold eyes
  • MC knows what hes thinking.
  • “LuciellLL NOW?”
  • “Mhmm~?”
  • “Don’t even think about it-”
  • “Think about what?” enter fake gasp here “Are you thinking of naughty things, MC?”
  • “W- wha? No!”
  • “Hmm..You know- naughty behaving people deserved to be punished~”
  • MC didn’t go to sleep early that night.

Thank you all for reading! I hope this was somewhat decent..

I really tried- seeing how it was my first post on here! (Hooray~)

Thank you for reading and supporting our blog, and please let me know if im doing okay!!

Thanks for waiting! (NOTE: The hiatus is still on! I’m just posting some asks I think I can manage..sorry!)

-Mod Meli

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hi, do you write angst? if yes, would you mind doing a headcannon for RFA finding out MC has an emotionally abusive mother when said mother suddenly appears and throws a fit and humiliates MC in front of them? thank you

RFA+minor trio in protective mode is always good shit


  • When your mom went off the hinges in front of Zen
  • And Zen saw the fear in your eyes
  • Ohohohohoh
  • If this boy normally was a beast, right now he was the fucking Hulk
  • He shoved you behind his back and started yelling right back at your mom, because how dare she say such filthy things to his precious princess
  • His beautiful, brilliant, amazing, innocent, perfect princess
  • You hadn’t even heard the combinations of curse words flying out of Zen’s mouth before
  • When you saw his hands clenching into fists you had to hold him back
  • Eventually your mom left
  • “Don’t come near MC again unless you get your shit together” he spat before slamming the door on her face for good measure


  • You were watching your literal worst nightmare unfold as your mom went bonkers right before your sweet, kind, innocent boyfriend who only saw the good in people
  • You tried to bite down the tears but eventually it got too hard
  • He nervously stood beside you, trying hard to figure out a solution
  • “Umm…uhh…I just remembered…I left the oven on! SHIT!” he yelled desperately, with the fakest tone of surprise you’ve ever heard
  • “Yoosung we don’t even have an oven” you whispered to him, but he was already dragging you out
  • Once you got far enough away from your mom, he gave you the tightest hug
  • “Has your mom…always been like this?” you nodded into his chest
  • You went out for comfort ice cream and he offered to share his mom with you


  • Everything went to hell when your mom busted into the café and lost her shit in front of Jaehee and all the customers
  • Everyone was watching
  • Yeah Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak sounds good right now
  • You were about to self-inflict some third degree burns with boiling coffee for the sake of getting out
  • …when Jaehee sternly suggested you all come to the back room to talk it out over coffee
  • Once in the back room, she told your mom off for her immature actions and gave her the number of a local therapist
  • …and that frankly, she will not hesitate to press charges towards your mom, should the coffee business ever be disrupted again


  • Jumin was quiet for a second when your mom started throwing her tantrum
  • Without even flinching, he stood up, signaled for security, grabbed your hands and walked you out the room
  • You were about to say something when you realized he was already on the phone
  • “…This is Jumin Han speaking. I would like to file a restraining order…yes, as soon as possible…”
  • When he got off the phone, he informed you that he will personally draw you a bath
  • Apparently, he had read somewhere that a bath is good for people in distress


  • Seven knew the signs of someone about to throw a tantrum all too well, so when he recognized this on your mom, he instinctively dragged you out
  • Not just out, but into his car, which he drove, very fast, and got both of you into his 15-security-layered-house, where he buried you in honey buddha chips
  • This boy ain’t having no more of this bullshit
  • He had the power to protect you now so you sure as hell aren’t becoming a second Saeran
  • “But hey!” He said cheerfully, “now we got another thing to bond over! Abused children high five!” He said, as he held one hand up, ready for a high five
  • You gave him the high five as both of you dissolved into laughter

————–Minor trio——————————–


  • Your mom made a bad, b a d mistake by raising her voice at you in front of Saeran
  • She had just started screaming at you, when Saeran looked at her dead in the eyes, and said “I could kill her” to you, as if he was offering to wash the dishes
  • You hastily declined
  • Knowing Saeran, he was probably not kidding
  • He proceeded to explain that it would be “very easy” and that “no one would know” and “it’s not like it would be the first time”
  • You looked at your now petrified mom, and for a split second you considered accepting his offer
  • However, you quickly came to your senses and assured Saeran
  • That it’s OK, you are pretty sure your mom won’t be bothering you anymore


  • Poor, innocent, very much blind V
  • He actually believed he could talk sense into your mom
  • When she flipped out at you, he calmly suggested you leave the room, so he can handle your mom on his own
  • As you stood outside the door, you could hear a mix of V’s soothing voice and your mom’s increasingly obnoxious screaming
  • You lost it when you heard the words “…you’re just as useless, selfish and pathetic as my daughter!”
  • That was when you barged back into the room
  • Usually you would’ve stayed quiet during one of your mom’s rage storms
  • Because sometimes you believed those words to be true
  • But now that the same words were used on V, you weren’t having any of it
  • You charged at her, grabbed her by the collar, threw her out and slammed the door in her face
  • …then you went back to check on V
  • “I’m so sorry, I tried my best”, he said with a sad smile as he pulled you in for a hug
  • You thanked him for helping you stand up for yourself, and honestly you were pretty proud


  • When your mom started screaming at you, for some reason, Vanderwood just could not take this seriously
  • “You’re GARBAGE!” Your mom yelled, whilst Vanderwood raised his eyebrows questioningly
  • He looked disbelievingly from your mom to you, back and forth a couple times, paused for a second before asking your mom “seriously? You’re calling her garbage? I mean, have you seen yourself in the mirror lately?”
  • He laughed a bit, but he wasn’t done “Ok first of all, you look like garbage”
  • “Second of all, you act like garbage…”
  • “…Third of all…if you open the dictionary and look up the word garbage, there would be a picture of you”
  • He gestured your mom vaguely to the door, “um, so what are you doing standing here? Don’t you have anywhere better to go? Cos I don’t remember sending invitations to…” he lowered his voice dramatically, then whispered “…garbage
  • You stared in disbelief as your mom actually turned around and left, looking evidently defeated
  • You were about to thank Vanderwood, when you heard him question under his breath when he signed up to be a part of a soap opera

Bonus: if your mom screamed at you when the entire crew were in the room

  • Zen is yelling shit at your mom while Yoosung attempts to hold him back
  • Yoosung tries teary eyed to distract everyone by weakly asking if anyone wants to go for ice cream
  • Jaehee’s trying to make coffee so everyone can calm down and talk it out
  • …Saeran’s somewhere in the background grabbing a knife
  • Jumin’s calling his lawyer while eyeing Saeran - “ok so how do you legally get away with murder”
  • Seven’s just standing on the side, eyes wide and whispering “déjà vu”
  • Vanderwood is halfway out the door, mumbling “nope not this shit again”
  • V’s tapping Seven on the head muttering calming words thinking it’s your mom

Plz can someone draw this


We live for your comments! Comments (even in tags!) make us really, really happy, so please comment :D

RFA Music Taste


  • He’ll listen to just about anything
  • Broadway music obviously
  • Disney songs is an absolute yes
  • Anything musical really
  • But still enjoys bands like Panic at the disco


  • Disney songs
  • Never what’s popular
  • He’ll listen to songs that came out years ago and act like it’s the greatest shit ever
  • Movie soundtracks while trying to work
  • Lowkey listens to meme songs


  • Zens musicals obviously
  • Other then that she’ll just listen to whatever is on the radio
  • Classic songs from the 70’s and what not


  • Classical music
  • Instrumentals
  • Lowkey likes twentyone-pilots
  • Lowkey loves musical songs
  • (MC once caught him singing “summer lovin” from Grease to Elizabeth)

Saeyoung (707):

  • Anything and everything
  • One day he’ll be blasting Disney music
  • And the next it’s ACDC
  • Then the next moment it’s “Never gonna give you up”
  • But his favorites are Fall out boy and any meme song
  • Probably knows the entire soundtrack for “Nightmare before christmas”


  • Classical and Instrumental like jumin
  • Unlike jumin, that’s pretty much all he listens too
  • He finds it peaceful to listen to while he takes pictures

Saeran (Unknown):

  • E d g e  l o r d
  • FOB, MCR, T0P, P!ATD, Three days grace,
  • Anything edgy or about pain and sadness
  • Hes there, because relatable
  • He’ll listen to some ‘pick me up’ type songs, like “You’ll be okay” by a Great big world, if he gets to sad
  • But mainly edgy as fuck music

anonymous asked:

RFA reactions to catching another 2 drunk RFA members kissing

OOooooooOOooooOoooh boy I’m gonna have so much fun

It’s 4 am and I’m feeling reallllly angsty and I’m down for a quickfic

I’m gonna operate under the idea that the no one in RFA is dating and that it’s MC+Someone who’s not the Member I’m writing for doing the kissing. It’s not exactly what you asked for but I’m feeeeeeling it

RFA React to Drunk MC kissing other Drunk RFA Member



  • He’s mortified
  • He always noticed that you seemed to like the other members more
  • But he always held out hope that maybe, just maybe, you’d pick him
  • So when he looked over and saw you and Zen making out
  • He teared up. 
  • He knew it was dumb, he knew he should have given up but he never did
  • He spun the stool to face the bar, eyes wide with him trying focus on anything besides MC and Zen, the mixed drink held in his palms bouncing off the edges of the glass from his shaking hands
  • He didn’t stay at the bar much longer, just long enough to pound a few drinks and stagger his way home
  • Once he got home he curled up in bed, drunk and sad, and just sobbed, taking the occasional break to scream into his pillow. 
  • After his eyes were red and sore from crying and burying his face in his pillow, drunkYoosung resolved to end the night off with a long, pitiful, voicemail addressed to you. 


  • She doesn’t get why…why she feels sad.
  • She watches as you and Yoosung share a sloppy makeout and tries to fathom why her chest feels heavy
  • Did she drink something strange? 
  • No no, none of that
  • You’re not kissing Zen, so it’s not worry plaguing her
  • So what is this …. sad feeling welling up in her
  • It’s just this disappointment, this subtle longing but…for what
  • She turns her attention away from you two and back to the conversation at hand
  • Once you all decide to go home for the night, she lays in bed, still trying to figure out what’s going on in her own head
  • It bothers her for the next few days
  • It’s not like she had feelings for you
  • No way
  • After about a week of silent, emotional distress Jaehee decides that she just needs to stop thinking about it.
  • Afterall, even if she was sad, so what? Being sad wouldn’t change the fact you were kissing someone that wasn’t her


  • He’s laughing and having a good ole time, but his face suddenly falls flat
  • He sees you and Jumin standing close, when suddenly
  • You two kiss
  • Zen’s mouth falls slightly agape
  • He had been so sure that…that you and him would end up together
  • Ok maybe not sure but, he knew there was at least a connection between you two
  • Or, at least, he had dreamed there was
  • And the fact that it was Jumin just
  • It fucking
  • UGH
  • He slowly turns back to whoever was talking to him now, an empty feeling in his chest, and stomach, and even head.
  • His entire body just felt…empty.
  • He tried taking a few more drinks, but the burn was too much. Usually he liked that feeling, it felt almost purifying.
  • But now when the liquor would hit the back of his throat he felt like he could vomit
  • He went to beers, but those didn’t do much to numb the pain for him, so he tried to distract himself with cigarettes.
  • He was on his fourth one of the past couple hours when everyone decided to leave
  • He hopped on his bike despite protests from the members and drove.
  • When he saw his home in the distance he sped up, flying past it.
  • He didn’t want to deal with whatever he was feeling, he just wanted to run away
  • Run from what he saw, from his feelings,
  • from you
  • When he finally stopped driving he was at his spot, and the emptiness was gone
  • Now it was just anger, resentment, loathing
  • And behind it all, worthlessness
  • “I’m not good enough” 


  • He’s staring at you and seven…kissing. Your noses are touching and you’re giggling at something the hacker said as he stares into your eyes 
  • Then you lean forward and messily mash lips together
  • Jumin’s hand clenches the glass so hard it cracks 
  • He puts it down and heads for the exit immediately, ignoring all questions of where he’s going 
  • He has to walk past you and Seven, who don’t even notice because you’re too wrapped up with each other
  • He almost doesn’t make it out of the building
  • He doesn’t get it. He’s so good at locking emotions up, at keeping them away.
  • So how come hot tears are racing down his cheek as he gets in the car
  • “Home” He commands Driver Kim, voice still strong and betraying the broken look in his eyes.
  • He clasps his hand around his mouth, worried soon that that will break and small choking sounds will escape.
  • He turns his eyes to the window, watching the city scape race by
  • He just pays attention to that, giving it his all not to think about whatever happened prior to him getting in the car
  • Eventually he’s home and getting himself prepared for bed.
  • He hears the ding of his phone
  • It’s you.
  • “Juimn u left??/ R u home sfea?
  • He lost control for a moment
  • The phone went flying across the room, ricocheting off the wall and hitting a vase, successfully shattering both objects. 
  • “Mr. Han!?” A security guard ran in, obviously alarmed by the nose
  • “OUT” Jumin yelled, a feral look in his eyes
  • The guard, shocked by Mr. Han’s reaction, gave a curt nod and scurried out the room much like Elizabeth had at the sound of Jumin yelling.
  • Jumin avoided the chat the next few days
  • The only person he spoke to was Jaehee, and that was via work email, where he would utter nothing related to the RFA
  • When he finally did return, he was very formal with you, speaking to you by last name and strictly about RFA Party business. No small chat. Nothing personal.
  • Ever.


  • He wanted to be happy for Jaehee
  • You had been her saving grace for a while now, you made her life better
  • And he wanted to be happy for you for Jaehee finally recognizing her feelings for you
  • But he wanted to be happy too
  • And he just couldn’t feel happy when you and Jaehee were across the room kissing in a dark corner
  • He had caught it when you two snuck away from the larger group, claiming you had to use the bathroom
  • He saw your hands intertwined under the guise of “not wanting to get separated”
  • And he’d see through it if you two claimed you were both just drunk. He had known for a while now it would come to this: You two realizing you liked each other as more than friends.
  • He knew, which made him kick himself even more for feeling like shit now that it’s happened
  • Just be happy for them’ he mentally begged himself
  • He put a tight smile on his face as he tried to reengage with the current conversation, but his eyes kept flicking back to the two of you
  • ‘Be happy, you couldn’t have MC anyways so why be sad?’
  • ‘You’re too dangerous for MC. Jaehee is perfect.’
  • ‘You’re not good enough anyways.’
  • ‘She’d never want you’
  • ‘No one will ever want you’
  • His thoughts spiraled into more and more viscous attacks on himself
  • Eventually he couldn’t take it and excused himself for the night
  • He went home and tried drowning himself in his work, but he found even that couldn’t take his mind off it it
  • It was turning from sadness into madness as he found himself manic, unable to do anything without thinking about you and Jaehee.
  • Coding didn’t take his mind off of it, browsing the internet, he couldn’t even silently just eat chips.
  • He tried laying down but his thoughts just wouldn’t shut off
  • Eventually he found himself curled up, pillow around his ears as if that’d silence the sound of his mind, crying. 
  • He never acted different around the two of you
  • He never wanted you to know
  • He never wanted to lose you as a friend at least
  • He’d still laugh and joke with you online, unbeknownst to you a couple tears would find their way out of his eyes now and then.