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Just follow up to Sara's response, even if they confirmed post S5, wouldn't it be logical for them to say that he won't this time because he is 'dead' in S6, maybe not reveal any major spoiler. I really don't get then lack of RF/Q tribute/video in S6 DVD, change of finale video name, RF's own tweet plus many obvious plot holes in 6.12. RF too in his yahoo interview seemed open to returning, so even if there are BTS issues, this whole thing of lack of ack - can't get my brain around this!

I think some of those plot holes were accidental. Truly. That’s why they’re holes. But I do also think they enjoy the ambiguity. 

I tend to think it’s hard for a show like Homeland (or really any major show nowadays) to conceal the fate of an actor when their productions are so heavily publicized. Won’t we all find out one way or the other when Rupert doesn’t (or does, if you’re in Ashley’s boat) show up to filming in Virginia in two months? Paparazzi are on sets, they’re shooting outdoors, etc. And having his fate revealed that way, especially if he’s alive, is just anti-climactic as hell. 

Re: BTS issues and DVD/video weirdness… we have trouble explaining it, too. I’m kind of squarely in the “nothing makes sense anymore, just drink instead” boat and will happily take on more passengers, but it’s kinda depressing over here. Once I wrapped my head around the fact that the writers just didn’t care what the fans thought because it seemed like the writers just didn’t care what the fans thought, some things fell into place. That’s a bitter pill to swallow, but it goes down easier with wine.