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I think my wounds are beginning to heal. The best thing for me was to stop watching HL altogether, as well as Quarrie videos on YouTube. Following you guys, RF's Twitter & his post-HL videos & other movies all help. Also looking forward to his future projects. As long as Rupes is alive, Quinn is alive!! Does that make sense? (As for you, AFG, I will never watch your future projects. You & Trump can go be BFF's @ Mar-a-Lago & toast to your $, but historians will not be be kind. 😝)

Rupert and Aimee were out and about in NYC last Wednesday night. All four pics are here

Rupert looks happy. It made me feel better.

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In two occasions these days (Nypost article and RF twitter account), RF expresses that he loves Quinn. Do you think this can be something suspicious thinking about how the end of the season can be?

We noticed that too! We even had a conversation about tenses. 

Fwiw, Laure and are the only two around here who share that (maybe) overthinking. (Laure loves tragedy, fwiw.)

It’s just… that’s a lot of emoting from the likes of Englishman Rupes. It worries me a tiny bit. Emphasis on tiny