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Sixteen- Real Friends

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Rune Factory 10th Anniversary Celebration, Day 2:Favorite Rune Factory Relationship…

This was a major toughy for me, as I have a number of favorite relationships (platonic and romantic) in this series. I couldn’t possibly pick an absolute favorite. Decided to go with Frey x Forte from Rune Factory 4, however, as something I have shipped since day 1 of RF4, and as my most recent RF4 marriage. This entire ship sums up my aesthetic rather nicely.

Not sure if it’s Forte’s undying loyalty to Frey/Lest or my own weakness for female characters in knightly roles, but Forte has been one of my favorite characters since the gane’s conception. Seeing how devoted she is to the Protag throughout the entire game only solidified my need to romance her ASAP.

I like her with Lest as well (given that Frey and Lest are essentially the same person), but Frey’s aesthetic goes better with Forte IMO.