Marrif: wake the fuck up

It had been a long last couple of days for you, which where happily shortened by extensive sleeping. Recently you had come into possession of large sums of money, with the help of Rezzia of course. Unfortunately everyone else who helped you had gruesomely died at the hands of those who worked for the A lister, A criminal mastermind and ruthless murderer. A man people wanted dead. Understandable reasons of course but even Marrif felt bad for him as he watched him plummet to the ground off a 1,000 story building. Though, at the time he didn’t have much time to shed tears as he was quickly following behind, an unconscious Rezzia in hand. Not that he wanted to be falling but it was a better option then being at the detonation point of a very large bomb. Rezzia was also not too inclined to jump, unknown to Marrif she had a great fear of heights, and falling. It was a great endevour for both Marrif and Rezzia, that’s for sure, but now it’s over. That epic tale is through, and now it’s time for Marrif to start a new chapter in his life.

Marrif got out of his coon, and headed to the bathroom to take a shower before getting dressed. He took his daily clothes out from his closet and carried them across the hallway to the bathroom. He shut the door behind him and turned the water on. Before entering the stream of hot water he stared at himself in the mirror. He tossed his head to the side to observe the scar across his cheek, it was healing nicely, with a smirk headed into the shower.

The pirates are back in action

Notyel listened and then stared Rezzia in the eyes trying to comfort her. “Rezzia… its ok. It doesN’t hurt or aNythiN. It tickLes actuaLLy aNd you doN’t Need to feeL bad about it. Besides, i got a Lot of bLood. Its Not Like its my Last drops. You doN’t have to feeL bad about driNkiN it.” He said calmy as he looked at it. “ANd i waNt you to driNk it… because i L-” He started to say love then blushed and instead said “Like you very much.” He didnt want her to feel bad taking blood from one who loved her.

Oh Sweet Jegus.

==> You relax with a book at a makeshift desk in your hive, which is ridden with unhinged doors and some crazy nasty looking books.

oh, wow. はは this is som3 iんt3r3stiんg stうff h3r3! はは

==> You joyously eat some grubloaf with extra grubsauce.

this is p3rf3ct! i caん’t b3li3v3 this cam3 from a mix! はは this day is jうst goiんg too good! はは んothiんg bad coうld possibly はpp3ん!..w3l i gう3ss i am playiんg with magic circl3s… ははは

Cileno smiled. His students seemed to have gotten a whole lot better at fighting. Still not at his level but pretty good. He was about to drop the sword when he let Rezzia and Notyel get a taste of his true power. Something knocked both of the younger trolls back and they could feel it’s strong presence. Then Cileno dropped the sword. “You two dId well. Better then I expected. And better then I thought to hope. Well done.”

Notyel was still crashed out in a pillar from his attack. He appeared to be sleeping, most likely tired out by the fight they had just had.

Cetria looked around the room anxiously, standing up on her tiptoes to find someone to talk to. Oh, wait, she meant converse with. Gotta be careful here, this was a highblood party, after all. It would be terrible if she embarrassed herself tonight. She was only invited at all because she was an outstanding person. She hoped that was why, anyway.

[S] Karkat: Be Passionate

It was a cold evening on Alternia and the frost was crusted against Karkat’s hive’s windows.  It nearly made the troll shiver in thinking on actually going out of his way to leave the hive, so instead he simply stayed on his couch that he happened to steal from Dave and watched his romcom play for the 75th time.  It was the one with Troll Will Smith and that other girl whom’s name he could never remember; the one that he couldn’t exactly back up but it relaxed him in seeing their relationship weave out of the splintering bush and into something beautiful.  He always loved it.  

Karkat would never admit it at all, but once in awhile it made him tear-eyed when they finally got together to share that first kiss.  He could feel his heart begin to flutter in his chest like an encaged song bird ready to take flight, his fingers intertwined together, and the sappiest smile upon the trolls face.  Jegus, he enjoyed watching trolls fall in love.  It was nearly a past time of his.  Once again, he’d make sure that no troll throughout the whole Alternian world ever found out about this.  They’d already figured out about his passion of romcoms and that was enough for him!

He sighed and leaned back against the soft fabric of the couch and gave a small grimace.  The show was becoming tedious already, especially since this would be making it the 76th time this sweep.  Karkat finally decided to reach over for his mobile device and log into Trollian, seeing what those assholes even wanted.

carcinoGeneticist [CG] is online

A tallish troll in a dark blue cloak stood in front of a bulletin board which was covered in wanted posters of many other trolls. They seemed particularly interested in one with a normal bounty on it. The troll on the poster had short hair and wore a strange looking blue suit. The troll ducked their head and appeared to be laughing silently. 

Notyel was hanging out a bar in a nearby town playing pool. He had received a letter from his friend Rezzia that she would be coming to town that day and that they would meet up at the town square in about 2 hours. He knocked in the final pool ball winning the match as he drank some soda. Afterwords he sat down hoping the time would pass.

Marrif the Librarian

(Marrif was wandering through his library, fingers running over volumes of books, and his eyes glancing over the titles. One title caught his eye, it seemed familiar, a bit like it meant something. He pulled it off the shelf and flipped it open, reading the first page. To his shock, and utter horror he saw a doodle on one of the pages. Such a tabuu it was to even mark the fine grains of paper of a novel. As disgusted as he was, he turned to the next page, cringing in fear of another such terror. Relieved was he to see that the purity of the following page has been left, untouched. He read through the book, the fairy tale, of the slave who gave his life to his queen. It was a touching story, and he set it neatly back in it’s place, with a small indigo tear in his eye, and having forgotten all about the atrocity that was, the doodle.)

==> You blink, staring at the ceiling of your hospital bed with a phone in your hand. Due to boredom you decide to call sometroll.. but who.. You blinked before remembering that what you overheard a day or so ago about one of your crewmates being rejected by her crush. raising your fingers to the phone you text Rezzia. “Hey waNNa haNg out? got wiNe aNd stuff. sides i Need compaNy. I’m here.” you send her your location which is the hospital in magnorenge or something.