aw man this was originally supposed to be practice (hence as to why it looks absolutely messy) but i can never leave things unfinished once i start them :’)

vancouver, bc

on fb: To all my friends and family. The City is making plans to mass rezone Chinatown such that existing buildings will be torn down and replaced with massive condos.

Chinatown will in effect be destroyed. The City’s view is that there is currently little opposition to this destruction because the public is unaware of the issue.

There is an open house on Saturday February 4 from 10AM to 1 PM at the Chinese Cultural Centre on 50 E Pender St. to hear public opinion on the matter. People don’t need to speak if they don’t want to and can merely fill out a comment card to let the city know that there is objection to the destruction of Chinatown.

Also if you could spread the message to anyone else interested it would be immensely helpful towards defending Chinatown. It is lack of awareness that is letting the city destroy Chinatown.

anonymous asked:

Are you talking about like the gerrymandering that happens with school districts or something else? I don't have kids yet, but I really want them someday and am not sure I'm aware of what you're referring to. Thank you for you time, even if you don't get the chance/don't want to answer my question.

That’s part of it, school district lines and rezoning are deliberately done with the clear intention of keeping white schools white and schools with primarily nonwhite attendance poor. A huge part of this is also that your tax dollars–mainly property taxes!–tend to make up the biggest difference in how schools in the same region is funded.

Systematic inequality already built in. So white neighborhoods tend to be significantly better off financially (which due to environmental racism are also less polluted which leads to greater rates of childhood illness and us dying younger, but that’s a rant for another day.)

This means that the kids who live in these better (cleaner, safer, providing residents with a greater sense of ownership leading to less petty crime, leading to less police terrorizing the locals leading to cleaner safer… it all feeds in on itself!) neighborhoods, their houses are more expensive.

Since the houses are more expensive, and the cars are more expensive and even fuckin boats 🚣, property taxes are charged based on the approximate value of the item. So the more expensive they are, te more you pay in property taxes, the more funding there is for your school district. And therefore better access to materials, able to offer more competitive pay for educators, better access to ESE programs, ESL programs, language arts science programs.

Which leads to better academic performance compared to students in poorer, darker schools. Which leads to more funding, since so much additional funding is tied to test scores. And then these kids, the same kids whose parents are better equipped to provide resources that help with successful education–being able to pick the kids up from after school programs, being able to devote money for separate binders for different classes, being able to pay the exorbitant costs of being in band or cheerleading or sports…

Well, these kids have had better access to these resources from the jump! So all else equal, they continue to thrive compared to their poorer, less white counterparts.

So they get better scholarships (don’t forget that the biggest benefiter of affirmative action type scholarships is WHITE girls but 🤐) often allowing them to get better jobs, so they move to better neighborhoods, and also pay higher property taxes, in addition to being spared the frankly terrible living conditions most impoverished families–disproportionally families of color–just accept as their reality.

Which of course, also means better academic performance. Poor black kids (sorry, urban inner city youth. We don’t get to be kids!) rate of PTSD–from living with the effects of police terrorism, institutionalized racism, and intergenerational poverty–are estimated to be greater than among veterans. Which duh that’s gonna affect academic performance!

It’s so hard to keep this simple and easy to follow because it’s so insidious and soaks in at every level. It’s the kinda thing we’re talking about when we speak about how institutionalized racism affects us at every level, how it plays into and feeds into itself to make it as difficult as possible to pull ourselves out of it.

It’s also a big part of why it takes on average a certain number of generations for a family to escape poverty. Cuz we ain’t meant to. Don’t get it twisted–it’s a feature not a bug 🐜!

You’ll hear different names for it - Faerie, the Shadowfell, the Nevernever, the Upside Down. But you all know what it is. It’s a dark reflection of our world (or maybe just different, but certainly not good. Or not good for our sort.) Everything there is familiar, but nothing there is the same. Where there’s a house or road or river  here, there’s one there, but it isn’t the same house or road or river.

We’re so used to thinking of our world as The World, so prone to see it as the center of all things, that we forget that things can go two ways. 

That house has been abandoned as long as you’ve ever known. A road starts but doesn’t go anywhere. Someone Over There wanted a house or a road, and so there’s one here. Somewhere Over There there’s a forest, and so that one piece of land just can’t ever get rezoned for development. No one can remember what those big rocks were set up for, but they had a reason for them Over There.The stray cats like that spot because whatever passes for a cat lady Over There lives at the same spot on the other side. 

It’s nothing to be alarmed by. It’s nothing new. Just remember, they live here too.

Modern SLBP Lord Story Parallels

Not Waffle!verse but waffle!verse adjacent. I didn’t get through all the lords but here are some scribbles I wrote while waiting for Ikesen to download.

THIS IS ACTUALLY REALLY HARD because I like modern au’s to at least have like…familiarity and SOME parallels to the original stories, aside  just from personalities (sometimes I go off the rails but still) and this is complicated immensely by a.) the fact people don’t just…get shipped off to be poison testers in modern society SO liberties taken b) that’s how all these stories start so how do I make these familiar but not exactly the same IDK YET we will find out as we go.

Date Masamune:

He is a regular at your diner, which you assume is because he tends to only eat at very odd hours (you don’t know this is because he purposefully avoids usual mealtimes with his own family and coworkers) and is always a model customer (you get some rowdy ones when you’re open 24 hours), except he starts coming in less. You wonder why until his cousin finds him eating one day and gives him a bit of an earful about taking care of himself—apparently he’s been put on a super strict diet since an odd incident that will eventually turn out to not be diet-related but poison-related. Cousin and his company vice president hire you to be his personal chef since they can’t make him eat the bland cooking Kojuro tries to make, but he will eat yours. You fall in love with his kitchen first, or tell yourself you do, but you’ve always had a gentle spot for your quiet customer, and he finds himself noticing how quiet his home is when you aren’t banging pots and pans…

Katakura Kojuro:

You’re hired as Masamune’s chef, as in the above scenario and for the same reasons, but on the condition that you still work at your diner—you go from third shift at the restaurant to Masamune’s company headquarters and cook his day’s meals in the catering kitchen. Kojuro isn’t a huge fan of this arrangement because he worries about you at those times of night, and sure enough, you have a hard time with some drunks demanding money. He asks you to switch shifts, you counter and ask him to teach you self-defense. Self-defense lessons expand into basic business lessons to increase your marketing, supply chain management, labor issues, etc for your diner, and you find yourself searching for excuses to ask him questions even as he finds himself wanting to be more than just a consultant.

Date Shigezane:

I have the benefit of not having to fit an actual storyline here yet because I don’t know enough Japanese to know what’s going on. I feel like he’s at your diner at like 2 AM one night, eating some waffles to soak up the alcohol, when some drunks hassle you and he immediately goes to your rescue EXCEPT you take care of it on your own LIKE A BOSS and he’s smitten from there. He does finally get to play white knight when a local official threatens to rezone the land your restaurant is on and sell it to developers unless you marry him, but Shigezane convinces his cousin to buyout the land contract from the city. I can totally see him starting as a drinking buddy and roommate convinced you’re in love with Kojuro or Masamune before finally breaking down and confessing.

Sanada Yukimura:

You travel out of town to a major conference in the restaurant industry, but get lost in the building it’s being held in, as there are several other conferences going on at the same time. Through a series of improbable mishaps, your bag—full of detailed notes on vendors and marketing tips for restauranteurs—gets swapped for one containing confidential material from Takeda Corp. You’re accused of corporate espionage, threatened with a major lawsuit and jailtime when Yukimura, famous athlete with a Takeda Corp sponsorship and one-time visitor of your diner, blurts out that you’re his fiancé and had brought the documents for him because he forgot. Literally no one believes this, but they love him so they roll with it and make you his responsibility, which means you end up living with him and traveling to his sporting events and such. Which means lots of photos with paparazzi and blushing promises that he’ll sleep on the couch don’t worry (but he’s an athlete, that can’t be good, so maybe…)

Kirigakure Saizo

Please pause for a moment to consider modern!assassin Saizo as the driver in all those glorious stunt driving getaways in those Baby Driver trailers that are everywhere right now. RIGHT. I’m gonna come back to this.


I’m fuming right now.

As I type this, I’m sitting in the barn on a thirty acre property. Rain is trickling down against the aluminum roof, the electric fence is snapping against the water. To the east of me is a beautiful, blue, well-fed pond, framed by tall, wise trees. Behind me are the pastures, where over a dozen horses are grazing. The rest of the property is all long grasses and flowering bushes and wild turkeys and gopher tortoises and deer and hawks. Across the street is a protected park, and it’s just as beautiful as the farm is.

In two years it will be gone. A developer owns this property, and what he sees of it is not how it is, but how it will be- houses and roads, concrete and cars. He can’t see the way the sunset turns the grass golden, or how the horses gallop across the fields when a breeze sweeps through their manes. He hasn’t been here while all the riders come down for barn parties. In this last wild place, we light a fire and watch the stars and embrace the outdoors. Out here, we can breathe and not smell pollution and people and buildings. This place is valuable in a way that money can’t begin to compare to, but all he sees are dollar bills and street signs.

It’s too late for this property. But developers have now turned an eye towards another- Cumberland Island.

Cumberland Island is just off the east coast. It’s gorgeous, surrounded by Atlantic water, full of ancient Spanish oaks and secrets of history long since past. It’s rich in wildlife, too. Endangered loggerhead turtles come ashore every year to nest and lay eggs. Birds of every shape in size, from the whimsical woodpecker to majestic eagles and falcon and the ever so graceful marsh birds such as egrets call this island their home. Living alongside them are the wild ponies, a remnant from times when people claimed the land we live on from the back of the horse.

Yet people see this as another way to make money. As another place to build condos, so the rich and famous can live in a beautiful, wild place like Cumberland. Yet after they’re through with it, it will be tamed just like every other human-inhabited place.

I’m tired. I’m tired of people thinking that money is an end all. I’m tired of people building and building and building with no time to realize that they’re destroying more than they’re creating. I’m tired of people not realizing that not everything has to have value to have a right to survive in these turbulent times. It’s time to stand up to this, to protest these “builders” and make them see that they’re ruining something worth more than any amount of money could make up for.

Protect the ponies, protect the turtles, protect the wild.

The Immortals- Part 10- Betrayal

Hi, hello, bonjour :)

Words: 2084

Summary: The day after Julie resurrected Elijah, she has to deal with the people she betrayed.

This is a “re-writing” of Imagine Meeting the Originals.

Please, note that I am French so there might be some mistakes here and there.

I really hope you like it :) Please, don’t hesitate to let me know what you think :)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9

Elijah was lying on his bed but he wasn’t sleeping. He had been dead for days, he had slept enough. He couldn’t take his eyes off of Julie who was sleeping in his arms. He focused on her breathing and on her steady heartbeat. She looked so peaceful in her sleep. Every time he would move she would snuggle up to him a bit more. Sunrise was lighting the room and he watched her wake up slowly. He felt her hand move on his chest and he placed his hand over it and intertwined his fingers with hers. She sighed, barely awake and burying her head against his chest a little more.

“Good morning,” he said and she finally opened her eyes. She was confused for a split second but then she remembered where she was and who she was with. She looked up and instantly blushed. She was embarrassed, wondering about what her hair looked like.

“Hi,” she said, shyly.

“How did you sleep?”

“Great,” she answered in a whisper. He smiled and leaned to kiss her. She kissed him back and then she rested her head back on his chest. He kissed the top of her head and moved his free hand on her waist. “Maybe I should call Elena…”

“She’s alive,” he said.

“I know…He needs her but…what about the others?”

He sighed and sat up. She propped herself on her elbow and she watched him take her phone from the night table. “It keeps buzzing,” he said, handing her the phone.

“What?” she said, taking the phone and sitting up. He brought her to his chest and rested his chin on the top of her hair.

“Somebody’s been trying to call you,” he said.

“It’s Elena,” she breathed out. “Everybody’s fine,” she sighed, relieved. “And, you’re gone. They’re asking me if I saw you.”

“What are you going to tell them?”

She didn’t answer right away. She put the phone down on the night table and rested her head against his chest. He lied back down on the bed, placing his arms around her.

“It’s so early,” she said.

“We can’t stay in bed all day,” he chuckled. “I’m going to have to take care of Klaus.”

She frowned and looked up. “You still want to kill your brother?” He sighed.

“You don’t want me to?”

“Well…He’s your brother…Whatever he did…Maybe, he’s sorry?”

“Klaus is never sorry. He never learns from the mistakes he makes,” he told her. “What if he wasn’t my brother? Would you still have a problem with it?”

“With killing?” she asked and he nodded. “Yes.”

He brushed his knuckles on her cheekbone. “It’s black”, he changed the subject.

She looked down and took his hand in hers. “I know.”

“Does it hurt?” he asked.

“It’s fine,” she lied and shrugged. She laid her head back on his chest and intertwined her fingers with his again. “What are you gonna do?”

“About what?”

“About Klaus.”

He sighed. “Do you know if they have any plans to defeat him?”

“No. I told you. They’re not my friends.”

“Then, first, I’m going to find out what they’re planning to do.”

That worried her. Last time he went to talk to them, he got killed. “There is nothing that can kill you, is there? Nothing at all?”

“No. Nothing at all.” Julie sighed, half relieved. “Don’t worry,” he told her.

“What about Elena?” she asked. “You said there might be a way for her to survive the sacrifice.”

“Yes, there is one way.” She looked up at him. “Do you want me to help her?”

Julie sighed. “What I want if for no one to die.”

“Klaus needs to die. He’s dangerous.”

“That’s what they kept telling me about you,” Julie told him. “He’s your brother. There must be a part of you that doesn’t want him dead.”

Elijah looked in Julie’s eyes and got lost in them, wondering how it was possible for Julie to be so innocent.

“Klaus isn’t my only siblings,” he told her. “I had a sister, Rebekah. And two other brothers, Finn and Kol. Klaus killed them.”

“Wait…There is a whole family of Originals?”

“There was,” he sighed.

“How did you become a vampire?” she asked him the question for the second time. The first time, Bonnie had interrupted them.

“It’s a long story,” he said.

“But you used to be human?”

“Yes. My siblings and I, we were humans, we are the oldest vampires in the world.”

Julie had a sad look on her face. “But…If they were like you…They can’t be killed.”

“He daggered them. They’re gone.”

“I don’t believe that,” she said, sitting up. “Nobody can kill their siblings.”

Elijah sighed and sat up. “Klaus is a monster,” he told her. “My siblings are gone.”

Julie looked down, sad and unconvinced.

“How can you help Elena?” she asked with a low voice.

“500 hundred years ago, when Klaus wanted to use Katherine, I tried to find a way to save her. I asked witches for help.”

Julie frowned and looked up at him. “You tried to save Katherine? Why?”

Elijah sighed. “Katherine and I…”

“I actually don’t wanna know,” she stopped him and got up. “I need to go home.”

“You’re leaving?”

“Yes,” she sighed. She put her shoes on and looked around to see if she was forgetting anything. “I have stuffs to do.” She needed to see what damage Robert had done to the house drunk. She had to clean it up before he came back home tonight.

“Very well,” he said, getting up. “Please, be careful,” he told her, placing his hands around her waist. She looked up and smiled. She placed her hands on the back of his neck.

“I’m just gonna be at home,” she told him.

“Your home where any vampire can come in,” he reminded her. “You should think about getting an alive owner to your house.”

“I’ll be out of this house once I’m out of high school.”

“Until then, Klaus is in town,” he said. She looked down and he could hear her heartbeat getting faster. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you.” She gave him a small smile and kissed his cheek.

“I’ll be fine.”

He grinned and leaned to kiss her. She slipped her fingers in his hair and deepened the kiss. She didn’t want to leave. She was afraid he would get killed again. Of course, she knew he was powerful and he was perfectly capable of defending himself but she was scared of losing him again.

“What are you gonna do?” she asked.

Elijah needed blood, that’s what he was going to do. “I’ll be here,” he said.

“Okay,” she kissed his cheek again before she took her phone from the nightstand. “See you later then.”

Julie drove home and she was relieved to see her stepfather’s car wasn’t in the driveway. When she entered the house, she sighed and rolled her eyes, seeing the mess in the kitchen and in the living room. She cleaned it all and about an hour later she stepped out of the shower and got dressed and applied make up on her black eye. It was like it never happened. She checked her phone and saw more texts from Elena, asking her if she had anything to do with Elijah’s disappearance and to warn her not to trust Alaric as Klaus had taken over his body.

“What?” she breathed out when she learnt that her history teacher was possessed with her boyfriend’s brother. Boyfriend.

She walked down the stairs and she called Elijah to let him know about Alaric. But as soon as he picked up, her front door flew open and someone pushed her against the wall. He only had time to say her name before the phone fell on the floor. Damon had his left hand on her neck and he didn’t look happy.

“What did you do?” he growled. She looked at him with big eyes, scratching his hand with her nails, to make him let go of her. He was strangling her so hard, not only she couldn’t breathe but a piercing sound was rezoning in her ears.

“Damon let her go!” she heard Stefan order his brother but she couldn’t see anything.

“She took the dagger out, she’s dead,” he told his brother.

“You don’t know if she did and nobody’s dying here, Damon,” his brother said. “”Let her go, now!”

“No,” he growled.

But suddenly, the pressure disappeared. She fell as soon as Damon let go of her. She gasped and tears started to fell down her cheeks. She started sobbing and tried to catch her breath. She brought her hands to her soaring throat and looked up to see Elijah holding Damon by the throat.

“Oh my God, Julie,” Elena breathed out when she saw her on the floor after she rushed inside the house. “Damon!”

“Let him go, Elijah!” Stefan ordered.

“Why would I do that?” the Original vampire said with a furious tone.

“Elijah,” Julie managed to say despite her hurt throat, with a trembling voice.

The vampire turned his head to see Julie crying against the wall. He sighed and threw Damon across the room. He knew Julie didn’t like it when people died and he didn’t want to kill someone in front of her.

“Leave,” he ordered Damon. He helped Julie up and she buried his head against his chest. She had been right to be afraid of Damon. Stefan helped his brother up and asked him to get out the house but he refused. Julie wanted to ask all of them to leave but she couldn’t speak.

“Julie, I’m so sorry,” Elena apologized. Julie gave her a disappointed look which told the doppelganger that her apology wasn’t accepted. The Gilbert girl looked up at Elijah, a little scared.

“I want to make a deal,” she said. Julie was stunned. Did she really think Elijah was stupid enough to trust her again? “Damon wasn’t supposed to follow me,” she said, looking back at Julie. “I’ll tell you anything you want but you have to give me your word,” she told Elijah, looking up at him.

“Your ability to make demands has long passed,” he answered.

“No demands,” Elena said. “I’m offering you my help. And in return, I want yours.”

Julie stepped back, leaving Elijah’s arms, which surprised him. She gave an angry look to Elena before she looked down and wiped the tears off her cheek. She let out a cry when she hurt herself, forgetting she had a black eye.

“Get out of my house,” she said with a broken voice.

“We want the same thing. Klaus dead,” she said. “We’re gonna need each other’s help.”

“And why should I even consider this?” Elijah asked.

“Because you need my help to kill Klaus. And I need you.”

“This is a terrible idea,” Damon said, appearing behind Elena with his brother. When Julie saw him, she got closer to Elijah who placed his right arm around her waist and pulled her closer to him. Elena had a weird look on her face whereas Damon looked disgusted and Stefan surprised.

“Damon,” Elena sighed. “Leave.”

“No way,” Damon said, loud.

“You can’t trust him, Elena. He’ll use you to get to Klaus,” Stefan said.

“We can trust him,” she answered. “He’s a noble man, he lives by a code of honor. He knows that I’d be incredibly stupid to betray him again.”

“Or incredibly stupid to trust him again,” Damon said.

Julie looked up and whispered, because she couldn’t talk any louder, “Get them out of my house,” she told him and he nodded.

“Miss Gilbert and I need to talk. And I believe the owner of this house wants you out.”

“I’m not leaving Elena with you,” Damon said.

“That’s not for you to decide,” Elena told him. “Leave. You’ve done enough,” she said, angry. Damon didn’t want to leave and Stefan was hesitant. “It’s okay,” she told her boyfriend. “I won’t get hurt, he needs me,” she repeated.

Stefan sighed and nodded.

“What? No!” Damon strongly disagreed.

“Damon,” Stefan sighed, annoyed. “We’re leaving.”

Once the two brothers were gone Elijah and Elena stared at each other in silence for a while. He remembered that Julie wanted to help Elena and that’s what he was going to do. It’s not like he couldn’t anyway. And Elena was right, he needed her as much as she needed him.

“Fine. Let’s talk.”

Cerussite and Emerald!!

(Cerussite was made by @kiboiru, and Emerald was made by @candygarnet)

(Warning: The following playlists have links to videos that may contain flashing lights and colors)

Cerussite Playlist:

(Personality: Haughty, prideful, aloof which leads to loneliness, very bubbly when her work is complimented)

  1. For Me - Karma Fields
  2. Chrysalis - Protostar, Draper
  3. The Vale (feat. Miyoki) - Trivecta, Miyoki
  4. Sadbot - Pixl
  5. Ash - Rezonate
  6. Minty - Volant
  7. Build the Cities (feat. Kerli) - Karma Fields, Kerli
  8. We Are The Lights - Varien, Mr. FijiWiji
  9. You Can Play - Savant
  10. Redemption - Savant
  11. Problematimaticalulatorture - Savant
  12. The Divide - 7 Minutes Dead
  13. Bliss - Insan3lik3
  14. Airwaves - Noisestorm
  15. Video Boy - Soulero
  16. Eternity - Direct
  17. Rat Twist - Pixl
  18. Adventure Time - Rogue
  19. Rain - Astronaut
  20. Run Away From Me - DotEXE
  21. Teen Pregnancy - Blank Banshee

Emerald Playlist:

(Personality: Strict around her students but rowdy at heart, enjoys letting loose when possible)

  1. Come With Me (feat. Anna Yvette) - Nitro Fun, Subtact, Anna Yvette
  2. The Difference Between Us and the Aliens - Stephen Walking
  3. Awake - WRLD, Colordrive
  4. Be Alright - she
  5. Atomic - she
  6. Pump It! - Rezonate
  7. Dads in Space - Stephen Walking
  8. Neon - Televisor
  9. Slumber Party - Hellberg
  10. Shark - Savant
  11. The Beat - Savant
  12. Technodrome - Savant
  13. Melody Circus - Savant
  14. Sentinel - Noisestorm
  15. Flatline - Skifonix
  16. Rock the Flock - Televisor
  17. People Say (feat. Stella Talpo) - Skifonix, Stella Talpo
  18. Fire in the Hole - Pegboard Nerds
  19. Skywards (feat. Lambert McGaughy) - TwoThirds, Lambert McGaughy
  20. Disconnected - Pegboard Nerds
  21. The Party Line - Belle & Sebastian
  22. BONUS SONG (I had this stuck in my head while drawing her)

(Disclaimer: Candy, I apologize if the armor looks bad, I’m not used to drawing armor :’3)

New Jumin?

Requested by :@mysticnana

This is the second part of your request.

Sorry for taking so much time but the good thing is that this is a long one.

First part

Word count: 3247 

Warnings: Spoilers, a little bit of Angst.

Synopsis: Maybe I made the wrong choice by leaving him…But I made this for me. I have dreams that I want to Chase and he was just an anchor that kept me from taking my dreams, I don´t blame him, he was just trying to love me that way he thought it was better but in reality, he was just hurting me.Maybe he is better without me because I was an anchor for him too.Even I know that all this is my decision, I still wonder…How Jumin is doing?

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Now what’s your vision? (Canvas - Rezonate)

  • lil loopy for funsies, uploaded elsewhere bc tumblr video quality is trash

I’m going to have to reread 17776 and really think about this so I can write up a better post about it, but the ending point really bugs me. 

That wasn’t a good ending point, narratively speaking. That was an easy ending point. It was also really abrupt? Like, it was really jarring to see that ‘The End’ at the bottom of that last page because the rest of the story had been set up for a different sort of ending point and just… I dunno. One more installment is all it would have taken. 

I get that maybe the point was some sort of narrative symmetry between Nine waking up and needing to sleep, but that’s just… not working for me. This is a story about how humanity faces immortality, how play becomes the be all and end all. how everything, especially football, just persists. But it’s also in part a story of how our narrators the space probes were handling eternity, with nothing to do but keep tabs on football and keep each other company. 

And I just think it would have been a more satisfying ending point, and more in line with the persistence of life, and football, and our similarly immortal (barring catastrophic space collisions, that is) narrators if there was just one more bit added onto the end. Nine wakes up from recharging, and Juice and Ten jump right in on updating them about what’s going on in these games/which ones have finished, and so on. That one game is still at the bottom of a cliff, that one with too many teams and shit just built right into the playing field has maybe undergone some rezoning, etc. They just go right back to it and fade out into forever, because this is what they are going to be doing forever. 

Ending the thing with Nine shutting down a while just sort of feels too neat and convenient for something about the face of forever. Leaving the reader with just a taste of the ongoingness of things would have been so much more satisfying and in line with the rest of the narrative. There are no clear-cut endings anymore, so why should this story have one?


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  • Health insurance card – průkaz zdravotního pojištění (m)
  • Healt insurance – zdravotní pojištění (n)
  • Patient – pacient/ka (m/f)
  • Doctor –doktor/ka (m/f)
  • Nurse – zdravotní sestra
  • General check-up – celkové lékařské vyšetření (n)
  • Sick/ill – nemocný/á/é
  • Illnes – nemoc (f)
  • Hurt- zraněný/á/é
  • Hospital – nemocnice (f)
  • Emergency Room – pohotovost (f)
  • Waiting room – čekárna (f)
  • Shot/Injection – injekce (f)
  • IV – kapačka (f)
  • Medicine – lék (m) 
  • Chemist – lékárník/lékárnice (m/f)
  • Pharmacy – lékárna (f)
  • Prescription – lékařský předpis (m)

  • Pain - bolest (f)
  • Bleeding – krvácení (n)
  • Allergy – alergie (f)
  • Cough – kašel (m)
  • Fever – horečka (f)
  • Nausea – nevolnost (f)
  • Vomiting – zvracení (n)
  • Diarrhea – průjem (m)
  • Swelling – otok (m)
  • Rash – vyrážka (f)  

  • Apendicitis – zánět slepého střeva (m)
  • Bronchitis – zánět průdušek (m)
  • Diabetes – cukrovka (f)
  • Tonsillitis – angína (f)
  • Flu – chřipka (f)
  • Cancer – rakovina (f)
  • Heart attack – infarkt (m)
  • Pneumonia – zápal plic (m)
  • Rheumatism – revmatismus (m)
  • High blood presure – vysoký krevní tlak (m)
  • Blood tests – krevní testy (pl.)
  • Fracture – zlomenina (f)
  • A broken leg – zlomená noha (m)
  • A bruise – pohmožděnina, modřina (f)
  • Operation – operace (f)
  • Runny nose – rýma (f)
  • X-ray – rentgen (m)
  • MRI – magnetická rezonance (f)
  • Bandage – obvaz (m)
  • Crutch – berle (f/pl.)
  • Temperature – teplota (f)
  • Thermometer – teploměr (m)
  • Vitamin C – vitamín C (m)
  • Pill – prášek (m)

  • I’ve got a sore throat – bolí mě v krku
  • I’ve got a headache – bolí mě hlava
  • I have ache all over – všechno mě bolí
  • I’ve got a backache – bolí mě záda
  • To feel nauseous – být špatně od žaludku
  • Take this medicine every four hours – berte ten lék po čtyřech hodinách

moon bay is happy to introduce four new open characters into the group!! the four new characters  are from rival school - carmel bay high and due to overcrowding and rezoning, they will be joining moon bay’s current seniors for the second semester. if you’re looking for a new roleplay to join, come and check us out. we’ve been around for a week and have dedicated welcoming members. our current chars are excited and ready to welcome your muse!!


15 letů. 11 zemí. 25 nocí pod širákem. 78 pohledů. 8 vyvolanejch filmů. 0 návštěv kina. 1 divadelní představení. 1 cestovatelská přednáška (moje!). 3 přečtený knížky. 4 průvodci Lonely Planet. 1 tetování. 2 magnetické rezonance. 5 rentgenů. 5 kluků. Jedno stěhování. Jedna nová práce.

A opravdu hodně vína.

starvingindie  asked:

How are you liking Love2d compared to other frameworks and engines you've used in the past?

Hey, @starvingindie, great question! Thanks for asking :)

I’ve gotta say, I’m really enjoying Love2d right now.

Here’s a partial list of the frameworks and engines I’ve worked with in the past (in roughly chronological order), and my thoughts about them:


Akihabara.js - I made some demo programs with this, it’s what got me started on javascript gamedev. It got the job done, and taught me some stuff. Nice. The project has been dead for a while now. Don’t use this.


Impact.js - I made a lot of my javascript games in this engine. It’s very nice. It’s The documentation is well-written and nicely presented. It’s got most if not all of the features you need for making a 2d game in javascript, and now certain types of 3d games (though I never made one myself). The level editor is very good, as well.

It’s paid software and closed-source, so the community is kind of small but the forums were quite helpful when I used them. I’ve talked about my thoughts on Impact’s future elsewhere, so I won’t elaborate much on that here (since it’s closed-source, it’s future is uncertain, IMO). Impact is good, but I don’t recommend developers use this right now, when there are really good free alternatives out there. - I played around with this micro-library for a bit. This tiny framework is very much “bring your own EVERYTHING.” No documentation, no collision detection, no community, no plugins… Basically it saves you from having to re-implement input, sound, drawing to the canvas every time you want to start a new project.

Kind of fun for making little projects from scratch. Not for beginners.


Phaser.js - I’ve played around with Phaser and made a few small projects, but nothing I’d call a full release. Another full-featured 2d javascript game engine, also with good documentation. Phaser has definitely taken over Impact’s market share and the community has a ton of plugins and tutorials and things. It’s very easy to get started with Phaser.


CanvasQuery.js/Playground.js - This library pair is by @rezoner who’s used it to make some really snazzy games like QbQbQb.

Playground (the game engine part of the pair) is a “some assembly required”-type of framework. It gives a lot of tools (with really good documentation) but is agnostic with regard to a lot of game-related things like “collision detection.”

It’s the sort of thing that an experienced developer won’t find problematic, but a beginner might. If you’re the type that just wants to build a game and not an engine, you might find this bothersome. If you don’t mind making an engine that does just what you want it to and no more, you might like this.

It’s still in active development and it’s open-source (MIT License). I recommend it.


PICO-8 - This is a “fantasy console” that uses very strict limitations to produce retro games. It says it uses Lua, but there are enough things added to and missing from the language that it really should say “it uses a language based on Lua.”

That quibble aside, it’s another fun framework that really makes you think about the limitations and work within them. I recommend it, but possibly not for beginner developers. I haven’t really made anything substantial in it, just some toys and demos. (I dabble in a lot of frameworks/engines. Are you seeing a pattern here?)

Game Maker: Studio

Game Maker - I made my most recent full (finished) game in Game Maker: Studio. The process was very interesting, to say the least.

I finished the project with kind of a love/hate relationship with GM. Certain things are really easy, like the built-in collision detection (why do I keep mentioning that? I guess because it’s on my mind from implementing it in my current game…) and movement along paths (and A-star). Certain other things are unnecessarily complicated, like fixing that weird bug that I never figured out where the NPCs would play their “tired” animation SUPERFAST, even though I’m pretty sure I set it to play slowly.

Anyhow. Game Maker has a ton of features, a pretty big community, a marketplace where you can buy plugins and things, lots of people who make tutorials (shoutout to @uheartbeast). The YoYoGames documentation for GM is… okay. Not great, not awful, just okay. Kind of difficult to navigate and not aesthetically pleasing, if I have to be honest.

My main gripes with GM are: horrible UI for their IDE, inability to get away from the drag-and-drop (even if you’re doing everything in GML), you can’t compile a game without entering their IDE (so you can’t do it all from Sublime and compile from the command line or whatever), you have to buy their modules to export your games for various platforms (and I’m cheap: I wouldn’t even be using Game Maker if I hadn’t got it on sale during that Humble Bundle), and the programming language it uses feels very slapped-together (worse than javascript in places) and not well-designed.


LÖVE - I’m doing my current projects in LÖVE (or Love2d as it’s also known). I have to say, I’m really digging it. After coming from Game Maker where I would occasionally feel restricted by the engine’s built-in functions, it’s refreshing to come back to an engine where I can invent my own way of doing things. I guess I’m just a coder at heart or something.

Love’s got a great wiki for documentation, lively forums, and a lot of plugins. It doesn’t have as many written or video tutorials as some of the other languages, but it’s not hurting for them, either.

Love uses Lua (like PICO-8), which is a fairly easy language to learn. It has a few little “gotchas” for people coming from languages like javascript (like me), but it’s nothing insurmountable.

Again, being a cheap indie, I like Love’s zero-dollar price tag and open source nature (though I’ll probably never compile the engine from source, it’s nice to have the option). Bonus: It exports to a ton of different platforms at no extra cost :)

So to answer the actual question of “how do I like love2d compared to the other things I’ve used?” I have to say I like it better than a lot of them. I’m definitely glad I took the time to learn it and I’m having a lot of fun with it right now.

I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to make a game and doesn’t mind coding (or using someone else’s libraries). 

Thanks again for the question!!

anonymous asked:

playlist: long distance relationships

1. ramona - beck
2. here with me - dido
3. super trouper - abba
4. you dont know my name - alicia keys
5. missing you - the internet
6. touch - shura
7. awkward - tyler the creator
8. we went for a ride - fefe dobson
9. miss you - aaliyah
10. lonely - rezonate