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The Coronation of Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi and Empress Farah Pahlavi on October 26, 1967

Although he has been the Shah of Iran for more than twenty years, the Shah finally agreed to a coronation date. The coronation took place in Golestan Palace in a very lavish ceremony. The Shah’s oldest son, Reza Pahlavi was also part of the ceremony. Twelve years later, the Shah and his family were out of power during the Islamic revolution.

Persian-Jewish cast members of Shahs of Sunset (an Iranian-American reality show), Michael & Reza, talk about being detained in Israel by airport security

I remember reading about this over a month ago & felt so disgusted. Just because they’re originally from Iran they (& other cast members) were treated as if they were a security threat. They wouldn’t even believe Michael’s name was Michael they probably thought he was lying about being Jewish & his real name was actually Muhammad. It’s not like MENA Jews don’t make up half the country so why be so suspicious of them?

Educated people, like our late Shah, knew exactly that Shiasm does not fit our Iranic identity, so he tried to keep those akhonds away from people. However, Shah remained Muslim, because he know how to distinguish between false islam (shiasm) & orthodox islam (sunnism). Our Shah (Reza, and MohammadReza) were born,lived & died as Muslims. Shah is burried in Masjed Refai in Cairo, he was highly RESPECTED by Arabs who gave him a funeral like KINGS. Please have a second thought & think twice.


The last Qajar crown prince of Iran, Prince Mohammad Hassan Mirza Qajar 

The Qajar dynasty which had ruled Iran since 1789 was overthrown in 1925 and was dissolved by the Iranian Parliament. 

Reza Shah Pahlavi was crowned as the new Shah (King) and he founded the Pahlavi Dynasty.