Happy Birthday, Lyla!

On Lyla:

Skin: Glam Affair - Leah Natural 01

Hair: Truth  - Sophie in Marmalade 

Eyes: Damian Fate - FATEeyes v2.0

Lashes: Redgrave - Extralong 31

Blush: Cheap Make up - Blush in Rose

Lip balm: Pink Fuel - Elly in light pink

Tank: Mon Tissu - Sweetheart tank in Spotted Roses

Cardigan: Tokidoki - Summer Nights cardigan in blue

Necklace: Mon Tissu - Oui Necklace in gold

Bracelets: MiamMiam - I Love Me bangle bracelets

Rings: U.F.O - Simple as Gold 3

Jeans: Maitreya - Mesh Flare Jeans #4

Shoes: Coco - Thong Sandal in Natural

profoundly-naive asked:

"Speaking of birthdays..." The ISO bit her lip, hands behind her back. "I was wondering, well, if..."


He spoke over his shoulder, as he often did. Nevertheless, meditations were light enough to present a hearty chuckle and a spritely smile at the notion. The annual celebrations of life so universal in human culture struck a good chord with him, and the life of the final ISO, such an admirable feat in itself, was something that needed far more frequent appreciation. He rubbed at his cheeks to loosen them before focusing again, voice coming out level and serene.

“It’s time to celebrate, isn’t it? I suppose there’s no antidote for your importance, and no room in my old mind for any reason I’d ever refuse.” His eyes flickered open, looking out to the pool, and to the city.

“You must have a thousand things you want to do. Where do we start?”


my first rez day. thank you everyone. i ended it with a trip to chouchou. i never imagined a place in sl that could heal. this is such a place tho. so a mix of pics for you to see. my apt covered in balloons, my sim covered in lanterns, and my final moments of peace before hauling my butt off to bed. thank you to everyone who has made my first year on sl so amazing.  honto ni arigatou

Game Asset of the Day: LowRez Font

Game Asset of the Day: LowRez Font

There seems to have been a recent explosion of low rez or 8-bit games recently.  Of course, the one that jumps to my mind is Super Dash Cat!  I still love that game!  But believe it or not, those 8-bit graphics can be tricky to make.  Sure, they look crude, but it actually takes a good amount of skill to make recognizable shapes at such low resolution.  The same holds with readable fonts in an…

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This is just a personal blog post from my rez day ^^~ Goldie set up the most amazing Tea party for just the two of us as a little rez day party, it was kinda of hard to take a photo of the whole place, it’s just too big xD but super super pretty with so many stars and so much food choice Goldie gave was best haha.

Thank you so much for doing this for me Goldie!! I feels many loved even when I knows you are busy and things T 3T i really appreciate it ♥

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Credits on Goldie click here~

11 times Frank Waln was real as fuck

1. “Young, educated, native, make a white man panic” ( Hear my cry)

2. “All I gotta say? ‘FUCK THE KEYSTONE PIPELINE” (hear my cry)

3. “Look all around at the whole thing, if your skin is brown then your down for the old pain” (Aboriginal)

4.“educated warriors are vital to war” (aboriginal)

5. “Got this history in my blood, got this tribe that shows me love, so when I rise; you rise” (aboriginal)

6. “I’ve grown to despise my colonized aggression” (born on the Rez)

7. “ Hard days on the Rez, my heart stays on the Rez” (born on the Rez)

8. “Buckle up, I’ll take you to a place you’ve never been, you call it Rez, I call it evil bc it’s killing all my friends” (born on the Rez)

9. “ we become the manifestation of violence it’s ideal for those in power” (born on the Rez)

10. “Single mother with the odds stacked, you raised a king. One day he’ll bring it all back” (My stone)

11. “Rocking the long braids, we came the long way” (My stone)

The Brigand

Name: ‘Rez Trebax’

Age: 28

Race: Imperial

Height: 5′9

Weight: 155 lbs

Hair Color: Chestnut

Eye Color: Hazel


Personality: Headstrong and quick-tempered, Rez Trebax acts first and thinks later, if at all. Fortunately, he’s equally swift with his feet, his tongue, and a good blade. While his wit and charisma make him a born leader, his sloth and arrogance have turned him into a perpetual layabout.

History: Born to parents whose names have been forgotten, under a wandering star no cleric cared to mark, the Imperial who would one day become Rez Trebax was never given a name. Like most things in his life, he took one for himself. Taking was easy. Taking was being alive. When finally he took too much, he found himself imprisoned and bound for the Arena, along with the Minotaur who would become his brother. Making their escape, the two became fast friends and loyal companions, roaming the land and sea on a whim, living on no terms but their own, and liking it that way.

Skills: Cunning and inventive, Rez boasts an Imperial affinity for enterprise coupled with a criminal’s opportunistic streak. He lies with the best, cheats with the best, and always has a backup plan should both of those options fail to get him out of a tight spot. More often than not, that plan involves hurling a knife into someone or something’s eye, a talent he’s honed to a fine edge.

Equipment: Black trousers and a dirty white shirt covered more often than not by shoddy brownish leather boots and armor. At his hip he carries a pair of knives, his purse, and a skin for water. Anything else is picked up and discarded as needed.